Lawless Lawyer Looks Like a Gangster Noir in First Drama Teaser

Given the conflicting two words in the drama title being Lawless Lawyer, I did wonder which side the drama would tip into. From the just released first teaser this weekend, it’s totally the lawless side as the drama looks like a K-movie gangster noir though not nearly as stylistic as Cruel City went. Leads Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are in full on action mode using fists rather than their legal acumen, with glimpses of supporting veteran heavyweights Lee Hye Young and Choi Min Soo. This looks as fantastic as I had hoped, come sooner Lawyer Lawyer Jun Ki!

First teaser for Lawless Lawyer:


Lawless Lawyer Looks Like a Gangster Noir in First Drama Teaser — 15 Comments

  1. I know I’m forever here when anyone or thing is associated with LL but this drama is seriously messing with my head in terms of the casting of LJK and SYJ. It’s 34 days left to May 12th for the premiere and my birthday is late May so I’m taking LL as an early birthday present ❤️ However Thank you Koala for the posting.

    • Nice! Something to look forward from Lee Joon Gi. I really love the kdrama classic Time Between Dog and Wolf from the Director from back then. Well I also love his The Liar and His Lover recently too – if only they have chosen a better actress-though still love it in anyway.

  2. Well the synopsis did mention the journey of former gangster (lawless) to become a true lawyer, so what do you expect?
    And who cares about being stylish when you have Lee Jun Ki doing stunts and in action? He can kick ass and still looking mighty good and stylish.
    Bring it on, Lee Jun Ki!!!

  3. Seo ye ji is good no doubt about it. And in my opinion Lee joon gi is very good at picking projects except 1 or two. And it seems to me he knows what he is doing creating a path and a circle. Well time will tell me if my assumptions are right

    • Which one? His last two dramas introduced me into different genre in kdramas otherwise I would have stuck in rom-com as I thought it’s the only stronghold of kdramas.

      Then my third drama of his was the Time Between Dog and Wolf. It’s a classic one. It’s a great drama with the old flair. Unlike his two recent dramas which employed more sophisticated approach in film making. So I am so excited with this one upcoming drama. Great film making with a more advanced approach, thought it’s gonna be awesome.

      So I don’t understand what some are saying here. Maybe their judgment is stuck with the typical kdrama formula. Just saying.

      • I don’t like scholar who walks the night. The wring is totally dumb there lol. Acting was very good but not the script

  4. Time between dog and wolf is also has a noir ambiance. So if this drama has overall a noir feels, it’s even better.

  5. Kyaaa… Lee Jun Ki is back and along with Seo Ye Ji. Two of my fave actors in one drama, I couldnt ask for more.
    @OMG 10000xxxx agree with you. Who needs being stylish when you have LJK kicking arse?
    And I drool over his voice from this short teaser. Counting days here till May 12. Can’t wait.

  6. I was really trying not to get excited about this drama since his last few dramas just didn’t do it for me. I love Lee Joon Gi, loved Time Between Dog and Wolf, I didn’t realize this drama is from the same director, Now I’m getting excited, please Joon Gi don’t let me down.

  7. This teaser really shows a combination of the director and writer’s signature.This is what a combo of “confidential assignment” and “time between dog and wolf” would look like.Its giving off that noir and cool feeling from the production’s previous works.

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