Lawless Lawyer Holds High Energy Press Conference and Releases Rollicking Long Preview

The time really zipped by these last few weeks and now tvN new Sat-Sun drama Lawless Lawyer is premiering this weekend. Starring Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji, Choi Min Soo, and Lee Hye Young, the fierce ferociousness is off the charts with this impressive cast. I watched the long 4-minute preview released at the press conference and this drama just looks fun, which was certainly not the case with Lee Jun Ki’s last drama the dull procedural Criminal Minds. He plays a gangster turned lawyer and hilariously his three other leads are seem to fit the same profile of being this odd hybrid of physical intensity coupled with dexterity with the law. Can’t wait for the drama to arrive and love how the four lead are so comfortable goofing around at the press conference, especially the scary character Choi Min Soo plays onscreen will be tempered by remembering he’s a nice guy in real life.

Long preview for Lawless Lawyer:


Lawless Lawyer Holds High Energy Press Conference and Releases Rollicking Long Preview — 9 Comments

  1. Lol. The trailer looks amazing especially the last bit where Jun Ki striked a pose with his lawless gang. I can already feel the chemistry between him and SYJ. I also love the comedic undertone of this drama and can feel LJK character to be such a fun rascal. And Choi Min Soo… He is a hoot. He made the press-con a jovial affair with that fun crazy antics. And the lawless boys (that include LJK and PD Kim) are crazy cute rascals too.

  2. I’m having a huge girl crush on seo ye ji..never thought of this pairing before but they looked perfect for each other..the chemistry between everyone seems good..good luck for them really can’t wait…..

  3. Since this going to be only 16 episodes, I wish they will make one hour and half for each ep cause I’m used to JG’s dramas of 20 eps.You know, the more JG, the merrier it is?

  4. Lee Hye Young makes a super charismatic villain.Its rare for female villain not to look like caricatures.From the teasers it looks like her role fits her like a glove.

    Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji, casting team got it right.They match in all the right ways.Their look(they have the same eye smile?) their personalities(SYJ look quiet at the press conference but look behind the scenes, she is just as bubbly as him).Their acting or at least from what I saw in the BTS compliments each other.They have about the same intensity to them when they act and the chemistry is good.I hope the writing will be good and showcase all this stuff on screen.

    Choi Min soo.Well he is Choi Min Soo after all???.

  5. 3 more sleeps for those of you lucky to be in Korea for the rest of us 4 more sleeps but then again it’s dependent on when Viki can sub the episode. I’m sorry but as much as I absolutely adore Seo Ye Ji….but what is up with that dress? I mean the actual funny looking hibiscus flower patterns and frills. I’ve seen her past press con photos and she looks divine and styley but the LL press con I was ummm ‘surprised’ when she walked out on stage. Yes I know I don’t anything about fashion but hey it looks so dowdy and frumpy even Lle Hye Young looked chic and cool in her outfit. Apologies galore I had to write it down. ?

    • Okay I take it back – the dress is by Simone Rocha retail price $2530; Unsure in what currency sorry ? Waiting for this drama is like waiting to give birth. I’ve got to remember to breathe, focus and endure whatever happens because it’s going to be just glorious!?

  6. We are off to a good start in ratings 5.2% Nationwide and 5.8% for Seoul for LL. I’m pacing up and down in NZ waiting for subs to drop. It’s intense and the first episode looks promising oh the suspense is killing me! As long as the show does well Korea that is my only hope. The rest of the world can just sit and wait. SYJ and LJK look so damn fine though ?

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