Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Continue to Be Adorable in New Preview for Why Secretary Kim

I’m getting a small crush on Park Min Young’s entire look in upcoming tvN drama Why Secretary Kim. The makeup, hair color and style, and of course her smart yet feminine secretary attire, she gets a solid A for radiating surround sound level charm. It contrasts nicely with Park Seo Joon who is the rich powerful boss yet is made to look slightly douchy in his self-absorption, whereas she’s just the functioning beautiful adult in their work relationship. The latest preview as them dramatically crossing paths before she chases him down, he thinks it’s to confess her feelings but she’s actually trying to deliver a resignation letter. Either way he staves it off but we all know he totally wishes she did confess because someone pays too much attention to his secretary, so cute!

Preview for Why Secretary Kim:


Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Continue to Be Adorable in New Preview for Why Secretary Kim — 37 Comments

    • ? You got me on that reply! I thought how lovely there’s one comment here already because everyone is still down with Suzy n Lee Seung Gi’s post I thought I’ll meander up to see what was happening and I did expect to see the ps reference at all. Anycase I am looking forward to some light hearted rom com with PSJ n PMY.?

      • ✌ yeah I like lee seung gi suzy pairing as long not with park bo gum.look what she doing with lee jong suk and kim woo volunteer with this pairing hheheh

    • Her PS is amazing. She looks so good.

      Btw I watched a Cdrama where the actress is a doppelganger for PMY. It was scary to see. She obviously had PS too. But she was a carbon copy of PMY.

      • Im curious.. whos d c actress?
        And PMY PS are among the top most nicely done.

    • I agree. Maybe not publicly, but to her fellow colleagues. I shall not name who, but certain actresses’ plastic surgery faces are so obvious it affects their performance on screen. It’s really a pity.

  1. Ms Koala thank you for a nice write-up about the new drama of PSJ and PMY, Why Secretary Kim. I, too, am looking forward to watch it when it airs in June.

    I’m not really a PMY fan but I appreciate some of the dramas she has done in the past because I did enjoy watching them, and she really seems to be a nice person by first impression with a bright and seem to be humble personality.

    I hope people would just stop about the PS thing. If people don’t like her and can’t seem to see anything good in her and appreciate her for who she is, then it’s alright to not comment at all, too. I don’t honestly understand why some keep on bringing back the PS thing over and over again. Is it to make them feel better ? because I’m sure it wouldn’t… or is it to pull PMY down and simply criticize her just because one can ? It’s really mean and nasty no matter how one tries to read it. I really hope people will be more circumspect with their words because words can turn to be either a blessing or a burden.

    • @apple
      A thousand thumps up for your comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t think I’ve read one article about PMY without somebody commenting about her PS, like it’s not a common thing in South Korea? Appreciate her for her acting or personality. If you don’t like her then leave her alone and just move on…simple right?

      • From the way I’ve read the above comments, they’ve all been very positive and appreciative of PYM and her PS.

        Unless Ive missed something, I did not read any negativity about her PS. I believe one mentioned that she has a doppelganger in China whose surgery was obvious but looks alot like PMY. And the second mentioned another actress who has problems with expressions which affect their performance, but name with held and this person has not publicly admitted to having work done.

        It is hard not to comment on PS in relation to PMY as she herself has admitted to it. A search on the net reveals the before and after photos. There is a marked difference and improvement in her looks.

        For me it’s an appreciation of her good looks and successful surgery. Furthermore, she is a bright, beautiful, relatable and likeable actress. She also suits most genres too.

        Thumbs up from me, nothing negative to say here.

    • @apple Thanks for your comment. I don’t understand why on every article about PMY people have to comment on the PS either. She had it, so what. I’m not sure why they can’t move on.

  2. PMY personality is very bright. She even shows she is a smart girl in Busted. Please don’t mention about her plastic surgery. Accept her whoever she is. Love her for her acting. That’s why she chose to be honest about her ps. Put that aside. She is one and only actress that I believe very passionate about her acting.

    • she is the one and only passionate actress is a bit too much though hahaha there are others actress out there with such will

  3. she is the one and only passionate actress is a bit too much though hahaha there are others actress out there with such will

  4. Sorry to those that feel the light hearted reference to PMY PS is some what upsetting. This is in no way a reflection of her acting ability as an actress. I can’t see how the comments were in some way criticising her? I thought we acknowledged it and actually praised whoever did the PS makeover. Or should we have just not commented? Please do share. And I know Korea is the land of plastic fantastics; So much so that I was considering flying over to get a bit of work done on myself but changed my mind when I read what happened to Han Ye Seul.

    • If that’s your idea of a praise or complement, it’s a little bit twisted. Would you like to be in her shoe ? Can you imagine it ? The first comment that people like you make is always about her PS and that according to you, in a light hearted manner, because it makes you happy obviously. I don’t know your heart so the more I cannot judge but if your saying your not criticizing ? I’m saying your not praising and complementing either. Not in that way anyway. And yes, honestly you could have refrained if that’s the only comment you can make. Why? because that kind of comment has become stale and old already, not funny and tiresome in all angle to say the least

      • @apple – Okay I accept your feedback but why are you getting so defensive about it? You’re making it out like it’s bad to have PS? Seriously this is a open forum where you are allowed to comment in any way shape and form. Take it as a compliment then. The fact that none of us should dare mention it reads that we should be commenting around the issue of PS. If that’s the case then you’re gonna have to be pretty thick skinned to post here. Why would I want to put myself in her shoes? She’s a famous and renowned K actress and it’s common knowledge she has had PS. It’s her job to look the best and she knew when she decided to modify her looks there was obviously going to commentary on it. And I didn’t make the first post about her PS here go to the top and see who posted first and have them up about it and the others that have followed suit that have also posted. Nothing negative or insulting has been written of PMY PS. However I’m sorry if I have offended you in the process.

      • PMY has been very open about her PS and people loved it because it was nicely done, so what’s wrong if people would ask who did her face? People like you would say that “there’s nothing wrong with PS” or that it’s her face, it’s her business. So, if there’s nothing wrong with getting some work done, then why it felt like you were embarrass and has to be defensive with just a mention of it? I guess, deep down inside, you can’t accept those who did PS so you’d rather deny it existed in the first place.

  5. PMY is pretty, she has admitted to PS and seems very confident about her looks now. Why do her fans being so protective and nit-picky about something so open to the public? The more you tell people not to mention, the worse you paint the whole picture. It is all over the internet, what’s there to hide? I believe people are praising her PS look and accepting her as a good actress already. If you have been to S Korea, PS industry is everything on the street.

    • Nothing to hide. I think it’s been established that she had PS and everybody are pretty aware of it. But…notice how many comments are actually about the drama or the teaser when her articles come out? Just making a statement 🙂

      Anyways…looking forward to their chemistry. Haven’t watched Park Seo Joon’s other drama, but his charisma onscreen was smoking!

      • oh well… only when she has a breakout drama which is very memorable then people will move on from her PS to her works (e.g. JJH & My Sassy Girl). But for now, most people see her as a pretty face with PS who can act but cannot name any dramas to her credit 🙂 This is sad but is a fact.

      • @candycane: What counts as a representative drama though? Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter and Healer are all very famous internationally.

      • @Elvie – I think you don’t get what I mean. Read again and maybe you can get the clue. I am too tired to explain to a wall…

      • @ Elvie, I think a representative drama I think is something that can be remembered whenever an actress or actor is being mentioned e..g.Ji Sung for Kill Me Heal Me,Hwang Jung Eum for Secrets, JJH /KSH for My Love from the Star, Gong Yoo for Goblin,SHK/SJK for DOTS,LMH for Heirs,PSH for Doctors etc..these are all hits and the actors are all recognized for their good acting,so I think PMY may have a hit but not recognized acting or recognized acting but not a hit drama, which is why she doesn’t have a representative drama to her name.

      • @garnet – thank you thank you! you explain very well what I mean 🙂

    • Aren’t fans supposed to feel protective and nit-picky of everything concerning their favorite celebrities ? It goes with the territory, right ? I’m sure you know the feeling so it’s futile to get on the technicalities why fans are reacting the way they do. True, she admitted to it and kudos to her for that. If people mentions it once, twice, it’s nothing, but if it’s being rehashed and mentioned endlessly on almost every article concerning her, then, aren’t we being petty and on the shallow side ?

      • oh really? I didn’t read it in her every article. Are you exaggerating a bit here? You can tell people to shut up but you cannot stop them from thinking. Isn’t this too hypocritical to say the least? Sometimes fans’ oversensitive reactions can backfire… just saying…

  6. @apple
    It’s no use explaining to a “wall”…hehehe. If it’s their bias I’m sure they would feel the same way…
    So let’s not waste your energy 🙂

      • Actually..the “wall” I’m referring to is you. I’m just returning the term you used to describe somebody that clearly have a different opinion as you 🙂

      • I already knew that you have copied me ? Everyone can tell that YOU COPY ME. This is so obvious. Anyway I am honored that YOU COPY ME ?

  7. @mikgoo

    Goodness are minds are on totally different lanes, parallels that will never meet. Nevertheless, feel free to own your opinion and pardon me if I cannot concur. Good day though.

    • not “FINALLY”… I didn’t have to “figured it out”. I knew it right from the get-go. I am glad you can still laugh about it… lol…

  8. Totally agree with @apple
    I honestly don’t understand why the PS was discussed so much when the article was actually talking about her current drama. In some of the comments, that was the only thing discussed. So many male actors have done PS.But nobody says that the first thing about them. PMY admitted to doing PS in 2010 and has done many representative works after that. So I don’t get the relevance of the PS comments. I suspect either that the commenters want the focus to be only on PMY’s PS while completely ignoring that she is actually raising a lot of expectation for her current drama or that they have this obsessive teenagerish mentality about PS (which I find really weird). It is 2018; people do PS. Get over it, kids.

    I really like the dressing style of both the leads. I am especially loving Se Joon’s character, whatever I have seen of it till now. I love vain male leads who aren’t jerks and hopefully Se Joon’s character will stay adorable like this.

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