Yoon Eun Hye in Talks for Rom-com Drama Love Watch Opposite Chun Jung Myung

I’ll believe this when it happens but the optimism meter is back up on news this week that Yoon Eun Hye is considering an offer to star in an upcoming rom-com called Love Watch. The leading man is reportedly Chun Jung Myung which I am so fine with except he’s also attached to the K-remake of Zettai Kareshi called Rom-com King. Love Watch is based on a webtoon story about a popular dermatologist who is constantly being asked out by girls but he’s not interested, and a top actress who gets into a love scandal for the first time in her career. This sounds cute enough and if Yoon Eun Hye and Chun Jung Myung sign up then I’m all in!


Yoon Eun Hye in Talks for Rom-com Drama Love Watch Opposite Chun Jung Myung — 58 Comments

  1. I wish upon a star, hope she will not change her mind. I am not familiar with the leading man,but I will wait till she says yes.

  2. Oh the male lead is him? Chun Jung Myung rejected Coffee Prince and I Miss You in the past. Maybe PDs like him and Yoon Eunhye together to keep them casting them together.

    • maybe it’s fate, i remember when he kept saying CP was the biggest miss of his life. YEH was great in Missing you too, she and Yoochun were really good together too, if you don’t cry during that drama, there’s something wrong eh?

  3. I’d be so happy if she works with him , i like him in early Xman days and fell in love when i watched ” Foxy, lady ” , he is a veteran solid actor who has worked with great actresses . But the decision is in their hands. So i’ll wait and see !

      • hey there all, let’s keep all our digits crossed for this one. Am a huge CJM fan since What’s Up Fox, he has a sweet smile just like GY, this is a great pairing although most of us would love to see her with GY again.

    • yes, SO agree, i saw this one comment after the other one…lol. I hope they both accept it, am getting palpitations, i hope it’s a go this time.

  4. This pairing is long overdue. I remenber Chun jung Myung saying that Coffee prince was first offered to him but he was unable to take it because it overlapped with him shooting for his movie Hansel & gretel at that time. He said that it is the biggest regret of his life.

    He also was supposed to play Yoo Seung Ho’s role in Missing You as Yoochun’s rival for Yoon Eun hye.

    • yes, he says that all the time. I can’t wait to see them together, I KNOW if he knows it’s YEH, he’s not passing that up. I hope we are all not excited for no reason this time. Best news for this MONTH…lol.

  5. Did the news mention on which station will pick up this drama? If it is tvN or jtbc, then this drama will probably be in good hands. Rom-com is so YEH’s forte and picking up a drama from cable tv would be a better option. Nowadays, the main big 3 stations are no longer reliable. Good luck to YEH and if she did signed up, I am sharing the joy with her fans (though I am not) and hopefully they will secure a good leading man too, since I doubt CJM is the one due to his other drama commitment which has been confirmed. Seo In Gook or Eric would be lovely.

    • i see in some article that this drama will air in MBC, but still not confirmed yet. but maybe you can read an old article on dramabeans about this drama which is published in June 2017

  6. Sign me in for this as well. I loved Chun Junmyung’s acting Goodbye Solo, Cinderella Step Sisters and Heart to Heart. If he accepts this role I will be just satisfied! ?

  7. This is even a better pairing. Both actors are great in rom-com. Hope they will confirm and hope it’s rom-com. CJM has not been in a rom-com drama in awhile.

  8. We miss you YEH. Please make it happen for us. I’ll be happy for you to have a kdrama comeback this year. Fighting beautiful, sexy and gorgeous Yoon Eun Hye.

  9. Im really hoping that she will sign on this one, i am really missing her and this project sounds promising, i just pray that if she will confirm, hope this this project will be worth the wait.

    • At his level now, Gong Yoo not likely doing a drama unless the writer and the production team is high profile. He is most likely looking into movie offers only.

    • @kshowfans I doubt that GY has no drama offer. It’s more that he isn’t considering one right now. After Goblin he should be doing some movies next unless it’s huge project in both budget and star power

      • Despite not a really huge fans of him I follow GY career since “Coffee Prince” era. After that hit drama, GY & YEH have maintained a close relationship (as friends). They visit or meet up with each other when they can. YEH even visited him when he’s still doing military service. She became her guest on GY’s radio show (there’s a video of their convo on YT).
        Despite not knowing their recent relationship I’m sure they’re still friends. For me GY doesn’t strike me as a snob person despite his recent stardom. I think he will consider it “IF” YEH asked him to star in a acting project together.
        But then again YEH isn’t that kind of person. Lets YEH rebound her acting career by her own effort. I prefer they’re reunited when YEH career is on a solid footing (again)…

      • @Lai what you said has nothing to do with what I said. Did I claim GY would refuse to work with YEH?
        YEH or not, just look at his career direction or most actors at his age and range would consider some movies after a huge drama hits. It has nothing to do with if YEH and him are friends.
        And let’s say even if they are still friends, they need writer and production companies or stations that want them to be in 1 project. Like how both SBS and TVN want to make HB and PSH happen. If no one offer GY and YEH the same project then there is no possibility for them to work together and just being fan wish.

        And my earlier comment was just saying GY’s next project should be movie, not drama based on his situation. It has nothing to do with YEH.

      • @Lal , even if i like Gong Yoo, i’d prefer too for her to work with another actor with solid acting. I know somme antis say that GY is too high for her now . They can say what they want and let Gy in the ” Olympe” with the others gods of KES ! I was reading YEH thread Soompi when i read that someone is spreading false rumors about her being a kind of diva.

      • @HLD maybe I’m over reaction over some comments above, but my point is despite not a big fan of his I know GY (by following his career/interview). He’s an easy going person (like YEH), considerate, loyal to his friends and definitely NOT a snob guy. I know with his recent fame he gained many new fans, who perhaps didn’t know who he really IS. By saying that he won’t be doing a project unless with a high profile casts & crews, you just paint him as a snob person which he really isn’t.
        I know some people/stars will change when they faced with stardom but I don’t think it’s what happened to him.

      • @lai It’s not that he is a snob person. It’s his status.
        Like star writers and PD wants to work A list stars and nugus are happy just to land whatever they have.
        He just got off a KES drama and was one of the highest ratings that year. His movies have been successful too. He is doing extremly well even he doesn’t win any acting award.
        With his status and situation, it’s normal to assume his next move is movies unless some big drama and really interesting roles caught his attention. And I don’t think he would work with new writer and small drama production. Same with other Alister. It’s like JJH went from MLFTS to Mermaid. Both are big projects with the same star writer. SJK went from DOTS to high budgeted and profile movie last year too.
        It’s not being a snob. It’s what he and other A-list can afford with their status. YEH could afford the same in her prime time.

  10. YEH and mr. what’s up fox, hell yes. Please YEH, we miss you. Keeping all digits crossed. Would also YES, love to see her with GY again!

      • I don’t have high hope. She may turn down this project bc she’s so unpredictable. What she cares is different than most of us expect.

  11. I don’t want her paired with Gong Yoo. I’m sure YEH would not want it either…I don’t want his fans and other people accusing YEH of riding on his popularity. Plus if the drama ends up really well, I don’t ever wanna hear people say that it only did well because of him.
    I’d rather her paired with an actor who is her equal. Fans tend to play the blame game when the drama goes bad but then want their fave to take all the credit for when the project does well. By fans,Imean all fans tend to do this even I at times…when I catch myself do this, I try to remind myself to stop and think logically about the situation.

    • @flowergirl, I do the same. i tend to be emotive when i read bad things but i try to stop too. Everyone should just be happy for their favorites and not be envious of the projects of the others. But we are humans.

    • “Other people accusing YEH of riding on his popularity”

      The thing is, in her career history YEH never paired with a co-star who is higher in term of status or popularity. When they starred in “Coffee Prince”, YEH’s still enjoying her popularity of “Goong”. So she’s more known than GY at the time.

      Nevertheless you can say she’s got popular because of her own effort (& chemistry with her co-stars) and luck factor may I say.

      I don’t know why she’s never been paired with a more popular or established (A-list) co-star all this time. But judging by the name of actors who would be paired with her in this drama or in previous ones (LLAP etc.) I don’t think it will change any time soon.

      • yes, and if i’m not mistaken, i think that in a old interview she said that the chances to be paired with a popular or A list actor were casi inexistent and of course she wanted to have an opportunity to work with established actors but she accepted this fact and she felt happy to have the chance to work with any actor who was given to her. She didn’t have a co star to back up her. At that time Gong Yoo has a little resume, Joo Ji Hoon was a newbie, Oh Man Suk , ..

      • I think she is the center of her dramas. Hence it’s hard to get an established Alist male stars to be her “support”.
        Because they want their role to be the center too. She wants better roles and in exchange for smaller name stars.
        But most of her costars can act from except like YH.

    • I was looking for info as someone said she accepted the drama, I don’t see it, and this thread came up. I can only say IMHO, YEH is more than equal to GY!! For me, I understand lots will probably say what you said, but I don’t think there are many actors that are superior to YEH. Many people talk about how bad Marry Him if you Dare was, but I will honestly say it was because of LDG, she and he had zero chemistry in that drama, just like as much as I enjoyed My Fair Lady, I wish she had a better male lead than YSH, (have to say I love Romance, and still listen to it every couple months). I think the reason that Goong, CP, Lie to Me, Missing You did so much better, IS b/c the male leads matched her better, so it IS very important who the male lead is. We all know she can act her tail off, but the drama won’t be as great as it can be if the male lead is also not equal to her.

      • “I don’t think there are many actors that are superior to YEH”… hmmm… very humble indeed…. lolol… smh…

    • Besides PSH (unreleased movie), all her costars seem fine & excel in acting (eg GY, JJH, YSH)… What’s wrong with GY & JJH, they might be newbies at that time but they acted well. You may be her big fan, but putting other male leads down to boast her talents does not sound very fair and noble. No talented actress should trash her costars!

      • I just feel it. I am sorry to tell my feelings without thinking carefully which causes some misunderstanding. I’ll be more careful next time. Peace & love ♥

      • No worries. I also agree that YEH is very talented and I enjoy her dramas. I think her costars are fine and she has good chemistry with them ? Peace ✌️

      • i think that we are just saying that they were newbies at that time not that they aren’t good . Please correct me if i’m wrong @emchi and @jas. What we mean is that she never work with a big star even when she was pretty popular ( Goong, coffee prince) neither with famous screen writters . That’s all . Who can say otherwise ? Rendons à César ce qui est à césar !

      • this was in reply to Jas’s comment about looking at other actresses’ costars.

  12. I always check for Yoon Eun Hye’s updates to accept this drama. I hope she’ll accept this offer. I don’t care who will be the leading man. I just miss the talented, kind and gorgeous YEH. We love you and we miss you YEH.

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  14. Im so happy to be back YEH my favorite actress..whosever or any someone actor to choose with Yeh,.that is not a problem maybe..bcz YEH is nothing to change,,she is one great and popular kdrama actress..shes the best…all pointing leading man is so lucky with YEH..goodluck idol…we missed you so much….

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