Suzy Goes For All Black at Incheon and Still Considering Airport K-drama with Park Bo Gum

Anything associated with singer-actress Suzy nowadays is bound to get outsized amount of attention. It hurts that there just aren’t that many Hallyu level stars anymore, and by that I mean extensive K-ent news coverage, popularity with audiences, and high profile projects. Suzy may or may not do K-drama People of Incheon Airport with Park Bo Gum but she’s still a regular flier out of said airport, making an appearance this week with a smart well-tailored all-black outfit. I like how she has minimal makeup and her hair in a messy bun, she really does look like the girl next door albeit a rich one who can afford nice outfits and accessories lol.


Suzy Goes For All Black at Incheon and Still Considering Airport K-drama with Park Bo Gum — 34 Comments

  1. A PBG and Suzy combination would be interesting to witness. Big 3 dramas are in a slump nowadays, they need some super buzzy star powered couple to lift them out of it.

  2. She’s going to accept that drama. It’s Park Bogum, come on.. there’s no way she’s going to miss that chance, her greed for acting with hottest it-boys and ’guaranteed’ ratings hits is endless, just like Hyeri’s lol. There’s been much noise from her lately and her album promotions are over too (not being overly successful, like IU’s releases). I’m betting she will take this drama if Park bogum is in and something tells me he’ll make a comeback in drama land.
    Lets see how the writer has to make compromises and write around Suzy’s flaws and change the script yet again…. from Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Han Suk Kyu, Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin to… Suzy lol

    • Her dramas were not even rating hit with it-boys. Funny thing is some people are geniunely defending her acting as ‘good’ or ‘improved’ and putting her on pedestal with some good young actresses. PD’s tricks won’t work for a long time neither her singing is great as IU’s.
      And some people are going to trash my comment calling me hater while I like her as a person.

    • Honestly, even going from Park Shin Hye to her, is a major downgrade.

      And it’s one more It-boy for her to piggyback off of, plus a hit writer who has written for her before. It’s a shame to offer this to her though, I know Kim Eun Sook gets trashed a lot for her writing but at least she understands that her dramas are potential starmakers and actively seeks decent actors for her lead roles instead of any Suzys and Hyeris. I wish other writers were more discriminating too.

    • Sadly, yes. That’s an opportunity that could have gone to any of the several more talented recent breakout actresses of the last few years, being wasted on, well, this.

  3. gosh… these photos are so unflattering that if I see someone looking like this at the airport, I won’t turn around and look again… her visual is all packaging and photoshopped… Why would anyone want to act with her especially her drama rating is dropping?

  4. ‘Actors’ like her, Joy and Hyeri are the reason I’m giving up on kdramas these days. It’s just not worth it to see potentially interesting dramas that have so much else going for them (writer, other cast) being repeatedly blighted by the vacant-eyed ‘acting’ of these ‘visuals’.

    And I doubt her acting will get any better, even Park Hae Ryun can only do so much with writing to suit her and she frankly doesn’t come across as someone with the ability to process roles as part of acting.

    • Why give up on K-dramas? There’s still cable channels who have been on point with both casting and script this year. Its only shitty MBC (and sometimes KBS) who keeps giving jobs to those idols, and they end up flopping badly with low ratings.

  5. Her last ‘it’ boy costar is not exactly a ratings magnet either, the ratings were on par with his previous dramas. Fans of these it boys should be ecstatic that Suzy work with their bias, if drama does well, it’s because of their bias, if it does poorly, just dump the blame on her, lol.

    • LJS’ previous dramas (after the big 2014 ratings slump) all kept consistent double digits and even went up into the teens though. Meanwhile WYWS barely broke 10 percent once or twice.

      If her acting was decent, she wouldn’t be regarded as such a millstone around thd neck of her costars or such a liability to the quality of any drama production she’s in.

    • Except that all of Lee Jong Suk’s previous dramas had way better ratings than the average of 8%, which was the average of WYWS. Typical of Suzy stans to blame the co star, the weather (they actually blamed weather and Kim Woo Bin for UF flopping ratings). Suzy was never a ratings magnet actually. Her biggest hit to date was Gu Family Book with over 19% ratings and that was only because of the nation’s son-in-law Lee Seung Gi as Suzy’s perforance failed to get praises and also the fact that she got an excellence award for it and how much criticism she and MBC got for that.

      • 10% average is way better?? Lol. I’m not Suzy’s fan, but just find it funny that good ratings automatically transfer to the male lead’s credit, but bad ratings is her fault.

      • @another abc – let Lee Jong Suk or Kim Woo Bin or Lee Seung Gi give acting performances like hers and constantly require writers and productions to adjust to a total lack of acting skill (ultimately affecting the quality of the drama) then they’ll be blamed for crappy ratings too, easy peasy.

        In case it’s hard for you to understand – her bad acting is the reason why she’s regarded as being to blame for low ratings while the boys (who are better actors than her) are just seen as making the best of being stuck with a crappy-acting costar. If she was capable of pulling her weight in the acting department, that wouldn’t happen. Even IU who is a far better actress than Suzy will ever be, gets criticised for her acting.

      • @another abc : depending on which oppa. If you compare lsg, kwb and ljs’ acting to suzy, of course, oppa is never to be blamed. But njh or some random idol in her level.. Lmao.. We’ll see who the worst is.. Unfortunately suzy dislikes acting alongside her level actor. She likes ‘it’ boys.

      • KOALA get real.
        Stop praising Suzy on your articles to let’s dumb sueweeties be happy.
        Then use your alternic to pull her down
        Such a two faced KOALA-PRETTYAUTUMN drama.

  6. I really wonder what she did in her last life that in this life she gets to work with all the handsome popular actors .. I mean cmon Kim woo bin, lee Jong suk, lee seung gi, goo yoo, Kim so hyun… my my ?

    • You mean what did they do in their last lives to be lucky enought o act with the Nation’s First Love. Lee je hoon and Kim soo hyun have even said they want to act with with Suzy again.

      • Sure sure, they get free flirting, intimacy and tongue slurping with Suzy who loves it too. So everyone looks forward to it. It must be so good during breaks woot wooooo… woooo la laaaaaa

  7. She’s really beautiful in a refreshing way, if that makes sense. Like she radiates positivity and all things lovely, especially in these photos. Just how to be suzy?

    And while suzy is definitely not the best actress out there, I don’t think she’s that baaaad(as some of you imply) for me to drop a drama.

      • oh my goodness, this site has been infested with a filthy mouth dirty minded insect @DD = Slurpy!!! Infection Control – we need you to kill this pest!!!

  8. One thing is rudely criticizing her acting, another is being vulgar and make malicious comments about her behavior. That is unacceptable. We are human beings with feelings. We should not tear each other apart like this! Koala, I believe you should take actions towards those irresponsible and vulgar commentaries, which only intention is to spoil other people’s fun, entertaining , and constructive interactions! You do not need to be her fan, to feel disgusted with this type of behavior and poor judgement ! It is no fear for nobody!

  9. @slurpy and @DD Can you two or one please stop jumping on your Mum or Sisters laptops and annoying us. It’s pesty and downright rude not to mention you are being really moronic. Got your attention now? Good now be good little kids, go brush your teeth and say beddie bye byes.

    And imperfections and flaws is what makes Suzy real. I hope she is taking stock of her acting career and really considers lifting her game to improve when given these opportunities to act alongside top actors. Here’s hoping chooses well in her next project.

  10. She literally looks like any other commoner of the street plus that fashion is so dated and normal. Her face looks bloated and she seems to have so pelvis with broad shoulders. No acting skills, no extraordinary visuals, no great figure and to top it up some stupidity from her bimbo mouth. That’s Suzy for you

  11. uwaaaa…. thank you koala for make this article.. suzy always look gorgeous…kind, pretty, and popular and she still always low profile person..i think thats the reason why she can maintain her popularity keep on the top..

    • she’s only popular to you and Koala lol. if she’s real popular her drama will have huge followings, considering she’s even paired with real hot popular actors. her followers were more like a cult following, only loud and noisy, but not real huge. even her beauty is easily debatable or arguable.

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