Casting is Completed for SBS Drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum with Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum

K-actress Hwang Jung Eum is really making a name for herself as the great reuniter. Her upcoming SBS drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum pairs her up with Namdong Min nearly a decade after they did Can You Hear My Heart, going from second male lead to first male lead. She did the same two years ago with Park Seo Joon from Kill Me, Heal Me into She Was Pretty. And who can forget two decently rating drama wins with Ji Sung for Secret Love and KMHM. If she ends up doing another drama with Joo Sang Wook after their awesome turn in Giant then I think she will have exhausted her own well. All of this is to preface how hopeful I am for Handsome Guy because I love Namgong Min and loved him in CYHMH so so much. The drama is all done casting with Oh Yoon Ah, Shim Hye Jin, Jo Dal Hwan, and Lee Moon Sik completing the cast, with the premiere date slated for late May after Switch (Change the World).


Casting is Completed for SBS Drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum with Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum — 12 Comments

  1. If I’m not wrong, Choi Tae Joon (suspicious partner also aka park shin hye Boyfriend) was recently just offered the 2nd male lead character!

  2. I really hope that this will be a good comeback drama for Hwang Jung Eum. I like her better in melodramas to be honest. But seeing that it’s Namgoong Min she’s paired up with, I’m really looking forward to their reunion. It’s been ages since I’ve watched Can You Hear My Heart and I really loved that drama.

    • I haven’t been able to get my mom into any family dramas afterwe watched CYHMH, not even What Happens to My Family. We just started Father is Strange so maybe she’ll be able to enjoy that one.

      CYHMH was such a rollercoaster of emotions but was also genuinely heartfelt at it’s core and we cried at the end because it was a happy ending although slightly bittersweet. Namgoong Min was straight up terrifying at some points in the drama (after he found out the truth) that I NEVER expected him to be so great at comedic roles. Anyway, I’m really excited for this reunion!

    • I also love her in melodramas coz I stink that is where she always stands out but recently I read a soompi article with Song Ji hyo stating that actresses at her age 30-40 are offered less and less work because of their age and this worries her a lot if she wasn’t offered much work so when there is work offered their tendency (actresses in her age range) is to grab what work is available and as they say “beggars should not be choosy” hahaha (joke)

      I guess HJE also reached that point already and if without her talent in acting, I think she has already been buried in popularity a long time ago.

  3. Their chemistry and at times deep character connection in CYHMH is really memorable for me. I don’t know if they can re-create that kind of chemistry since the character, director and writers will be different.

  4. I am extremely surprised to see Hwang Jung Eum back acting so soon…a very young child and very rich husband I would think would keep her from acting so soon,dont get me wrong though I freaking love her and its terrific news and Namgong Min will be perfect as her lead actor..

    • She is so passionate about acting. She also return to dramaland soon after her marriage so I am not so surprised she is back after having a baby.
      Looking forward to her comeback and reunion with Nam Gong Min.

    • Money cannot buy you happiness, acting has been her life blood since childhood and she was conditioned to be a star.Taking it away from her is something like taking away one of her vital organs.

  5. Oh good Wednes-Thurs slot same as Why Secretary Kim geez that’s gonna be difficult. I can’t watch both so I’m going to think about it and choose before May. Both sound like rom coms with actors I like – Arrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh!!!

  6. In secret love,she was pretty,luckily romance,kill me heal me .. this four drama was superb n all emotions,romance,comedy n etc r good.. I’m fan of her .. n waiting for her new drama .. from India

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