K-actor Lee Seo Won Charged with Harassment and Assault, Removed from K-drama About Time and Music Bank

Bad behavior seemed to have slowed down in K-ent after the MeToo movement hit the shores a few weeks ago but clearly the youngsters have not all absorbed the lessons and severity of the repercussions. K-ent is reporting that actor Lee Seo Won has been under police investigation since early April for sexually harassing a female star and then later threatening to assault her with a weapon after she rejected his advances. This happened at a club and he was reportedly very drunk. He is now being changed with both sexual harassment and attempted assault, and the K-drama he’s currently filming About Time with Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon will replace him immediately and reshoot all scenes with him. The tvN drama was slated to premiere next week on May 21st so it’s not clear if a postponed is needed to reshoot quickly enough. Another tvN drama My Ahjusshi had to replace MeToo accused actor Oh Dal Soo and reshoot all his scenes but that replacement happened early on in filming with enough time to catch up.

Lee Seo Won’s agency Blossom Entertainment has released a statement that admits to Lee Seo Won’s alleged actions, apologizes for his drunken behavior, and states that the disgraced actor is reflecting. Lee Seo Won will also be removed from hosting Music Bank, of course, but now netizens are wondering who the alleged victim is and feeling bad for her if she worked on any project with Lee Seo Won.


K-actor Lee Seo Won Charged with Harassment and Assault, Removed from K-drama About Time and Music Bank — 25 Comments

  1. Cute oppa doesn’t mean they are innocent. What blossom think they should send him to the jail. I thought blossom has good reputation with their actor after this scandal I don’t believe with handsome flower boy. Terminated his contact now. Next park shi hoo and park yoo chun. He’s bad as a toilet

    • Haha. Never judge people from their face. Sometimes, those with innocent looks are scarier and much horrible than the rough looking guys

    • Blossom ent. should just kick him out. He is tainting the image of Blossom ent., the agency of Song Joong Ki and Park Bogum. Blossom ent. is becoming as dumb as Key East who is keeping that girlfriend beater, DUI and butthole attacker Kim Hyung Joon. And none of these oppas or unnis are innocent and people, who believe that they are innocent angels just because they look pretty or cute or do good things in front of the media, are delusional and dumb. Some celebs have good manners, personality and are likable, but doesn’t mean they are ’’innocent’’ whatever that means….

  2. Yeah he looks so cute and innocent but looks are deceiving. And it is good that he is experiencing the consequences of his actions. He is not getting away with it. Good.

  3. This happen last month. He didnt tell the agent, continue to work on drama and MC like nothing happen. Bye bye career that never even start.

    • These actions pretty much showed premeditation on his part, premeditation to get away with it. I guess he was banking on the fact that the it also involves a female celebrity, which may mean she also wants to keep this on the down low. Good that his sorry a** was exposed, and I hope that’s the end of revelation of the involved parties.

  4. I hope he gets exiled from the entertainment industry. I remember when people were saying how he will be the next it-boy during Liar And His Lover, the next Park Bogum or something. I feel sorry for the About Time cast, they have to re-film some parts but he got replaced by ZE:A Dongjun who imo is better anyway. I find it ironic how Lee Seo Won’s character acts with Han Seungyeon, who in acted in Age of Youth a girlfriend who suffered abduction and violence from her boyfriend, and now her co-actor turned out to be a violent sexual harasser. All the Music Bank MCs have succeeded in their careers but he ended up destroying his own career. The worst part is, he brandished a gun and threatened with that and molested.

  5. Sexually harassed someone, threatened her with a weapon,shouted and cursed at the police when questioned and on top of that didn’t tell his agency till it got blown up by the media. Boy what a mess! Blossom should terminate his contract and he should be exiled from the industry and get the proper punishment by law. But unfortunately he will ‘reflect’, lay low for some time, get send to the military and eventually it will be forgotten. Because he is an oppa, oppa can make mistakes and they can be forgiven (even if it’s worse as this or more). Already saw some die hard fan girls feeling bad for him and defending him on FB, sigh *SMH*

    • He won’t be allowed to military if he has a criminal record, especially that of involving threatening with a weapon. So he can’t even go reflect in the military. He needs to be put in jail and then rehabilitated to do something useful in the society.

      • Agree but nah, look at Bigbang’s TOP he got caught using drugs while serving, got convicted but got cleared and now he’s serving in the military like nothing happened. LSW is a rookie, he might not have much power and money but he’s still a celebrity so you may never know. I hope the female celebrity (the victim) would press stronger charges and wouldn’t give in.

      • @AppleB
        Seriously are you comparing smoking marijuana to sexual harrasment and threatning?
        If a person is a drug addict then he needs to be rehabiliatiated. It’s not like they are harming other people and it’s funny that people of Sojuland look down on marijuana which can actually be good for these emotionally exhausted idols.

      • @Male- Uh, why not? I know some countries have legalized the use of marijuana but it’s still very much illegal in Korea in that sense he has committed a crime. So you have 2 celebrities and they both have committed crimes in the eyes of law (despite the difference in the crimes). So I don’t understand your concern and I’m not Korean so if you have a problem with people of Sojuland looking down on marijuana go have a chat with some Koreans and find out why then.

  6. Is he a superstar? Chaebol? Aigooo… Just a rookie with no lead-actor title.. Ckck so arrogant. If his victim wasnt a celebrity, all we heard would be he’s innocent and the worst part is he would comeback, doing a drama and getting all the hype cuz oppa is never wrong.

    But good thing, his victim is a celeb. And he’s not a superstar. No one wants to ruin his image. He did it by himself.

    What an immature career.

    Guess what, later, we’ll hear he join military.

  7. Man TVN is so unlucky.They are churning out good dramas but they also have the worst luck when it comes to actors.This year alone:

    Oh Dal Su-My Ahjussi-#metoo
    Cho Jae Hyun-Cross-#metoo
    Lee Seo Won-About time-sexual harassment

    What a nuisance to everyone.And yeah blossom needs to throw him out once this is over for violation of contract.Just like how the late Jo Min Ki’s agency threw him out.This guy was carrying on after the fact like he did nothing wrong until the media blew the story.If they wont jail him like many other male celebrities..hit where it hurts the most…the pockets.

  8. so many careers destroyed because they don’t use their brains but instead use what’s between their legs.

    But hey, just wait a year or 2 and they can be back in entertainment industry….*PSH***

  9. This rookie flower boy will bring negative image to park bo gum and song joong ki who want make comeback drama after long hiatus. Just throw him to the jail and terminate his contract. Case closed.

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