Kim Ji Won and Lee Jong Seok Courted for 2018 K-drama See You Again

Both of these young actors have come a long way since their sitcom days and may be reunited this year in an interesting drama project. Lee Jong Seok and Kim Ji Won have been offered the lead roles in the Netflix produced K-drama called See You Again. It’s described as a youth romance drama by the writer of Oh My Venus and will be fully pre-produced. Kim Ji Won and Lee Jong Seok worked together 7 years ago for the sitcom¬†High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged¬†whether they had a high school era love line so this drama being called See You Again actually has a cute real life meaning as well for the two potential leads. I hope they accept and shows as much chemistry this time around.


Kim Ji Won and Lee Jong Seok Courted for 2018 K-drama See You Again — 17 Comments

    • Yeah, will be among i-fans. Except for Seowon shippers and Jongjoo shippers lol. Both KJW and LJS fans are.. better not say anything…

  1. Good lead combination.The writer is bad.He managed to make So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah look boring when they had so much chemistry in Giordiano ads.But no story to tell in Oh My Venus, even romance dramas need a plot.

    But still isnt Lee Jong Suk enlisting though?

    • Yeah LJS/KJW had great chemistry in High Kick 3 but that writer….Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub were great in their roles but what a waste of them.

      • I saw the director is from “Fashion King” the movie.The one starring Joo Won and Sulli.People always have a lot to say and criticise about actors.But sometimes, the people behind the production are the ones who pull down the quality of a project.This is an example of strong lead actors and weak writer/director.

  2. Not only excited for Jiwon comeback to dramaland finally, her and Jongsuk were one of my otp as well. Not sure about the writer since i didn’t watch their previous drama. I’m just gonna trust in Jiwon, she’s usually picky on projects. still hope it’ll happen!

  3. Amazing what one drama can do for you.

    I might hate Kim Eun Sook’s cheesy scripts but I have to give her credit for using her powers for good to shine a light on acting talents like Kim Ji Won, KJW spent years in supporting roles while her male costars of her early days broke out to star status and all the young female lead roles went to either idols or actors who were established as children. But Descendants of the Sun really did wonders for her, especially by avoiding the ‘bitchy 2nd lead going after the hero’ stereotype. And of course, she deserves full credit for Fight My Way which was a genuine sleeper hit that no one expected, especially in this age when youth dramas rarely do well.

    • I was excited with Kim Ji Won but I’ll have to pass. Directing and Writing make up 75% of the drama. Actors can only put up with badly written and directed drama for a short amount of time. If ever this comes through, I’m afraid they won’t be able to manage to attract viewers with just actors alone.

  4. @prettyautumn – ikr, I had misgivings when I saw it was the writer of Oh My Venus but it’s by the same PD as Fashion King?

    I can only hope both the actors pass on this and get paired in another drama, I want to see them together but not in an almost guaranteed crappy drama. Especially since they usually have a decent eye for scripts.

  5. @RubyRed – yikes!

    I agree that crappy writing and directing choices can ruin even potentially great pairings, sometimes I get that the writer/PD genuinely have to find ways to work around actors’ limited/nonexistent abilities but it’s a shame to waste two good actors (LJS isn’t the greatest but he is a solid actor who usually has good if not great chemistry with others) on a messy script and direction.

  6. Yay Netflix so that means English subs so I’ll snail watch this once it drops down under. Always liked KJW since Horror Story 1 and LJS well this will be my first time watching him on screen.

  7. I don’t know why they can’t offer a worthwhile-sounding drama to these two, like Kang Eun Kyung’s Incheon airport drama or something.

    • SBS cancelled that drama and pulled out of that project it seems.and imo it would be a downgrade from Hyun Bin to LJS. Idk if he is good enough to pull more complex characters. I’m used to seeing him in orphaned genius roles too much

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