Song Seung Heon and Krystal in Talks for Upcoming Conman Heist Drama

This is too funny not to wonder if the K-drama gods were playing a joke and pulling the strings. After Song Seung Heon and Go Ara did the grim reaper police drama Black last year (which I loved!), she went off and got paired with L (Kim Myung Soo) for their upcoming drama Miss Hammurabi. I laughed because Go Ara is an admitted weak actress and her performance in Black did not change that opinion for me, and same goes for L who I’ve only ever liked when he kinda played a version of himself in My Lovely Girl.

Now Song Seung Heon has gone off and may be paired with L’s MLG leading lady Krystal Jung (also a weak actress for many dramas in a row) for a thriller heist drama called Set (or Match like in a game context), which K-ent originally reported was called Hustle and based on a BBC drama. It’s not, Set is an original K-drama screenplay around an elite group of con-artist thieves who target illegally gotten riches of other criminals. Sweet sounding story, but the two leads together I’m way below optimistic other than Song Seung Heon continues to be my perennial eye candy.


Song Seung Heon and Krystal in Talks for Upcoming Conman Heist Drama — 35 Comments

  1. I liked SSH’s portrayal of Black and this role sounds a lot like Black, so I am pretty confident I would like this too. Not watched Krystal before but heard that she was not bad in Prison Life?

  2. Actually SSH really turned it around in Black. He was quite fabulous no matter how weird it is for me to say. I’m happy he’s improved so tremendously but pairing with Krystal?? Really now? Really?


    • Is Kystals character 18-year younger than SSH? I don’t understand the concern on their real age gap. They won’t be playing themselves.

      • Well if Krystal’s character is not 18 year younger than lead actor then they should have cast age appropriate actor/actress. You may not understand it, but some people may have no interest in seeing a 40+ year old actor romancing an actress in her early 20’s.

      • Well if the gap between male lead and female lead characters is not 18 years wide, then they should have cast age appropriate actor/actress for the lead role. You may not understand it, but some people have little interest in watching an actor in his 40’s romancing an actress in her early 20’s without any proper explanation by the script.

      • Yes. How shallow of me to not support imbalanced, age inappropriate romance of handsome oppas!

      • Yah yah. You might have also think that dramas are real and those kdrama couples have to get married for real. ?

      • Yah yah, someone like you who accuses others of being gold digging bit***s,coz they don’t support a rape accused actor blindly, is the perfect candidate to explain the difference between real and reel ??.

      • @TBH You have difficulty defining your stance. You are too inconsistent. Didn’t you realize you pretty much just describes yourself? Someone who can’t distinguished real vs reel. That is you. ?

      • Using my comment on me coz you have nothing else to say? Lol its ok I would let you use it coz you have clearly run out of ideas as to how to invalidate someones valid opinion.

  3. He probably costs too much now, so production has to find a cheap idol to pair with him. Krystal is not bad in playing bitchy character like in BotWG, but she was horrible in MLG ? Why is SSH not in movies nowadays?

    • He probably wants to be in a big movie production for a quaranteed income. ? Movies rely mainly on admissions and has very limited product advert/placement revenue opportunity. It’s source of income is mainly domestic. Even their box office movies didn’t have reasonable earnings from overseas source.

      Unlike Korean dramas which has marked its influence in the foreign market, his income is quaranteed and pretty sure this guy is enjoying good royalty packages for overseas sales and and and re-runs.

  4. I don’t really like Krystal as an actress. In Prison Life, I really didn’t care about the love story because I felt no connection between the characters. The bromance had more chemistry…

    The way she speaks when she’s acting doesn’t sound natural.

  5. It must be nice for Krystal to be in such a big agency called SM entertainment, that gets her all the major acting deals despite her not having good acting skills…

    • If Krystal declines, no good actress will pick it up as a second choice…. they will have to find a worse & cheaper idol ? lol…

      • Obviously not an A list. But a good actress who wants some career recognition will do. So many good actresses, but why we always end up with the worst who cant act while the good ones have to remain as second? Sigh.

      • Good point! IDK why some good actresses remain as second while talentless idols can become first… Agencies’ doings??

      • @candycane Of course, it’s the agencies influence and capability. It boils down to which agency is better in sales & marketing. But it does not mean there is an unfair competition here. It is just which sales people work harder, has more capability to build relationship and more capable in showcasing their potentials talents or artists to producers.

  6. Yayy Krystal and SSH pairing what a choice move! She’s cool so yep happy to watch these two and regardless of the storyline and if there is any romance I’ll keep an eye out for thes one.

  7. So it’s an original drama not the remake so it doesn’t need to pay licence fees but still has the same core story!

    In truth, the female lead in the original Hustle was fairly wooden so that could’ve influenced casting here.

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