Suzy Charms Taiwan with Peppy Fan Meeting

Taiwan is the place to be for K-ent singer-actors as one after another has in recent weeks gone there for fan meetings. There was Lee Seung Gi three weeks ago, Choi Si Won two weeks ago, and now Suzy last week. Suzy is quite popular there though perhaps not as insanely popular as she is in South Korea, a feat I’m still puzzled by since K-netizens also skewer her acting on a daily basis. For the Taiwan fan meeting, her choice of outfits is also puzzling in its tackiness but she pulls it off by the combination of chutzpah and youth. She does radiate wholesome healthy charm along plenty of peek-a-boo sexy for the uncle fans with extremely short hemlines. She’s still deciding between her next drama projects – either People of Incheon Airport with Park Bo Gum or Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi. It’s like she can’t go wrong with either.


Suzy Charms Taiwan with Peppy Fan Meeting — 26 Comments

  1. She should get some acting tips from boyfriend Lee Dong Wook or good friend IU. She is not really a good singer either like SISTAR’s Hyolyn. Her outfit choice is really tacky and idk what kind of image she is selling.

  2. IU is maybe a better actress that Suzy but I don’t IU has the wide acting range and style to be in a position to give advice. I find this comment funny.

    • Exactly. IU does well with certain types of roles but she has no range. If she goes beyond her comfort zone, she’s a little lost. But at least IU has the drive to be better. And she’s a superior performer and singer-songmaker.

    • Lol. I believe @Alexa meant that getting acting tips from IU on how to improve her acting. Suzy has shown almost no progress as an actress since her debut. Same like Hyeri and Joy. IU has not much acting range but at least, she excelled in certain roles that fit her.

  3. I’m not sure what her stylist was thinking when she/they chose these outfits for her Taiwan fan meeting.

    They are neither cute, classy or sexy. They’re more in line with cheap, tarty and tacky.

    Suzy has a very pretty wholesome face. It’s a shame they could not dress her in nicer or more eye catching outfits.

  4. I think she’ll pull a Park Shin Hye and reject Incheon Airport for a high-budget drama with overseas filming.

    • i think she is waiting for PBG’s reply. She has worked with LSG before and me self-fishly don’t want to see her repeating with LSG, i am hoping LSG can pair up with some better actresses eg Lee Se Young? …Actually better for her to reject both dramas! Keep on doing fan meets is best for her and my small screen… hehe…

  5. What’s going on with her face? Her mouth area, especially her laminated teeth look so.. fake. People are roasting Joy for her laminated teeth but I find Suzy’s teeth equally uncomfortable. And what’s up with the constant use of circle lenses? Why does she feel the need to wear them? This is definitely an idol thing rather than a classy actress thing… Her outfit looks so uncomfortable and tacky too…
    Her side is definitely waiting for PBG to accept it, after that she’ll make a decision. Lol.

      • idols look “plain” without the circle lenses. Suzy’s eyes are small and without “sparks” with no makeup & circle lenses. She needs to “doll up” with lots of enhancements to achieve her cutesy idol image which is common in the Kpop industry.

  6. Outfits are cheap and tacky. Her looks are quite ordinary, nothing special really. Goes to show how make-up, a good photographer and photoshopping can make someone look beautiful in pictorial.

  7. Although as a singer, I find her live performances/stage presence robotic and she has a generic voice.She actually glows and looks like she is enjoying what she is doing when she is singing and dancing.Its a stark contrast to when she is on film sets or with her acting co-stars.It feels like she is just going through the motions rather than pouring her soul into her acting career.If JYP had invested in training her and helping her grow as a solo artist.You know training her more on her PR skills, song writing, vocal and dance skills.She would have been at a whole different level than she is now as a singer.But well, her beauty os her biggest asset and she is raking in the big money with her Cfs and pictorials so its ok.

    As for the fashion, it doesnt take away from her beauty, however this time, the stylist chose outfits that dont accentuate/flatter her figure/body shape.It actually highlight the fact that she has a boxy upper better.I have seen her in better outfits.

  8. Oh what is happening to her outfits? Sack her stylist pronto! Geez I really question how sometimes the clothes chosen are so frumpy looking looking not just for her but other celebs. I had a bit of a rant at Seo Ye Ji’s dress at the press con but backtracked when I saw it cost over $2K. Maybe they should get a Chinese stylist to give them advice on what to wear because they always dress to impress. ?

  9. Korean celebrities in general are tacky dressers. It’s rare to find someone who actually dress well. I think it’s the overall fashion trend that dominates in Korea that is at fault.

  10. I thought suzy has passed the era of peek a boo fan service for Uncle fans. but oh she’s still doing these stuff.

  11. After i saw Tang Yan gorgeous photos in the next article somehow i feel suzy not so stunning compare to her. Or maybe it’s because how different their style, hair and make up. Last week i was praising her stylist when she choose the white dress but here i feel she should be fired.

    • Yep my sentiments exactly. At the Baeksang awards Suzy was absolutely stunning and looked gorgeous in her gown. Then flip side to see these pixs; it’s almost like she had to allow her unstyley stylist to mix n match her outfit and voila! No please go back to the drawing board!

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