Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee Swiftly Resumes CF Career After Having Baby

Having a baby shouldn’t incapacitate a woman but it certainly adds to the workload, and for an actress the potential for weight gain and sleepless nights doesn’t help in keeping a top image. With that said, renowned natural Korean beauties Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee make it so effortless to just glide right back into promotions, especially Jeon Ji Hyun as this is her second time. Both actresses recently gave birth, Kim Tae Hee to her first child with husband Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun having her second baby three years after her first one. Recently K-ent dropped new pictures of both looking unchanged with nary a wrinkle or chubby ounce. I’m thrilled their careers continue unabated after having kids, keep pushing back against the age-ist K-netizens and evolve gracefully.


Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee Swiftly Resumes CF Career After Having Baby — 21 Comments

  1. Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee are classy and elegant. But I think highly more of JJH because I actually find her a good actress in contrast with KTH. I can view KTH in prints and ads but I can’t watch her dramas.

  2. Welcome back JJH. She really is a Goddess in my eyes. She has the brains, looks, body and her acting is aleays A class.

    JJH has been in the entertainment business for 20 years and has rarely had any negative scandals.

    I look forward to her next drama/ movie project. It will be interesting to see what roles she chooses now that She has 2 children.

    Im not sure how she will play maternal roles. JJH has a certain independent, youthful and sexy look about her. But she is such a good actress, anything is possible.

    • I think JJH will do really well in mature roles actually – that independent and sexy “bitch I’m fabulous” feel she has translates really well in stronger roles.

      She’s never been the typical passive-looking/eager to be liked kdrama heroine anyway, people forget this because YFAS was such a hit but she’s primarly a movie actress, and one of the very few who can actually sell tickets on her name alone (also the only one of TaeHyeJi who can do that – the other two made their name off dramas or SHK did anyway, but JJH was strictly movies-only for 14 years until YFAS)

  3. KTH does have wrinkles around her eyes though they’ve been there since her role in Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love which was 5 years ago. So it’s not because of having a baby.

  4. I love that both can still go back to work after birth like every woman in the world does lol. I love them both though, I would love to see them in the same drama

  5. It would be authentic and believable if these two women are shown in their ‘naturally post preg physical bodies’. IT is ridiculous and dangerous to think they just emerged post birthing all smooth like this.

    JJh is pretty but she has done work , even removing a wrinkle is considered so. And none of these pics are not photoshopped. ets have real beauty standards esp for new mothers. Such articles just add to the toxicity of womens’ body images. Stop this!!

    • JJH had wrinkles even in MLFTS. Last year I saw her in a event and she had a lot of wrinkles like a woman of her age. I think it’s just the make-up which makes her look younger. Her looks are her bread and butter so she has to try hard to maintain it. Normal women don’t need to look up to these actresse as the standard of beauty and maintainance.

    • Thank you!!!! It is insane to think that you carried a baby for nine months or so, pushed for hours for it to get out, stayed up so many nights, and then look like this. I am sure she had many helpers!

    • What is a “naturally post preg physical body”? Kate Middleton looked great the next day after giving birth and she has had 3 children. Her face is still skinny and she looks radiant. I think pictures of mothers looking great like JJH and KTH add more energy to women’s body images. Why do you have to be so negative?

      • Yeah coz I really don’t get why you dare to tell a blogger what not to post, you can choose not to read… or better yet go write you own blog ?

      • No, the Duchess of Cambridge was 5 hours post birth and she looked glamorous with the help of her entourage. There were many reports comparing her to normal women post birth and no, none of them looked as good as her, because she has the help. From makeup to choosing the right dress for the press photos. Can’t compare a few lucky women to us plebs!

      • @Abc – ummm… now i c… girls can dream about being a princess, but once normal women gave birth, it is toxic to see magazine photos of celebrities looking glamorous post-babies without thinking they got work done on their face, they got lots of help, personal butlers, nannies etc etc… sigh ? Oh well, I don’t see anything wrong with this article, maybe it’s just me then… I don’t feel or smell any venom.

  6. I’m really glad to see Jun Ji Hyun is back. Hopefully, to see her in a new drama or movie. Btw, Happy Mother’s day to Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee.

  7. @female – But all this venom is projected on normal women. It’s gone to an insane unhealthy level. May be Koala monetises from her site giving all entertainment news , but such articles are really useless as they add nothing of value, of positive change. It should end.

  8. KTH gave birth to her first child in October 17 and JJH gave birth to her second child in January 18.

    Both ladies have had time to rest, recuperate and to resume some of their C.F. work. Not the most intense or demanding of jobs.

    Both these actresses depend on their looks for a living. In order to stay on top of their game, they need to be very disciplined. On top of that they have probably have several helpers and nannies on hand to help them.

    For me, I liken it to a Fitness Instructor/Yoga or Fitness Blogger. I would not find it strange to see them return to their pre baby size and posting pictures, several months after giving birth if that was their job.

    Even Amal Clooney, a Barrister specialising in international law and human rights gave birth to twins in her late 30s. It didn’t take her long to return to her pre baby body and return to work.

  9. Jeon ji hyun had her second child 2 years after her first one was born, there is just 23 months age difference between her children

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