Script Reading for Handsome Guy and Jung Eum Brings Back Can You Hear My Heart Feels

Gosh darn it this is just the right kind of nostalgia feels I need right now. Script reading took place last week at the SBS studios for upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum, which I’m sure SBS will saddle with a hilarious English title down the road. The leads Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum are reuniting 7 years after weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart had them playing non-OTP fake brother and sister with the usual fauxcest crush on his part. This was one drama that I wished there were two female leads, one for each of the awesome male leads, so this reunion is like hitting a sweet spot I didn’t know I still had. Bring back all the feels, you two, and also make a great rom-com while you’re at it.


Script Reading for Handsome Guy and Jung Eum Brings Back Can You Hear My Heart Feels — 7 Comments

  1. I know this is off topic, Koala, but are you watching anything interesting? If not, may I suggest you watch My Ajusshi? It’s turning out to be a jaw-dropping awesomeness that seems to only get better and better with each episode. And IU and LSK are killing it with their roles and chemistry with each other.

    • My Ajussi is definitely one of the best airing drama right now, I can’t actually wait to watch it every week and the plot is getting better and better,I hope this one will be good also coz Im planning to watch this after my Ajusshi.

    • “The Undatables” sounds like cartoon characters as follow up to the cartoon films,”the Incredibles” and “The Untouchables”. what a lousy title.haha

  2. Thank you Miss Koala for this article.You know I’ve noticed that you are writing fair articles on HJE, which I am so happy. I remember before that I am very hesitant to read your article about her, because it will definitely bring me bad mood the whole day because of how you write your articles about her.I was really pissed to the point that I gave my piece of mind here.

    I hope that you will continue with this style even if you are not enamored with the actors/actresses you write and instead let the comment section give their opinions positive or not.I actually saw the changes in your writing style being lenient and more positive. Thanks again for this article.

  3. I love them together in Can You My heart. Can’t believe there will be a day I’m witnessing them as an on screen pairing. Now it’s remain to be seen if their story and connection will be the same as their previous work together.

  4. HJE has never been a favormite of mine, there is just something about her which puts me off, go figure. I generally like most actresses.

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