Kim Go Eun is Air Travel Fashion Goals Leaving Incheon Airport

Give Kim Go Eun for hitting a home run and making comfortable and practical travel wear seem like a million bucks. It doesn’t hurt that she’s accessorized with a smart and cute Chanel backpack to raise the couture quotient but clearly her jeans and sweater are expensive items that so happen to look down-to-earth so she wins on both fronts. Not looking silly teetering on high heels and a tiny mini skirt, but looking chic enough I want to actually see what items she’s wearing to emulate moreso than the overly branded airport runway wear most K-celebs don. Love her simply effortless makeup and perfect Saturday style hair, she really was hampered in both Cheese in the Trap and Goblin with bad hairstyles foisted on her characters.


Kim Go Eun is Air Travel Fashion Goals Leaving Incheon Airport — 15 Comments

  1. I thought she looked really pretty in both Cheese in the Trap and Goblin though (I only saw her with a bob, that’s a pretty normal/chic hairdo right?). Especially in Cheese where the character’s outfits were contrasted to her red hair.

    But she has the kind of beauty that doesn’t need bells and whistles, and more importantly a sense of being comfortable in her own skin that’s very rare in Korean celebs.

  2. Cool style… And she’s so cool. She’s indeed pretty. Probably not korean standard, but she’s indeed pretty.

  3. Looks like any Korean girl at an airport and that’s the way for sure she like it no hoodies,glasses or masks or look at me stuff…I find that her natural charm any beauty. Beautiful and gorgeous for me.

  4. Her strength is in that she looks like a regular girl next door. Laid bak and simple. It’s easier for her to believably portray different kind of characters. In fact, I found her very attractive in CITT. Beauty isn’t defined by the shape of your eyes, complexion or how much you conform to the beauty standards. These beauty standards get supplanted by new trends every decade so it won’t even matter. what matters is that she’s got acting skills. She shines in Chungmuro so I’d love to see her in movies only unless a really good cable drama comes along. I’m sorry to say but Kim Go Eun made such an impact as Hong Seol, even if it was different from the webtoon Hong Seol, that Oh Yeon Soo got very much overshadowed. Nobody will remember OYS as Hong Seol, but KGE’s Hong Seol will forever be ingrained to people’s mind, despite the fact that the PD effed up the CITT drama.

  5. Such a beauty and very cool looking too. She doesn’t have an air of pretentiousness and with these charmful pics can she please return to our screens in a 16 part Drama; I’m not fussed any genre will do. I first saw her in CITT and thought she was the bees knees until the storyline went all wonky mid way so I dropped it but she made it most memorable for me. Umm I don’t mind who the lead actor is too. ?

  6. Kim Go Eun is love – she’s just glowing and looking effortlessly beautiful here on her way to Paris for the Chanel Cruise. Love she kept the same simple style and makeup at the Chanel show too – looking just very elegant and sleek in an all black outfit.

    Looking forward to seeing her doing press promotions in her upcoming movie Byeonsan. Hope to see her back in dramaland soon if she finds the right script where her talents won’t be wasted.

  7. Now this make me want to copy her simple and chic style. It looks so comfortable and stylish. If only i could afford those expensive channel bag. Her airport style are always on point. Never too much even though it’s sponsored.

    • It’s actually easy to copy – classic straight cut Levi’s jeans and Vans sneakers are affordable, all you need is one good quality sweater in a cable knit like hers (there are great ones at Pringle but it doesn’t have to be that expensive). And backpacks don’t have to be Chanel to look good.

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