Hwang Jung Eum Tries to Pick Up Namgong Min in Second Teaser for SBS Drama The Undateables

I’m going to keep my expectations low for upcoming SBS rom-com The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) because the two teasers so far are really frustrating watching leading lady Hwang Jung Eum. She’s like the opposite of male lead Namgong Min known for his very subtle acting and poker face, whereas she’s like Gumby over enunciating and being annoyingly dramatic. If that’s her character that’s fine, and honestly she did the same type of performance in Kill Me, Heal Me during all the comedic sections but I ended up loving her overall because she nailed the serious and heartfelt scenes. So if the sum of the whole works here in the end it will be a big relief because this reunion of the Can You Hear My Heart leads has been a long time coming and I hope it’s not a wasted opportunity.

Second teaser for The Undateables:


Hwang Jung Eum Tries to Pick Up Namgong Min in Second Teaser for SBS Drama The Undateables — 23 Comments

  1. Don’t know why, but this teaser made me cringe so hard! So far, the teasers haven’t piqued my interest. I was anticipating this drama since I love me some Namgoong Min, but something about it seems off. I will give this drama a chance before I judge it any further.

  2. Ugh. Her character seems annoying already. I love her in deep, emotional roles, but seems like I’ll have to skip this one. Can’t stand the over the top-ness!

  3. hmm…seems like i’ve seen this character many times before. i wish she would change it up a little bit. just give it a little oomph to differentiate between her previous characters from other dramas. it’s literally the same character over and over again. *yawns*

    • Yep you can basically plug her in any of her past dramas and you wouldn’t even be able to tell she was playing a different character lol

  4. Wow there is a lot of negativity in here! I really like her, and I will be watching. But I do agree that her role here is similar to her past roles, but maybe it’s because she shines in being dramatic and over the top. I don’t mind it as long as she does not do it for the whole drama. I think she is great in these kinds of roles.

  5. her face looks very weird, now even with those botox cheeks… and her annoying voice…. I really like to watch NGM, but will I be able to FF her out completely? lol…

    • Yes I have noticed that her face has changed quite a bit too. I thought I was the only one. She was so pretty before!

      • she still looks pretty, but maybe age is catching up so she has to do some enhancements which is common in South Korea I guess… It’s just her over-cutesy expressions that makes the teaser look so cringy. I hope she can tone it down a bit for me to be able to watch NGM in peace 🙂

  6. Hwang Jung Eum tends to overact, that instead of being funny, she turns out downright annoying. I probably could accept seeing her with that kind of OTT comedic acting, I even find her adorable in Incarnation of Money and KMHM but she’s been doing this over and over again and finally, I have had enough of it. It would be nice if she tone down her expression a bit.

    • Totally agree with you there. I think she’s better in emotional roles as they tends to be screechy and overacts in comedies. I was dying for another NGM comedy but I’m sure if I love him enough to sit through her performance.

  7. I really like her because she does have range. She can be awesome when she is in a serious role, and that extends to roles that require her to pull out both the comedic and serious side. I think that there are decisions made by those directing the shows that she has been in regarding the screechiness and exaggeration.

    • yeah,that is actually the same reason why I was drawn to her, her acting range is on par with other actresses, she can do both genre (comedy/melodrama) really well but just like other actresses she also needs a good director to bring out her potentials.In lucky Romance she didn’t screech at all,but many of the scenes are meh while her other dramas are OTT. I wish she can find a good director again just like the director of Secret/DOTS where her acting shined the most.

  8. Well, it’s still just the teaser. I hope she’ll tone done from here. I really really hope she shows variety and difference from her other romcom dramas. Her same hairstyle even adds to the confusion.I am a fan but I agree with other comments here. She has already gotten married and also given birth. I hope those added experiences gives her role here a bit more depth.

  9. wow, i’m speechless with all the comments,but I can’t blame them, I also found the teaser a little bit cringe,and just like Ms.Koala, I don’t have high expectations on this drama since it is not a cable drama (cable dramas are high qualities right now)but I miss HJE ,its been two years, so whether this is good or not,I will still be watching coz after this we might be seeing her again in 2,3,4years? I just hope that even with shallow plot,I can be entertained with the antics they will create and the romance to be sale-able.Fingers cross.

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