Arresting Drama Poster and New BTS for Lawless Lawyer Juxtaposes Intensity and Lighthearteness

I wasn’t expecting anything other than perfunctory drama posters for upcoming tvN legal thriller Lawless Lawyer so consider me happily spoiled that the first official poster is so awesome! Or more specifically, male lead Lee Jun Ki is so awesome in it, singlehandedly elevating the standard dark background everyone standing around K-drama poster for the thriller genre into something that comes alive thanks to his ferocious expression. So often the drama posters turn leads waxy or inanimate but here I feel the emotion radiating from the gangster/lawyer male lead, his toughness coupled with a zest for justice. Supporting leads Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young, and Choi Min Soo are fantastic as well, it’s adorable to see the foursome so intense and then goofy in the BTS videos.


Arresting Drama Poster and New BTS for Lawless Lawyer Juxtaposes Intensity and Lighthearteness — 21 Comments

    • @puff Hang in there only 8 more sleeps to go and counting. Apparently Viki has the licence to screen it and The teasers are on you tube; it’s all go and I haven’t anticipated a K drama like this since Seo Ye Ji’s ‘Save Me’ last year❤️

  1. The individual character posters are even more compelling.They actually convey what the roles are all about even if you didnt know the sypnosis.They dont look robotic or tryhard.As for the BTS, the pleasant surprise is Lee Hye Young.LJK and Choi Min Soo are already known to have goofy and slightly “eccentric” personalities.Seo Ye Ji is already known to have an easy going personality.But I didnt think Lee Hye Young had a cute side to her.I mean her BOF character(Gu Jung Pyo’s Mum) still sends chills down my spine.

    I actually think with even more acting experience and age.Seo Ye Ji and LJK could eventually morph into Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young.Even though they are both relatively young compared to their seniors and have a long way to go to catch up in acting range and experience.They have a similar tinge of intensity and natural charisma to them.I was kinda worried because when you are acting with seniors who have such intensity and detailed acting, the juniors acting can be swallowed up or they will overact to try and match the seniors, I was worried esecially for Seo Ye Ji since she has the least acting experience.But I think from what we are seeing.They will hold their own just fine.Now am really hoping all the good stuff that is being put out by the promo team translates onscreen in the drama too.

    • I know you are trying to be modest to give respect to the seniors but looking at their profiles Lee Joon Gi can be considered one of the veterans too being on lead/major roles for 14 years excluding his struggling years which I don’t for how long. Lead actors have x 4 or so acting hours that supporting roles.

      • Besides Lee Joon Gi have more experience in different types of productions having starred in few Japanese films, Chinese film and a hollywood production, according to his profile.

        When it comes to learning, it can be upward or downward. I am sure the (3) more senior actors also learn from Seo Ye Ji despite being in the industry only for few years.

      • *correction typo— Lead actors have x 4 or so acting hours than* supporting roles.

        So LJG lead role experience of 14 years is equivalent to 40 years to supporting roles or depending on the type of support roles and it’s number of scenes.

      • Trust me Iam LJK’s huge and long time fan.I know all that you have written and much more and my assessment still stands.Maybe the way I wrote my comment made seem like am taking away credit to both Seo Ye Ji and LJK’s skill level or acting experience.But am not or I dont intend to do that.Yes I was being modest but also giving credit where its due and yes, I believe all(seniors/juniors)signed up to learn from each other and uplift each other.I just want to praise everyone while being objective too.Trust me even as a fan, its hard for me not to be bias and just praise.But he is not working solo nor only with SYJ.Thats just how I roll.I like to evaluate(critique and acknowledge) everyone including supporting cast in any drama.Not only the actors I like.Even LJK himself gave an interview was it today or yesterday..saying something similar to what am saying when he was asked about the seniors.Its not that he doubt/belittle his skills or worth, or paying lip service.But its important amidst all the praise to remain level headed and continue harsh self assessment(knowing your strength and limitation).Thats how actors grow and continue getting better.

      • All the same, am looking forward to 12 May.I havent watched a weekend kdrama in ages and its been a while since I watched a legal drama.This will lure me in. I am ready.

      • It’s ok if LJG would say it as he may sound being modest. But I, as third party, would say it, it may sound like I am putting someone down to elevate another.

        I am not LJG die hard fan and only watched few of his dramas but your post sounded like LJG is a newbie. So I was confused as I thought I’ve heard about LJG since along time a go. So, I went and read his profile and the other LL cast profiles. Going through the profile, I found out the diversities of his LJG projects and he has been on lead roles for that long. But I also thought you were just being modest.

    • Hehehe The person must be a great photoshop artist as he can photoshop expressions flawlessly too. ?

      And, wow this drama is moving very fast.

  2. Thats fine?.I see your point and I hope you can see mine too.I guess we just needed to explain each other’s point of view.Shall we call it a truce now.

  3. I’m in love??? everythings looks perfect and may I say, I like the male villain’s look alot? out lawyer Bong, you might have a rival here?..nooo, whom I kidding there is no one but you for me, only you babe,,but seriously, all the 4 look perfectly gorgeous>> I only hope that this will do justice to their efforts.. see you soon lawless lawyer??

  4. I am actually more excited over the BTS of the poster and teaser making.

    LJK and SYJ has such a warm rapport. I have never seen SYJ appearing so comfortable around her co-star but I guess LJK’s easy going personality kinda dig in on her. Based on that, I really really hope their chemistry translated perfectly on-screen.

    After watching “Suits” and despite how much I love PHS, I have decided to drop it after episode 2 due to the pretentious feel of it. So, I hope “Lawless Lawyer” will live up to my expectation and I do have a good feel about this drama.

    Bring it on Jun Ki and Ye Ji-ahhh…

    • oh really? I have not started “Suits” yet, but I am never a fan of remakes… the original is always better… maybe I won’t start it then… this will give me more time to watch LL and MA (c’mom the wait for next episode is too painful…)… lol…

      • Too sleek for my taste and tbh, after having been destroyed by My Ajusshi which is so realistically good on all accounts, it’s hard to watch “Suits” and not feeling the fakeness of the whole set up (sorry, not meaning to undermine the drama since I love love love PHS). PHS is awesome as usual but him alone not enough to keep me watching.

        And yeah….the wait for My Ahjusshi is killing me. Have you watch the latest long preview for next week? They released it last night during the special BTS episode. Watching the preview alone enough to break my heart and cried especially watching Dong Hoon finally reaching his boiling point and running like a madman. Sob Sob.

    • Both drama may have a legal concept, but they are totally different. I am sure lawyers in these dramas handles different type of clients. It boils down to preference really.

      • I understand. But like I said, “Suits” feels too sleek and too polished for my taste. Sorry, it’s not about the problem with it being a remake but I just could not like it. I reiterate what I mentioned earlier, it feels pretentious.

        I somehow feel LL a bit grittier and less polished. I have a good feeling that I am going to like it.

    • And, I respectfully disagree. Most remakes I’ve watched outdid the original version. It really depends on someone openmindedness when watching the drama.

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