Kim Jae Wook Offered Male Lead in Fall 2018 OCN Supernatural Police Drama Hand: The Guest

It’s fantastic news Tuesday as K-ent is reporting on something I’m so glad I’ve stuck with watching K-dramas long enough to see. K-actor Kim Jae Wook has finally FINALLY been offered a leading man role in a drama and goodness gracious has it taken ten years too long. He’s in talks to headline the upcoming supernatural/mystical/procedural drama Hand: The Guest, while will reunite him with the PD from Voice. It’s centered around the supernatural in religion coupled with a police investigation drama, with Kim Jae Joon offered the role of a Catholic priest opposite a detective and a shaman. The screenplay will be written by the writers who adapted the K-version of Entourage. It’s scheduled to air in the second half of 2018 on cable network OCN.

Also in talks to join this drama is Kim Dong Wook offered the role of the detective, who had a small part in Coffee Prince with Kim Jae Wook as a supporting role so this may be a tiny but still nostalgic CP reunion of sorts.


Kim Jae Wook Offered Male Lead in Fall 2018 OCN Supernatural Police Drama Hand: The Guest — 16 Comments

  1. About time!!!!! Yes yes yes Kim Jae Wook1st lead and now the million dollar question who is going to be the lead lady! Maybe she is the shaman okay I’m not going to laugh….okay I’m laughing. Alright seriously it’s supernatural/mystical/procedural and what no romance tag? Oh that’s right KJW is a priest. Why are Drama Gods being so generous this year! Just great and fantastic drama news just keeps flowing. You guys in Korea absolutely rock! ❤️

    • It’s OCN, I don’t think leading lady will matter that much when it comes to the overwhelming majority of OCN dramas. And even if the leading lady will play a pivotal part in that drama, I don’t thing they’ll focus much in the romance.. I’m guessing Lee Yoo Young to getting an offer?

      • Well whoever it is I’m stoked that our KJW is finally the lead. I like the very brief synopsis given and that it is on OCN too. However with a great cast we can all agree that if the script isn’t locked down by the designated scriptwriter then it’s a lost cause. Words on a page can make or break a story so I am damn hoping n praying that the writer delivers if not they need to go to the scriptwriter time out zone and spend time pondering where did they go wrong.

  2. On one hand – Kim Jaewook! Kim Dongwook! The PD of Voice!

    On the other hand – the writer of Entourage, one of the worst dramas I’ve ever seen.


  3. ‘Hand: The Guest’ is the title? Are you fricken kidding me? Please tell me this the working title only? It’s going to change like how they changed ‘Greasy Melo’ to ‘Wok of Love’ please. I can’t go tell my friends to watch this cool as K drama called…Hand …The …Guest. Do you realise how stupid this sounds when you say it out aloud. My mates will say ‘What’s your guest’s name?!’ I’ll reply ‘Hand’? I know I’m being dry but I hope you get the drift. To OCN: Please change the title cos obviously you haven’t given much thought to it. ?

  4. Finally. It’s high time. Better late than never. Look at Namgoong Min, he had a late breakthrough but he is on the roll now, one of the most sought after leading men. I wish the same for KJW. He’s been so underrated despite being more than just a pretty face. I hope the PD and writer (arghhh…. The writer scared me since Entourage is so so bad) will do justice to his talent.

  5. Yassss???????Finally!!!!Come through Kim Jae Wook!!This man is so underrated..I hope I see Im Joo Hwan breakthrough too.

  6. Yay to Kim Jaewook being offered a lead role and yay to OCN opening up Wed-Thur timeslot. Ratings competition is going to intensify.

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