Rain is the Typical K-drama Leading Man Cop with a Gun in First Stills from Sketch

Who else has a sense of deja vu seeing the first drama stills from the upcoming jTBC supernatural-tinged police thriller Sketch. Of course the first stills are of leading man Rain but I legit felt like I was either seeing a more scruffy version of Rain’s character in Fugitive: Plan B or Rain photoshopped into one of the many pictures of Lee Jun Ki in a drama pointing a gun either in Time Between Dog and Wolf, Criminal Minds, or Two Weeks. I’m teasing of course, I’m loving the return of Rain to drama land and in a gritty cop role seeking vengeance for his dead fiancee making it even more personal, but covering K-dramas along with having a long memory does sometimes trigger convergence between shows and leading men. All that aside, Rain looks great in character even if he has a constipated stop or I’ll shoot face on.


Rain is the Typical K-drama Leading Man Cop with a Gun in First Stills from Sketch — 12 Comments

  1. So many choices so little time to watch. Already blocked out May with my compulsory viewing drama slots so I’ll see how the reviews go before delving into Sketch. Any case I do like the leads so yep question mark this one.

  2. Lol?so funny.But koala sis, Jun Ki didnt hold a gun in two weeks though..but I get the joke.As for Rain, he needs to calm down with the facial expressions and just let the coolness factor come naturally.He just need to immerse himself in the script and role and not have that “hey look am acting” face.But its just a still..lets see the drama before making reviews.

  3. I don’t undertand about this ‘overact’ description as I see somes comments using such word to describe performances on characters in Saguek, Fantasy & comedic genres (not referring to rom-com). These are the genres that have no place for one-dimentional acting.

    I don’t think Rain overacts though. Which drama did he overact? He is an all right actor actually for an idol.

  4. Is his character a bad cop? If so there’s nothing wrong which his expression in this photo. But if not then: his impression and the way he holds the gun don’t seem to watch.

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