Seo Ye Ji and Lee Jun Ki Team Up in New Stills From tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer

The problem with a talented coming-up-through-the-ranks K-actress is that she inevitably plays a super annoying second female lead, and if that’s my first introduction to said actress then it’s a higher bar for them to win my affection once they earn the merits to graduate to female lead roles. With that said, Seo Ye Ji somehow manages to impress me with her talent even as she annoyed me in my first impression of her in Diary of a Night Watchman, and since then I haven’t further long exposure to her and missed her most recent lauded turn in Save Me so I’m hoping she’s as awesome in the upcoming Lawless Lawyer as she looks in all the stills so far. Her male lead Lee Jun Ki can do no wrong for me but I’m loving how she actually looks like a lawyer albeit a young one, her eyes are so expressive and the sensible shoulder length effortless hairstyle adds an air of she means business.


Seo Ye Ji and Lee Jun Ki Team Up in New Stills From tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer — 21 Comments

  1. Awww….Seeing the two of them finally in one single frame really making me so excited. I really this drama will deliver because the last time I was so hyped over Jun Ki’s leading lady was for Criminal Minds with Moon Chae Won but the writing and directing of CMK disappointed me big time, wasting what could have been an epic pair (despite no love line). As for LL, I love the casts and the PD is solid, so now all wire down to the writer and I really hope he won’t butcher such a stellar talent lineups.

    • Just curious. I read this similar comments about direction and writing. I wonder if you and the people with the same comments are fans or anti-fans of Lee Joon Gi.

      Look Kim Kyu Tae who raking a high rating in Live but LJG fans/anti-fans were criticized in Moon Lovers. Look at IU who’s criticized by the same group of people, yet now enjoying good rating with my Ajushi.

      I also wonder what qualification do you have to dare subjectively criticize the writing and direction. If you at least objective and specific with your criticism, then we can learn from it a little bit.

      • Moon lovers did suffer with horrible EDITING and at some parts writing and music choices in first three episodes which made the direction look bad and drama flow a little odd .sbs apologised reedited it and rereleased some episodes making it uncomfortable for viewers to follow.IU was not excellent in first few ep so people started complaing which was further intensified because of her negative image in public that is why image is important but when she improved a lot during last episodes people stoped complaining. People were expecting epiciness of next level in it but due to the mess editors and sbs created it made people lose interest hence the ratings decreased. But solid performance of some of the cast members spread as positive vibe and people realised it is good and started watching it online to catch up with what they missed. Hence moon lovers views and reviews on naver don’t tally with tv ratings. Only if there was no negative publicity no bad editing choices no apologising and creating a drama the sucess story of scarlet heart would be different. Imagine If some of those the actors dint deliver extraordinary performances and made the viewers give word of mouth praises to It. Scarlet heart would be a commercial failure and a total loss and mess just like the drama faith
        Or drama legend which has decent ratings but was declared commercial flop. That is why I always say what’s the use of having decent ratings when you don’t bring in cash. Actors worth is decided not simply by ratings but the money they pull in.

      • No qualifications are needed to express an opinion. And where I’m from – if you start throwing around letters after your name then your being a complete tosser because in the creative arts scene if you dare mention that you have a degree blah blah blah no one really cares and it is a conversation killer. Saying that a lot of us are so heavily invested in LL that I can say we are all on the same arc and that all the boxes are ticked for us however the only reservation is the writing and direction of the script and that is in no way being critical or an anti fan whatever it is called. I’m sorry I’m a novice In KDrama land so I’m still learning. Both the PD and writer have an extensive work history and are renowned for their previous works so no one is distracting or disputing that. It’s just that I for one am pinning and pining for LL to hit all the right notes from the 12th May to conclusion and that it receives all the accolades from writing; direction; acting; production etc..and is touted as a success. Counting down and 31 days to go……❤️

      • Kim Kyu Tae directing in LIVe has improve. Though, it’s still not what i call great. It’s still has beautiful cinematography though. I already expecting the worse after watching moon lovers.

      • ‘Kyung Kyu Tae directing in Live has improved.’ What a joke!

        Moon Lovers editing was bad. What a big joke!

        Of course you need qualification to judge such as at leat being impartial. Reading this such subjective comments should not be tolerated by real fans of Lee Joon Gi. Looks like his dramas are always ruined by this kind of comments.

      • @MistyEyed – of course a drama fan’s comment like mine will be subjective. We are not paid to be a drama award judge, what qualification do you expect? A good drama cannot be ruined by comments!! I hope you are not a “real fan” of LJK cause you sound like a troll.

    • @Mistyred: why should we have to become a director, writers or profesional critics to judge a quality? We really subjective to judge something compare to profesional critic.. But the more we watch a drama, the more we must be notice something. As long as we have valid argument to our opinion.

      • That is the thing, you don’t have valid arguments because you are subjective. Say; at the back of your mind a drama is remake and some stubbornly consider some dramas a remake when in fact it’s a adaption so = not a good drama. Do you think it’s right. Besides, two words may be synonymous in simple context but technically they are not. So you can’t make a conclusion that it’s bad and plainly say the writing and direction are bad.

        Ex the drama Entourage- the Korean version was a lot better than the original. There was no way I would be watching the American version after two episodes. I don’t mean it’s bad but the drama portrays a cultures which was 360 degrees different to mine. Unlike the Kversion portrays a culture quite similar to my environment. In the drama, there are things that one can learn about life and esp about the K-Ent Industry.

  2. The promos keep on delivering the goodies.Thumns up.I agree @OMG and will keep saying it.Its the writer that will make or break this drama.No need to worry about the acting from any of the cast or PD.

  3. I didn’t like her character in Night Watchman but the actress was solid and actually quite a bit better than the lead. I have no idea if there is a romance in this one or it’s lawyer stuff and action but here’s hoping for a solid script that they can do something with.

    • SYJ is definitely thin, but I don’t think she’s ‘too’ thin. Junki on the other hand has definitely lost a lot of weight and it’s showing.

      Anyway, I liked the tone of the teaser trailer and I like the look of these stills. Still not sure about the writer, but my interest is definitely peaked because of YeJi.

      • I am watching this for YeJi. She was really good in Save Me, hoping she is even better here with LJK.

  4. Okay we got a Hug or a bit of a hug. That will keep me breathing. LL is so hyped up for May 12th and I’m watching Live to get me there so I am literally checking my work desk calendar and crossing off the days. Sad but true I’ve joined the ranks of I’m so desperate to see this drama. Now I empathise with die hard fans when they wait for Game of Thrones. Never understood what the fuss was all about now I know. It’s like a lump in your throat and knots in your stomach whenever anything on LL appears. I need to get better work stories instead of being chained to my phone waiting for LL updates.

  5. I first saw Seo Ye Ji when she debuted as an actress in Potato Star, and I thought she was pretty good for a rookie. (Btw, I learned then that she used to be a professional ballerina.)But unfortunately, I developed an allergy to her after watching Super Daddy Yeol and Hwarang.

    However, she got lots of praise for her performance in Save Me (which I was too chicken to watch), so I’m hoping Lawless Lawyer will cure my allergy to her.

    • Potato star was cute, i love her character there, but didn’t watch any of her next drama simply because i don’t like storyline

  6. When LL was first announced with Lee Jun Ki, I was hoping that he would get Seo Ye Ji as his leading lady and was so stoked when I learnt that she was extended the offer. She annoyed me so much in Hwarang but I am glad I watched Save Me and The Throne. If she is directed well, she is definitely a solid actress. Her visual and voice certainly match LJK, so I really pray that LL wont let me down.

  7. I’ve loved SYJ since Moorim School. Despite that drama was quite a mess but her acting in that drama impressed me a lot. So glad that she can pair with a talented actor like LJG and the hug in that still make me crave to watch them even more.

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