Moon Chae Won Confirmed as Leading Lady in K-drama Gyeryong Goddess Opposite Yoon Hyun Min

It’s funny how one potential leading lady morphed into another, but both give off very similar vibes. The female lead is confirmed for upcoming K-drama Gyeryong Goddess (or Gyeryong Fairy) with Moon Chae Won picking this as her next drama. Initially Kang Sora was in talks but she pulled out last month due to reported scheduling conflicts. The male lead remains Yoon Hyun Min and honestly it’s a level trade as both actresses are solid romance drama lead types with earthy vibrant auras. The drama is about a fairy who comes to earth and marries a human only for him to die, so she remains on earth for six hundred years until he is reincarnated in the present day. She looks like an old halmoni to the world masking her true features of an incomparable goddess. The drama is adapted from a webtoon and directing will be the PD of Women of Dignity and My Name is Kim Sam Soon.


Moon Chae Won Confirmed as Leading Lady in K-drama Gyeryong Goddess Opposite Yoon Hyun Min — 14 Comments

  1. Finally, I’m so happy for another project for Bbong and the drama seems a female centric. Also the pds…*.*

  2. I really like her and wish that she finds her groove and gain her momentum again.For one, this drama will probably show glimpses of goryeo and joseon.and moon chae won is one of those actresses that looks gorgeous in hanbok.

    On the other hand, she hasnt had good luck with adaptations(“Goodbye Mr Black” and “Criminal Minds”) so I hope third is the charm.I heard this show is being considered by tvN.i hope they pick it up or KBS.Not SBS or MBC.

  3. Was sad Kang Sora had to back out. But Moon Chaewon is just as good. I’ve never noticed this before, but both have really similar aura. Looking forward to this. It seems like a cute rom com 😀

  4. Whoaaaa. Those are some extremely unflattering pictures of her!

    On the other hand, I’ve missed Moon Chae Won so much! And I love her in historical attire! Will be looking forward to this!

    • Unflattering for the hairstyle and clothes, but her face is still gorgeous, she looks like a doll.

      I’m sad this isn’t a full sageuk though.

  5. Was so disappointed when Kang Sora dropped out of this but Moon Chae Won is just as good. Hopefully this would be better than MCW previous two dramas.

  6. Yep the pairing of the leads is on point and those two will be so dreamy and it will work ? However I am a tad bit disappointed that Kang So Ra had to drop it and I hope she has something on the boil to compensate us. Ok if Suzy can’t do Vagabond then please PD give it to KSR. Pretty please?

    • Lol if Kang Sora dropped out of this because of schedule conflicts, I don’t think she has time to take Vagabond which involves months of overseas filming.

      • @Faye – Sorry my reply post is a bit confusing. Kang So Ra dropped out of the Fairy drama that Moon Chae Won has picked up. I wanted her to take Vagabond if Suzy didn’t take it (just my wish though). From knowledge KSR was never offered Vagabond. I feel sorry that Suzy is forever being panned for her acting and choice of dramas. JYP has to look after her and consider wisely what is best for her as an actor. I don’t want her to be like Joy and be the scapegoat for a low rating drama when there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

      • @Faye Arrrghhh I’m so sorry it’s midnight here and I totally forgot which comments section I was in when I posted the above. Please excuse my random reply.

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