Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji Smolder Up Marie Claire Korea in New Pictorial

The visuals are going to be so off the charts for upcoming tvN drama Lawless Lawyer, and then double that for the smexy voices of said visual eye candy. Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are giving me awesome double takes whenever I see promos of them for Lawless Lawyer, grinning at their onscreen chemistry and shivering at their sexy voices talking. Hopefully there’s a good compelling story driving this drama but clearly I think there’s enough just sheer cotton candy fluff to keep me interested thanks to the leads alone. Marie Claire Korea has a new pictorial with Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji that really highlight their complementary cheekbones and jawlines, I can’t believe it never occurred to me to wish for them to work together but now it’s here I think “why didn’t I think of that?”


Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji Smolder Up Marie Claire Korea in New Pictorial — 25 Comments

  1. 16 days to go and IMO this is the coup de grace of K drama photo shoots! Bless these two beings. You know if Korea did a remake of Lord of the Rings LJK would be Legolas and SYJ as Arwen. I really do not know why I would note this. Anyway a big thank you Ms Koala for the posting. ❤️

    • But…but then..I’ll ship Legolas and Arwen instead of Aragorn and Arwen, what to do..? Lol. I like SYJ in Rescue Me, i hope she delivers more here with experienced actor.

      • I love her voice, it’s so cool and nature. I’m glad she’s starting to play adult roles now.

      • Oops was thinking of aesthetics sorry and shhhh… I hope that there are no die hard LOTR fans reading my post above I’ll never get a moments peace. Naughty Ann Joel for even making the suggestion! ? As for SYJ she hasn’t even had a proper extended break since Save/Rescue Me need last year. She jumped into filming ‘Memories of my First love’ with Kim Jung Hyun straight after then early this year started LL. I wonder if she is still going to do that ‘Belief’ movie? Soo Ae declined it and I haven’t read anything further. I’m so happy that the IU and LJK shippers are not en masse beefing over the pairing in LL. They’ve been pretty well behaved. Phew! They can have their IU/LJK ship back happily when LL is over. As a dedicated SYJ fan she left KJH for all the Kim Sejeong/KJH shippers and will likewise leave LJK too. Yes a true professional and dedicated actress she keeps her dramas contained to the screen. ❤️

  2. Looks are subjective.Both may not be your type in terms of what you consider handsome and pretty.But I heard its not always a precondition for actors.Even when actors dont meet certain ideals or standards of beauty, they need to have charisma.These two have bucket loads of that, separately and together.

    I must say the more am watching the BTS.The more am liking Seo Ye Ji.She is a total girl crush when the cameras are rolling.But when they are off screen.She is such a cinammon roll.I just want to hug her and protect her from the world?.She is always so smiley and happy.As for both, they have similar personalities so their BTS interaction is so fun to watch.

    Now for y’all people wondering why they are doing couple shoot while its a “legal action drama”.Latest interview said they will throw in a little bit of romance in it.

    • True that they may not be your most beautiful/handsome category but their charisma on screen is so magnetic. I’ve seen almost all her works except one but never seen her as beauty but this photo shoot changed it all she has a class of her own. Same with Lee jun ki. When I was new to k dramas i saw the poster of Lee jun Ki dramas I avoided them just because I thought he is not handsome yes yes I know it’s shallow. I avoided I dint bother about actors or actresses then only handsome faces. But one day I watched time between dog and wolf out of love for second lead wishing he was lead but was mind blown and embarrassed of myself LOL for judjing this man by the look on his movie posters. And more embarrassing was I couldn’t realise that I already watched some of his works previously iljimae fly daddy and arang. So Lee jun ki is an actor who thought me a good lesson not to judge a book by its cover

      • If you ask me, I don’t see any k-actors who is handsome. To me, it boils downs to charisma that is why some of them are attractive.

      • Same goes with k-celebrities. I don’t see anyone who is beautiful in my definition of beautiful but some of them are attractive and appealing.

      • Seo Ye Ji has a really charismatic look, she suits this kind of styling beautifully.

        Also agreed on Jun Ki. I thought he was just another Hallyu pretty boy until I actually saw him act, the fact that he’s so good in sageuks speaks really highly of his technical skills (diction, pronunciation). No one else could have pulled off Moon Lovers.

      • @royal we totally agree I was smitten by his dialogue delivery and expressions in moon lovers BUT he gave me the biggest shock when I watched him in The kings man it took me two days to digest lee jun kis 180 degree from wang so to gongill LOL. And another shock in joseon gunman damn those fight scenes.

        WHAT I’M EXPECTING FROM SEO YE JI IS SHE will get inspired from him and learn martialarts we desperately need a female actress of lee jun ki type. Seems like she already knows a little.

      • @rd oh my god the King & the Clown. That was such a great movie, still a classic and the movie that set off the craze for sageuks in Chungmuro. And yeah, his characters are so different too. I actually feel like he’s got better as an actor since coming back from the army but we just need one hit drama for that to be widely known.

        I think he and Seo Ye Ji are really well matched. My favourite leading lady pairing of his is still Shin Min Ah but I feel like a lot depends on how much the script lets the actress opposite him do.

  3. I especially love the photo where they stand side by side looking at each other. There is not even a single suggestive pose between them but you can feel the chemistry overloaded. And when I saw the 3rd picture, I just realized that Lee Jun Ki is so petite (How cute?)

    Legal drama is not the genre I like but I really like both LJK and SYJ and glad that they will throw in a little romance, just for some fan servicing and not to waste that promising chemistry.

    I have “Suits” to catch up and LL will add up to my legal dramas saturation.

    • I was so disappointed with how Criminal Minds wasted his and Moon Chae Won’s chemistry, I think even they felt the same, going by their interviews.

      I’m glad to hear LL won’t be doing that. Procedurals without romance is fine and can even be great (look at Border) but kdramas often tend to turn boring if they’re just plain procedurals.

  4. We all know about LJK visual, action, charisma and all but SYJ really surprises me with her chic charisma and bubbly personality bts!

    Liking this combo and waiting for May to come quickly!

  5. Lee Joon Gi is petite? That is new. ? He is 5’10 or 178 which is an average of Korean actors though. That is not petite. This is equivalent to kpop idols or some actors with height listed in their profile between 180-182 because as we know many of them inflate their height info. ?

    • Honestly most actors in any country’s industry will inflate their height by 2-5 cm if they are under 180 cm. Profile heights often lie lol.

      That said, I can believe LJK is actually 178 cm or so, he looks about 2 inches shorter than his actual 6 footer male costars in Moon Lovers (Kim San Ho but also Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo) and about an inch shorter than Kang Ha Neul.

      • Did koala say LJG is petite? I didn’t think.

        Anyway petite is a reference for woman. Kind of weird to describe man with that.

  6. That plaid pants+oversized jacket on Jun Ki in the sofa pic needs to be taken out and burned.

    Everything else looks flawless though.

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