First Teaser for Why Secretary Kim Has Park Seo Joon Asking That Question

This is a cute enough teaser and honestly anything that remotely has a whiff of a rom-com will get my interest these days. Luckily I like both leads Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon in tvN drama Why Secretary Kim based on a popular webtoon. They teaser doesn’t reveal much about Park Min Young at all, even electing to keep her hidden other than a glimpse of her peeking from behind a partition. But it does showcase Park Seo Joon as the frustrated chaebol company president that has relied on his trusty Secretary Kim for nine years and is suddenly left floundering without her. He’s got the looks and aura down pat, now let’s hope his character has a sweet warm core underneath all that privilege.

Teaser for Why Secretary Kim:


First Teaser for Why Secretary Kim Has Park Seo Joon Asking That Question — 7 Comments

  1. The person behind the parting is not Park min young. I have my reservations about this drama. I trust the PD but not the plot or the chemistry. Maybe a better teaser will ease my worries but this teaser was bland.

  2. I’ll watch this for Park Min Young… My ultimate girl crush.
    I like Park Seo Jun.. But what is with that Superman-style hair???? ??

  3. Excited. June please come faster. I really want to watch PMY and PSJ together. Please make teaser 2 much more interesting pd nim

  4. 101% sure that girl behind the table is not park min young, she is not even in the teaser itself. Will watch this drama because of her.

  5. I love PSJ after watching him I’m Yeon’s Kitchen. He is every girl’s dream guy -tall, handsome, hardworking, helpful, polite and can cook!

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