Ha Ji Won Regal in Blue at the KBEE 2018 Media Event

The hair growing out phase is usually the most awkward but when it comes to K-actress Ha Ji Won‘s short bob cut last year for MBC drama Hospital Ship I can’t be done with it fast enough. She needs the longer hair to frame her strong features but a longer shoulder length bob isn’t that bad as an in-between look as seen in her public appearance this week at a media event. She’s been selected as a promotion ambassador for KBEE 2018. She wore a dark blue sweater dress with side buttons that hugged her curves beautifully. Nice to see a very well-put together Ha Ji Won out and about.


Ha Ji Won Regal in Blue at the KBEE 2018 Media Event — 20 Comments

    • She is turning 40 in June, I think her hair suits her age… But her cheeks look a bit unnatural, seems like Botox-treated… Nice dress btw ?

  1. she’s got smthg done to her face. it looks swollen. man this looks bad. why is she so insecure about her prev nice looking face.

  2. I don’t like her hair. But HJW is always lovely in my eyes. I miss her. Come back with a really good drama fast, unnie.

  3. I am still not feeling that hairstyle but the outfit is on point.Thats how to do classy at her age.It suits her.Now get rid of her hair and makeup stylist and get someone who knows how to highlight her beauty not uglify it.

  4. Out of the few Top-notch actresses in Korea, Ha Ji Won is my absolute favorite. No one comes close to her calibre in acting and versatility, maybe Ju Ji Hyun comes close in second. I love her to bits. Hopefully she accepts roles that suits her stature and choose co-stars in her level, or close (no Kpop Idols) I agree that long hair suits her the most and She should seriously fire her makeup artist. Other than that, she’s perfect.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning so hopefully she confirms her project with Ju Ji Hoon can’t wait to see her again. Miss and love her to bits!❤️

  6. I love her. She is the number 1 korean actress for me, second is Park Shin Hye. I hope she gets married soon. I think her age is starting show.

  7. I think she looks diff not bc her “age is showing” but is still grieving. And I agree that more often than not, both her stylist and makeup artist are screwing her over with one bad look after another…sigh

    • You are so mean! I think she looks her age. She has a nice and toned body, I bet your figure don’t look as good as her!! Duh…

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