Song Joong Ki Confirms Sageuk Asadal Ending Two Year Drama Hiatus

The wait is over and it wasn’t even that long if you ask me. Coming off a mega pan-Asia drama hit like Descendants of the Sun, it’s not surprising Song Joong Ki hasn’t picked a drama for the last two years. I like to think he was also enjoying the real life romance with his DotS costar turned now wife Song Hye Kyo, and who could fault the two for living their lives to the fullest rather than working tediously when they don’t need to anymore. Song Joong Ki has now confirmed his next drama project as sageuk drama Asadal, from the production team of Six Flying Dragons and Tree with Deep Roots.  Asadal is the name of the mythical capital of Gojoseon, the first ever Korean kingdom, which was succeed by Goguryeo. Nice, I love a sageuk that picks an ancient older Korean history and this one harkens back to the Jumong and The Legend time periods. Count me in!


Song Joong Ki Confirms Sageuk Asadal Ending Two Year Drama Hiatus — 49 Comments

  1. I know he would picked Asadal. The writing duo is sageuk heavyweight. I may not be a fan of his but he does have great eyes for good projects and not to mention that with his current status, he is inudated with a lot of great offers.

    And I love pre-Joseon sageuk simply for the warriors with the mane of glory. That led me to imagine how SJK would look like with that mane of glory? Top pick until now still Bidam and Wang So.

  2. Yaaaaasssss! I love Joongki in sageuks! And honestly, I’m loving how he didn’t pick a trendy Hallyu drama for his comeback. No need to pander to the masses anymore. I really disliked DOTS for how underutilized Joongki’s acting was there. With this upcoming project, he can shine again like he used to. 🙂

    • He did shine in DOTS though. It was in DOTS that made him Hallyu star and the abundance of CF offers in Korea, China and Thailand. Not to mention that his CF fee also skyrocketed.

      • He definitely shined in DOTS, but let’s be real, the drama itself didn’t demand much from his acting skills. That’s what I missed about Song Joongki.

    • I dont think he will pick up a romance drama any time soon, because good luck to whoever will be his partner. SJK is still young and he can really act, he can just take meaty role.

  3. Kudos to him??!!!The production behind this drama is stellar.I want to see pre-DOTS actor Song Joong Ki again and this is the perfect project to bring that back.DOTS was good for his popularity and he found his life partner.But acting wise, it did nothing for him.Same with Battlefield movie.

    People are always saying idols have toxic fangirls but actor fans are just as delusional.I dare say maybe even worse because I would expect them to be a tad bit more mature since most of them are almost ahjumma age.Just go over to netizenbuzz and see some of the netizen reactions to his comeback.Tsk tsk.The summary was “he lost his charm since he got married, so they dont care anymore about his comeback”.I dont even know where to begin with, to explain how pathetic that sounds.smh

    • really ? hahaha maybe because his image after dots was like an idol? delulu fans..
      plenty actors got married. many J actors married in their 20s, and their career are fine even in romance drama (as romantic as jdrama can get 🙂 )
      even in kdrama we have plenty married actors who can sell romance just fine.

  4. I’ll be honest. As his fans who love his acting for real, for 5 years of not doing any meaty roles “exclude the battleship Island” is a torture for me. Imagining if he is doing a won bin, i don’t know ehat i will do.

  5. Sounds like a good project. I want him to do well so that those ppl who said he lost his charm after getting married can eat their words. Hopefully SHK can also make a comeback..if she isn’t pregnant ofc. Miss seeing her in dramas.

  6. The production team is great and he must have seen fsomething in this drama. So Mr Sunshine will be also anticipated drama, right? So these two dramas will dominate the headlines and ratings too

    • Didn’t expect this drama will be hit like Mr. Sunshine cause fangirl and ahjumma lose interest with him after married.

      • Lol that what they will say now till the drama airs. And it only a few salty note girls that are pissed

      • lol no, if anything older women love him even more for being a good husband who is obviously in love with his wife. he did probably lose the fangirls, but it’s not like they are loyal anyway

      • @lovewadaw It’s either married SJK who has a clean image, looks young and handsome or LBH with sex and cheating scandals, looks old and ugly. LBH acting maybe good, but drama viewers are ahjummas who want to live in fantasy so they would rather pick SJK if we’re judging only based on the male lead and not the other cast or plot of the drama.

      • I agree me! I think he actually gained more than what was said he lost. But then we’ll see how this drama will connect with the viewers. Acting wise, he is a good actor.

      • Nate is a hate sites you will barely see any positive comments on any articles. Fews comments from nate won’t stop drama from being hit or flop. He has good public image and loyal fanbase so he has nothing to be worry about if this project is done right.

      • no no no… Saguek always gets higher ratings in SK. Why do you mention Mr Sunshine while these two dramas are of different genres and different airing dates? Ridiculous!

      • Eh, like they lost interest in Ji Sung, Jang Hyuk, Jang Dong Gun, etc.?

  7. For me I hope this drama will make him get rid of the flower boy image totally if possible just a little romance if there is need at all

    • These kind of drama don’t even need romance. The romance in SFD was so bothersome and would have been as good if Boon Yi and Lee Bang Won were only childhood friends. I’m not even expecting a full blown passionate romance.

    • No romance at all! Hahaha. Well, that’s just me being crazy; but as a fan, I really don’t mind the romance side. He’s an actor and needs to portray his roles convincingly. I’ve enjoyed SFD and Tree, so I guess I have expectations for this drama.

  8. Sjk sed in one of his interviews after his discharge that he wanted to come across a heart breaking love story type of project one day. I hope it does happen cause this boy can even romance a broom lol

  9. congrats song joon Ki.great choice and I am expecting great acting from this powerhouse performer. As for these delusional knetz,it is not as if they have a chance with him when unmarried.i will say good riddance.

  10. It’s about time he comeback to dramaland,it says that kim ji won first to confirmed,yeay its dots reunion?

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect writing and production team, perfect leader actor, awesome time period. This is just more happiness than I can bear! Yes!

  12. Better put my expectations as lower as possible. And when will this drama and Mr. Sunshine air? I wonder who’s gonna take the daesang this year. I wish for secret forest and signal season 2… So, yaaayy, so many dramas in my plate.

  13. I’m glad that he come back after 2 years hiatus , I just don’t want to have too much expectations and then will be disappointed, Look at noona who buy me food is an example.

    I hope the female lead in this drama will not get criticism and be compared to SHK
    Wish SJK lots of luck for this upcoming projects

    • Pretty Noona is good though for it’s genre. The chemistry of the lead is great. It is a simple story yet entertaining. It depicts the Korean culture as well.

      I have only been aware of JHI for few weeks. I wonder why many are hating him here. The more popular the more hate I guess.

      Going back to SJK. It’s good that he has come out from hiding. Come to think of it, he only have (2) dramas as a main lead.

      • Hmm , I don’t think my comment is targeting any person here, I don’t hate the actor , I just don’t like the genre , it’s not my taste.
        From beginning I do have high expectation since I really like son ye jin; however the story didn’t come out as the way I like.
        If you enjoy the drama , good for you then.

  14. Sageuk with a female lead HA not KIM. That Kim who acts with either widening or squinting her eyes..*cringe*

  15. I am not into Kim Ji Won. She was nice in The Heirs, but that is about it. Also her looks very modern. So in saquek, i prefer women who has very traditional korean looks.

  16. Looks like we got 2 commenters above who did a little too much “mind-altering substances” since what they have to say about Kim Ji Won is like the opposite of what everyone says about her acting. Seriously guys, having your perception f-ked with to that extent us weird lol.

    • I don’t think kim ji won will be lead in this drama cause song hye kyo will be jealous lol ? better find another actress with traditional look. Look what happened when they pairing park bo gum with her and getting replace with another actress.

      • I don’t know exactly what kjw has that shk would be jealous of you know she is considered has a goddess in Korea lol

      • Are you drunk? Why would Song Hye Kyo be “jealous” of Kim Ji Won?

        And it looks like this “traditional/modern” look is the new line you guys are parroting against KJW, what are you even on about? If Lee Jong Suk, Park Min Young, Hyeri and others can do sageuks despite having obviously “modern” faces ie obvious plastic surgery, then what’s so “modern” about KJW’s face when she’s had no apparent surgery or even other tweaks?

  17. Ive not seen any Sageuk set before Joseson except for “Faith” but if my history`s right this will be set 100s of years earlier ..I`m actually on a Sageuk binge at the moment watching all the ones ive passed on before so this is something i`m really interested in..

  18. Prettytuntum of course shk will jealous her husband kiss and hug with younger woman lol. And I don’t want kjw and sjk comeback drama cause dots memory still strong. i don’t think this drama will get high rating cause his lose almost his fans girl.after married he lose everything including cf and he didn’t have any schedule, photoshoot and variety.korea is scary place cause if your oppa dating and getting married you will be hard to get any project drama or film.

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