Post Scandal Kim Hyun Joong Spotted by Media at Airport

A career with a clear expiration date such as an athlete eventually arrives at that juncture of when is the right time to hang up the hat. Stars can evolve their careers as they ago, for the most part, but sometimes there are pitfalls too big to ever recover from. That’s what I feel about singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong, the man needs to retire from the entertainment industry and take whatever money he has earned over the years, and still left after his multi-year protracted legal cases with his ex, and invest it in something income generating. The media spotted him at Incheon airport this week and he was looking so squirrely one would think he was persona non grata rather than simply a former star with a rock bottom reputation. The outfit and his demeanor are just no bueno, please just quietly go away dude, but sadly he won’t as he’s been promoting in Japan and seems to still have a career there.


Post Scandal Kim Hyun Joong Spotted by Media at Airport — 63 Comments

  1. I’ve never liked him since his idol era to his acting era. He seems fake and bad boy. He used to have some drinking buddies like jaejoong and yoochun from jyj also top from bigbang. And all of them except jj had scandals. I dont think jj is clean also but at least, he’s safe now.

    While an abuser, a raper or a bad boy can still have their career, why women cant get the same treat? Female population is larger than male. Why we should support those who hurt women? Im not a feminist but double standard much makes me dislike this kinda oppas. Good thing, my fave oppas are good.and im waiting for their comeback from military.?

    • What a weird comment? What do you know about him?

      Judgmental people are the worst kind in the society. And how could Koala say to anyone to retire? That kind of heartless. That is why the world is so f*ck up because humans are quick to judge even if they know nothing and don’t have the right to judge messed people when they are messed up themselves.

      • I agree on this. he may not be the best human out there but how can you ask him to retire just because he is embroiled in a scandal? He likes his job and wants to continue then why force him to give it all up? Can’t a person try to live the way he wants to? Does Koala want him to end up like Jong Hyun having no wish to live?

      • Please respect Jong Hyun’s legacy.He really doesnt deserve to be used as a shield for problematic celebs like this guy.Please refer to Jong Hyun’s letter to see why he left and what was going on with him before he left.It had nothing to do with netizens or online comments.

    • I dont care about him or them. But, I’m gonna comment about the female population only. Actually female population is less than male. The gender ratio for the entire world population is 101 males to 100 females. Just wanna say.

    • Noone forces you to like Hyun Joong. Lets take care of our own oppa respectively. Hyun Joong’s case is not your business. Henecia believe that Hyun Joong is innocent and will always support and love him forever. Nobody is perfect. God will always bless Kim Hyun Joong abundantly.

  2. I think Koala meant this in a good way. Retiring and saving whatever dignity that he has left. He is very much a hated figure with every article about him will generate negative comments. It’s like his career is at a dead end. He can still do good in this life, just maybe not as entertainer anymore. He is paying for whatever wrongs he did.

  3. I don’t think his career is quite that dead. He’s just waiting for a storm to blow over. Ever a rapist Park Shi Hoo recovered from his scandal and with a My Golden Life success it looks like his career is restarted agai

  4. Truthfully, he just looks like some random dude walking through the airport minding his own business. I’ve never been a fan but given that he has a child to raise, I’m not going to ding him for being active in Japan to make a living. I have no idea what his worth is post all the scandals but assuming he’s got 40ish years left on him and he’s probably generally unemployable, it just kind of is what it is. I just hope his kid is doing okay.

    • @Kat.He should be grateful(or should he be?)that Japan is still willing to embrace him despite everything and KeyEast(his agency) still finds value in him.Otherwise, in Korea even without his scandal..honestly speaking..he wasnt that great of an actor(yes I make my conclusion after watching his roles in BOF, Playful Kiss) even in “inspiring generation” where he showed promise, the child actor(Kwak Dong Yeon) outacted him.It was a case like Moon Embracing the Sun where the child actors told the better story with their acting than the adult actors.They are also plenty of actors in his age group..if he continued to act the way he did before his scandal without improving.He would have still been edged out.These days hallyu is no longer as it used to be.

      He also isnt that great of a singer.Sure he can carry a tune.But put him in today’s idol generation.He doesnt have that competitive edge to keep up.Not to mention, his visuals arent as they used to be in the past.His image is tattered so he cant do varieties in Korea.

      But as long as he stays in a powerful agency and has fangirls..he will be around for a while.

  5. nah, I dont care what any negative things you said against him, I still wish him the best. Get up, back up, Kim Hyun Joong, you were a a superstar bigger than Lee Jong Suk in your prime! Move forward slowly and prove you can overcome everything. Hate him all you want, just dont hate the fans who still support him like you look down on them for doing what they like to do (that is to support an artist whom you dislike). Its not like your own life and the artist you support is so clean and and living a stain free life right?

      • You have a good point there. Comparison are kind moot point just because two people are not the same. However, in the world of entertaiment it is par for course that fans make comparisons. Although I admit I don’t get this one because one was an idol/actor and the other an actor/male model.

      • I remember in 2016 his agency was also saying he would have been much more successful than Song Joong Ki in 2016 if not for his scandal. like how y’all come up with these comparisons?

        I dont hate the guy(KHJ) but considering what he put his baby mama through.Its hard for me to feel symphathetic toward him.I hope his kid is ok and somehow he turns out ok despite the not so ideal growing environment.

  6. Too negative Ms. K!!! He has talent and looks. All these other K stars you rave about probably have skeletons too but better paid P.R. personnel. Too f…..g negative.

  7. You do realize that his ex was convicted of spreading false info right ? Half of what she said was false. KHJ may have made a lot of wrong decisions, but he’s not as much of a monster as you make him out. He’s not the best guy out there, he isn’t the worst one either.
    Before you start bashing, i’m his EX-fan, i don’t support him anymore. But i’m trying to be objective.Nobody has the right to tell anybody to retire.

      • He didn’t “not admit”. He said he wanted to make sure with a paternity test before he admitted.And i think he’s entitled to that.
        I’m not defending him, just trying to be objective. Some people are projecting a disproportionate amount of hate on him.

    • KHJ has done a lot of lying himself.The worst part of it seems like after everything he learnt nothing.Wasnt the last thing he did before he fell off kmedia radar..drunk driving? and then he tried to lie and make excuses along with his agency when everything was caught on CCTV?

  8. Yup, he’s a disgusting human being from the numerous of reports I have read. Stans coming on here to defend his honor is not shocking to see at all. Koala is just saying if he had any morals at all after what he did, he would quietly go away and repent.

    • WHY???
      Please explain how “quietly go away and repent” is going to accomplish anything.
      He needs to make a living and he is doing the best he can to make that living to support himself and his child. He can still repent and feel remorse while been productive, instead of buring himself somewhere and getting depress and what not.

      BTW, The fact that you go and label a person “a disgusting human being” with out knowing him personally says a lot more about what kind a person you are.
      But, hey! you are free to be you. I’m just pointing out that at least from where I’m point of view by reading YOUR OWN COMMENT, you don’t come a cross as a nice or kind person either.

    • People like u caused depression and suicide indirectly. May God save your soul.

  9. Once a fan always a fan! That’s me in a nutshell and regardless of what his past endeavours are with his ex gf and the ongoing court sagas being played out in the public; I believe he still has a lot to offer in terms of a career in entertainment. Maybe not in Korea but he has an active fan base in Japan that he can rely on to still support him. Furthermore he may wish to look at musical theatre as a means of getting back into the scene and indie films etc…There are other avenues available that he could pursue. I would pay to see him perform live and I have no reservations just the uttmost respect for him trying to make if go of it. Now to those who are openly keen to criticise and demean him you are totally within your rights to do so just like I am totally within my right to support him. For me Playful Kiss with Jung So Min and Gummy’s music video ‘As a Man’ that has both KHJ and Jung Ryeo Won are just a couple of my ALL time favourites of K Ent. I won’t distance myself from KHJ over a personal, unfortunate and ugly incident that he was involved in and turn against him. I’m a pretty loyal and dedicated fan so yep I don’t change my mind like I change my undies! ❤️

    • @Selene Alai Totally feel what you are writing and good on you for voicing your opinion and adding to the robust discussion via this forum. However it’s important to note that Koala is doing us (non Korea based followers)a service in reporting on content that may be perceived differently or unfavourably dependent on your opinion scale. So I think we are lucky to have ‘any’ news on ‘any’ idol or actor that Koala posts because I can only think of Soompi and All K pop as the two other English K ent sites oh plus Dramabeans that give us a daily dose. Please don’t get disheartened and yes it is sad seeing KHJ pack such a lonely forlorn figure when we have seen him in his prime a few years back. You and me and several others have been positive and supportive in our comments here and that’s great regardless of what is being written. Koala allows this to happen. Have a good day. ❤️

  10. I been reading this blog for a few years now and rarely comment, mostly I like reading Koala unnies musings on Asia’s entertaiment world. Yet, this is the first time in like 5-6 years since I discover this blog that I’m truly and deeply disappointed whith Koala unnie’s blog. In the past even when I haven’t agree with her point of view, I always took the approach “of agree to disagree” and still respect her and her views. After all this is her blog and she can write whatever she damn well please. However, everything has a line that one should not cross when imparting one’s opinion of others even if they are celebrities.

    I’m not a Kim Hyun Joong fan but even I feel this was completelly uncall for.

    I’m not even sure what was even the point to write this article for, to take cheap shots publicly to a guy who yeah… he made quite a few bad decisions, but he is just a human being bound to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and I not sure what he did warrants all this hate and it seems that short of asking for his blood to clean for the traspass he comminted apparently against the whole world this won’t stop. Even when what happend was a situation that has nothing to do with the rest of the world. This whole thing from what I remember was an issue between two people who where in a toxic relationship. It was unfortunated that it play out so publicly but again is was something that only involve him, his partner and the law.

    Outside of those 3 it could only indectly affect both parties families and his fans. Other than that I don’t see in what way it affects others if he is trying his best to move on, living his life. How in the world wrinting articles and online comments asking for his retairment from the entertaiment world productive? Is not.

    Anyways, I try really hard to not pass judgment on to others, as I’m only human. I’m not free of sin, so I try not to throw rocks at others, before thinking of the consequenses. Words have power and so is Koala with her blog, I am really dissapointed that she choose to take her platform to speak in this manner about a human being, just a man that happens to be a entertainer and a celebrity.

  11. Totally agree with Selene Alai. I was shocked to read Ms Koala’s comments on a person she doesnt even know personally but brood her hatred on unconfirmed articles. No one is free of sins and should not throw stones at a drowning man. For the ladies who curse and swear at him, if karma is to knock at your door, you will find your most loved ones being treated like KJH.
    I never watched his drama nor ever listen to his songs. So dont be mistaken that I am his fan. Just hope that Ms Koala will think twice in future before using her more poisonous pen to murder another human being.

    • Come on now, please don’t exaggerate and add oil to the fire! Who is murdering who now?? I think your pen is more poisonous than all of the above including the blogger. You don’t even know this guy, so just shut up!! At least I have listened to his songs and watched his dramas, but I don’t know him enough to comment on the details of his personal life. I agree with @Alexa that Ms Koala meant this in a good way. Telling someone to retire or to switch career does NOT mean you want to kill the person. You sound like a Troll who wants to spread more hate in this site. I am totally disappointed at you @disappointed. Stop bringing the crap of “your most loved ones”, you do not know what you are talking about!!

  12. I think you trying to be in the good side of koala and I think your comment is not necessary here. Everyone know what koala is doing with this article if she dislike him she can distance herself from writing about khj. This article is trying to catch everyone attention and to create disharmony in this blog cause she crave attention. I hope you see my point koala is the spark of all argument and disagreement here. I do visit this blog for her demeaning articles of every celebrities and this is not the first time she showed her dislike and hates towards khj through her articles. There is khj tag in her blog you don’t believe me you could search for her articles on khj and nothing good we’re written. I wonder what this guy done to her??

    • What’s wrong with writing this article in her own blog? She can express any opinion in her blog as long as not spreading any rumours or false claims. Do you know you are putting money in her pocket every time you make a comment here? Do you know you are supporting the blogger’s wallet every time you voice your disagreement? Your comment is definitely not necessary here if you don’t want to be in her good side, duh! Of course all article is intended to catch attention to generate traffic. Who wants to write a blog if no one reads it? Now do you know who is the stupid one here?? ?

      • Tq u think I don’t know lol. Blogger also must have conscience, I don’t care how much she earn let her bring the money to her grave.

      • @Definitely not a fan or an angel on – why do you give bad curse to the blogger (mentioning “grave”) while talking about God to @Lilykoo? Examine yourself! Please don’t mention suicide lightly. Give respect to those with depression. You have a real deep problem!!! Go see a doctor.

      • “On other sites under different names”? Do you have proof? Just curious….

      • @Maryanne – no proof? You speak more trash than anyone else ?? Any man who beats woman does not deserve respect. I don’t hate him but he is garbage based on his known behaviour ?

  13. this butt banger still have fangirl left? fangirl are sick no matter what their oppa do they still buy his stuff. just look at that toilet PYC he now trying to get back into dramaland. maybe he think if rapist PSH can go back why cant he. his scandal is not as bad as the rapist scandal. all toilet PYC have to do is get in one of those high rating drama show. once he does korean will forgot his toilet scandal.

    • @boha I’ve read it all before thank you and Im a fan girl well actually I’m a fan ahjumma if there is such a thing and I would still buy KHJ stuff and yes I was sick last week with the flu. Ahhh You nailed it.

    • buttbanger ??
      KHJ is a liar, drunk driver and has admitted to have beaten up his ex-gf. In short, he is unmanly and gross

  14. Can’t believe there are still people defending this dude so passionately here… *SMH*

    And to those who said Koala’s last line was uncalled for, well news flash peeps: Her blog, her call.

  15. 1. the reason why a lot of reporters were at the airport because news about his contract has ended with KeyEast on the same day he came back from a tour in Japan. Most of the story came out with the title if Keyeast is going to continue the contract and whether he’s still considering to sign with Keyeast. Previously, no reporter even bothered about his arrival or departure upon doing his overseas activities. So when there’s a scope for news, all of them will storm and camp at the airport for a glimpse of the artist. I feel sorry for the grandpa coat too! Out of all the days…sighhhh!

    3. I also still remember that Koala said not to write or report or even translate about KHJ anymore after his accusation cases and found it quite amusing that this made it to the headline. Personally, yes I found what she said, in the beginning, is not tolerable and full of judgement. Might as well she doesn’t publish this at all if she even disgusted with KHJ. No harm, no arguments in the comments.

    4. Most of KHJ fans now are a mature adult who can think good and evil. They are not school girls who blindly support without any judgement or basis. I have to admit many people left or claim they are his ex-fan (altho i don’t see why you should declare such thing as ex-fan). So, give a break. We know who we are supporting after years of following the news and everything on him.

    4. Regarding his court case with the ex-girlfriend, if you guys argue based on information you read on Allkpop, koreaboo etc., please don’t think that you have understood the entire story of what happened. Please don’t consider you have enough judgement to opt and support the female in this case. I would say no more IF you have read and evaluated all the evidence base on news reports (real news from real news portal), and his lawyer’s statements as compare to his ex-lawyer statements, and stick to your judgement.

    5. You can’t force to hate or to like, but you can spread them. ‘Please just quietly go dude’, has a negative connotation that he is dislikable and that is not nice considering who you are.

    p/s English is my 2nd language; I don’t bother to check my grammar, as long as you got the message, if you don’t, please just quietly go away dude.

  16. If he is that bad why did the foolish girl keep on going back to him and why keep on trying to get pregnant for him,just asking.

  17. For the people who are against khj, have you ever been accused of something you did not do? This is the case here. Ms Choi intentionally harmed khj. What is her penalty? Let’s all get together and keep him high on Kpop idols list. Remember, he didn’t beat her. Please keep up with the news. Don’t hate. It is bad for your your health.

    • Ms Sally Shuler and BoGen – didn’t he have a child with Ms Choi? What penalty does a mother deserve? At his age and with that look, please don’t call him an idol anymore…

  18. Has your husband or boyfriend beaten you lately? Take it out on your beater not Hyun joong. Because you were beaten don’t hate all men. Hyun has been and is a gentle person. SHE had intentions of ruining his career if he didn’t do as she wanted. SHE got money out of him. Her reputation is bad, a domestic abuser. Good at picking fights. Yes. SHE is good at something.

  19. Kim Hyun Joong you looked as handsome as ever. PLEASE CONTINUE IN YOUR CAREER. I’’VE WATCHED YOU SINCE YOU TRAINED FOR KPOP. LOVED YOU THEN LOVE YOU NOW. I’m mature woman and still follow you. Thousands of woman and men are waiting for your next concert.

  20. To Ki Hyundai Jong
    I said a prayer for you today
    And know god must have heard
    I felt the answer in my heart
    Although he spoke no word
    I didn’t ask for wealth or fame
    I knew you wouldn’t mind
    I asked him for some treasures
    Of a far more lasting kind
    I asked that he be near you
    At the start of each new day
    To grant you health and blessings
    And friends to share the way
    I asked for happiness for you
    In all things great and small
    But it was for his loving care
    I prayed for most of all❤️

  21. We have no right to judge him badly. Do you know that the court decision he is not GUILT? And all the words that woman say it’s not true? Do you know that everything his ex does is to make him look bad?….Don’t pust if you don’t want to like him because you don’t know truth of him. But…his fans always believe in him. And always support and love him forever. God Bless him always

  22. He is still a high profile celebrity. The issue between him and his ex is still simmering in every media couldron.. I would dress down as well to get less attention. Plus, all that stress can take a toll. May this issue be resolved soon for their son’s sake.

  23. “A walking person to fell down” is not so important.however, what most matter is whether he gets up and move or not.
    Here the best part, he chooses to move on.good to know that.
    But why are some getting jealous of his effort of moving on.people speak mean and evil of others when they get jealous of them.bcoz despite all these happenings he is getting supports

    But the way round ,i take those mean and discouraging words actually as motivational potion for him. As most of times,bitter ones are the better and effective medicines.
    So dont get discouraged and cheer up.
    Take all of these as there love. To,KHJ and all his supporters

  24. We love you Kim Hyun Joong to the moon and back, always and forever. You are still thee best to us.
    No one is perfect but he’s not a monster either you make him to be. This piece of info here is your hatred not at all reality dear.

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