Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon Present a Lovely Contrast in First Stills for tvN Drama About Time

I’m moderately interested in upcoming tvN Mon-Tues romance fantasy drama About Time, but it sounds a bit like Tomorrow With You and I was underwhelmed with that so I don’t want to jinx it. About Time stars Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon as the leads, she will the ability to see the time clock of every person, i.e. their mortality. She also has the awesome character name Michaela Choi though nothing can ever match up to Key Lime. She meets the male lead who has the ability to stop her time clock, whatever that means, so she gloms onto him in what I guess is an attempt to never age/die. The drama is directed by the PD of Twenty Again and Sign with the screenplay by a rookie writer. The drama takes over in May from A Poem a Day.


Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon Present a Lovely Contrast in First Stills for tvN Drama About Time — 9 Comments

  1. I will pass this drama. I’m not a fan of the casting and the fantasy stories often are disappointing in kdrama.

    I don’t believe that Lee Sung Kyung is still given lead role…

  2. I think he has the ability to keep her from seeing when other people will die. So when she is near him/touches him, all the peoples time clocks around her disappear.

  3. He is such a good looking guy but that hair style makes him look like a 3 year old. Hate that the most for all k actors…..the bangs! So unattractive.

  4. Love LSK! I didn’t know she’s been casted. Seeing all the hate that LSK and (HJE) gets for overacting, made me realize out of the “actors who can’t act” category I prefer actors who overact than underact. I hope she performs the hell out of this role.

    So now that I know what the characters can do, what is the plot?

  5. Umm cute and umm okay and no pass. I like both actors though just that the storyline sounds like a real churn and will involve a lot of effort and patience to watch. However realistically I don’t mean to write this but is there going to be a romantic angle in this? I’m not feeling it between them because LSK just seems more of a comical actress then anything serious and LSY well I’m still seeing him and Lee Bo Young from Whisper.

  6. LSKĀ is popular among some i-fans because of that Weightfairy drama but realistically speaking, her most natural performance was in Doctors and that too had some serious errors (no doctor actually dresses like the female characters dressed while working)

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