Tang Yan Exudes Confident Contentment at the Bulgari Jewelry Event

I haven’t seen Tang Yan in a quite some time due to not watching any C-dramas recently and also the lack of gossip columns about her that used to dominate the headlines. She’s been dating her frequent drama costar Luo Jin for two years now and the two continue to star in dramas together, I’ve lost count of how many they’ve done but it might be five or six dramas now if not more. They seem very steady and I wouldn’t be surprised if wedding bells are in the works in the near future. Tang Yan, along with Zhao Li Ying and Zheng Shuang, has dominated the C-drama leading lady roles in the last five years though there are newer faces popping up but I’m impressed with how Tang Yan has really worked overtime to do as many dramas as she can. She’s looking lovely at the Bulgari event modeling the latest watches and jewelry items from the luxury brand.


Tang Yan Exudes Confident Contentment at the Bulgari Jewelry Event — 8 Comments

  1. She has slowed down her working pace alot. Hasn’t seen her on the small screen since 2016. Her new drama with Luo Jin just premiered, but I’m not really liking the plot. Looking forward to her drama with Shawn Dou.

    • Agreed, she has slow down her work load. Normally, there would be a few projects waiting & pending for her. On the other hand, her BF has been busy.

      TBH, I’m getting fatigue of both of them pairing up.

  2. I thought she takes some rest and prepare herself for her future hubby. I mean, she worked so hard this past years but now, she finally found her Mr. Right… I hope she will settle down with him. With him nominating the screen, he’s ready to be the head family. So tang yan jie, fighting!!

    Ps : she’s indeed pretty in this pics. She gains some weight, finally. She was so thin back then. Glad she looks healthier..

  3. Recently just followed Cdramas: Siege of Fog, Here to Heart and Secret of Three Kingdoms.. Why Cdrama often choose “Sad Ending” than otherway? Just Curious ^^;

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