Jung Ryeo Won is a Spring Goddess in Elle Korea Pictorial

The British are dominating many of the news cycles world wide thanks to the marriage of a famous prince to a real life cinderella story of his actress fiancee. I’m assuming tourism to the England is going to spike around the wedding weekend but I’m way more interested in visiting for the English spring scene. The lush foliage and picturesque historical architecture is one of my fave outdoor vistas and K-actress Jung Ryeo Won pairs up nicely with it in the new May edition of Elle Korea. She’s currently starring in the K-drama Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) which turned out to be oddball and disjointed not in a good way in the first two episodes. I hope it’ll coalesce as the dish cooks further in coming episodes but she’s adorable despite the eccentricities of the characters and story lines. She’s also gorgeous in these pictures, an actress that continues to display evolving charm in her thirties.


Jung Ryeo Won is a Spring Goddess in Elle Korea Pictorial — 7 Comments

  1. I always adore JRY. She is quirky and very charming. Sadly, I don’t enjoy Greasy Melo despite the stellar casts.

  2. Jung Ryeo Won is my definition of cool and chic girl. And she’s talented too. I am also one who dislike Greasy Melo. The plot and characters seem out of place and trying to be funny but lacking the humour. I gave up after episode 3.

    • I think ‘Wok of Love’ was trying to replicate/ recreate the vibe of ‘Welcome to Waikiki’. Just my opinion. I haven’t started it yet because I wanted to wait for at least 6-8 eps so I could binge it in one sitting. However I’m fixated on LL and the whole subbing fiasco that I can’t concentrate on anything else. Sorry to be a moaning Myrtle but this LL affair is a plague of all sorts as in grief; anger; denial etc….. I feel like my life is wilting away. Oh yes I know I’m being so melodramatic. But in a happier note I’m happy for Malaysia to get their screening tonight or tomorrow. However it’s dubbed in mandarin. At least it’s better then nothing. Whilst the rest of the world waits. ?

  3. I love Jung Ryeo Won! She just gives off this effortlessly cool, chic vibe. Haven’t picked up Greasy Melo yet but hoping it’ll get better for the cast’s sake.

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