Kim Yoo Jung Recovered to Start Filming Clean with Passion for Now but Leading Man Ahn Hyo Seob Leaves Drama

The good news is that K-actress Kim Yoo Jung is all recovered from her health scare a few months ago that led filming being halted on K-drama Clean with Passion for Now, the bad news is that now leading man Ahn Hyo Seob has bowed out of the drama due to scheduling conflicts after he accepted K-drama I’m 30 But 17 with Shin Hye Sun. Clean was already filming when Kim Yoo Jung fell ill so the footage will have to scrapped and filming resumption delayed until a new leading man found. I don’t think there is blame either way, just a set of unfortunate circumstances. I’m curious who the new leading man will be, and hopefully something that will complement Kim Yoo Jung very well.


Kim Yoo Jung Recovered to Start Filming Clean with Passion for Now but Leading Man Ahn Hyo Seob Leaves Drama — 34 Comments

  1. So he ditched his main lead role for the 2nd lead role in thirty but seventeen? I would say it’s a nice choice though as I don’t think Ahn Hyo Seob is ready to be the male lead just yet.

    • Who is the male lead in ssk’s drama? Heol… Not many actors did that. It’s lead role. Wow… But he has no aura as the lead male yet.

  2. Filming is scheduled to resume August with a target broadcast date of November so they still have more than a couple of months to find a new leading man. I’m very happy Yoo-jung is recovering well, and not so sad that Ahn Hyo-seop is bowing out. Hopefully the new leading man is more charismatic and less green than he is.

  3. I’m happy she’s still the main actress 🙂

    Actors who could remplace him :
    Woo Do Hwan, Kwak Dong Yun, Yu Hoe Hyun, Seo Young Joo, Seo Ji Hoon

    • Seo Ji-hoon got cast as the second male lead in “Gyeryeong Fairy” and Kwak Dong-yeon is being considered for a leading role in “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty”.

    • Woo Do Hwan is a bit short to match the webtoon character. Jang Ki Yong will be perfect as he is tall, cool & good looking, but he may not be able to start filming on a new drama yet ?

  4. I hope they still cast the male lead with the same care that they’ve exercised before: resemblance to the webtoon (height, visuals, etc) and also compatibility with Kim Yoo Jung (age-wise and all).

  5. Well you know PBG has been unemployed for 2 years and being in drama with KYJ is the safest choice within all drama later half if he want to come back this year. Its such a waste of time, he could have done military by now.

    • ummm… i thot about this before… but it’s better for KYJ to pair up with a fresh face. it will be very boring to watch them together again 🙂

    • Then he would be like Ji Sung who got paired with Hwang Jungeum in back-to-back drama projects. Not entirely impossible, but very unlikely.

  6. Probably Nam Joohyuk or Ji Soo. They look abit similar to Ahn Hyoseop, especially Nam Joohyuk. I still don’t know why Ahn Hyoseop chose Thirty Over Seventeen over this, especially since cable dramas are more reliable nowadays in terms of production quality. But maybe he’s not yet ready for a lead role?

    I’m so happy that Yoojung is back <3

    • Nam Joo Hyuk cant act. Jisoo is not ‘pretty enough’, manga usually go for flower boys. Maybe after few scene with YJ, he realize how green he is. I watch him a bit, he can act a little but far from good. When two leads are on two different level, it will highlight greatly on the screen.

  7. Kai or V ? Actually Im not fussed who they choose I’m happy for whoever they select. I like Kim Yoo Jung as she’s pretty versatile and I caught her in ‘Circle if Atonement’ alongside Son Ho Jun and Sung Dong Il and her acting was impressive. So glad to know she has recovered and is able to continue with this drama.

  8. NJH cannot act, he shouldn’t be allowed in any drama… unless is with Joy ?. JiSoo is not pretty enough… V is very handsome, but he is lacking in height so not really matching with the webtoon character. Kai is ok, probably the best suited in all the names mentioned here ?

      • Oh then it’s too bad… I still like Jang Ki Yong the best as I have mentioned earlier, but he is filming now ?

      • @C Kai can act just watch with 2 eyes open instead of closed and pay attention to how he moves and speaks on screen. It works wonders. If you can be more specific as to how you arrived at your conclusion with examples of his work then that would be easier for me to comprehend. And just saying it’s just your opinion then please justify it or just state your truth – You’re part of the anti idol as actors brigade. It’s all about the reasoning. #IdolsasActors ?

      • Kai first lead drama in some unknown network, created no buzz. Miracle that we met only a long cameo, he did nothing but standing there the whole drama. He hasnt made a name for himself yet. Being a lead actor you need acting, charisma and popularity. Especially when you are act together with KYJ. Its gonna take Kai few years to be even considerate, unless SM pull the Joy card again.

      • @ C Okay then point taken. But he spoke in Miracle that we met and actually he had several lines. So just standing there implies he did nothing unless you had the volume on mute. In writing that maybe this drama would be an opportunity for him to prove himself. He has charisma, acting prowess and definitely popularity on his side. However may I ask who would you consider as a worthy lead?

      • Kai has like one minutes of screen time per episode but fans hype it like main lead or something. Because of they hype I watch it and he has even less screen than the kids in the drama. Most of lead actors has to go through process – web drama/drama special, small role, supporting role, 2nd lead, main lead. Of course there are people skip the process either through connection or break out role. You can name any popular actor they all have to go through process. Kai might have lots of idol fans, but idol fans and drama/public audience are different. To drama world, Kai is still a newbie, not even rookie level yet. Actors will start get offer lead role when they have to break out role – like age of youth actors, waikiki actors, pbg, sjk also had to act several project til get notice. Kai is just a cameo, how many would actually know his name apart from his fans? his role didnt create any buzz or trending article.

        And KYJ is not just somebody. Her name has power. To be frank only PBG, YJG, YSH, KSH are at her level. They might choose from some up and coming actors. There are few break out actors last year but most of them are on project already: Junho, Yang Se Jong, Jang Ki Yong, Kim Jung-hyun, Woo Do-hwan… Maybe easy for you to understand: someone at least got nominated best new actors at kbs or baeksang.

      • @C So in a nutshell you’re either extremely agitated that I even mentioned Kai’s name and there is no denying that he is a triple threat in acting; dancing and singing and I guess if you can’t get them on their stage performance then it’s better to dog them for their acting or maybe simply put you are just part of the anti idol turned actor establishment. Be honest and just say there is place for idols in dramas-period. I’m of the ilk that if any idol is given the opportunity they should be able to prove themselves; regardless of how they are perceived but then again they’re in the public eye and I guess that gives us licence to object and judge? However good on you for putting your piece down.

      • There is nothing about anti idol here. You see how different people respond to Joy and D.O. Joy has absolute no experience but go straight to lead two dramas, fail both. D.O has been acting for years til finally get his first lead role in a drama. Everyone deserve opportunity but they need to be qualify first. Kai just got his first supporting role, other was web drama or SM fund drama, he hasnt even make name for himself yet. Like a random rookie just debut deserve daesang or sell more album than exo you think its ok? Acting is a process that need to learned, not just ok he looks handsome he will be the lead actor even though he has no experience yet.

        And of course Kai cant be compare to KYJ. It like compare G-Idle to TVXQ. He can be a random cameo or supporting role, he is no where qualify to be a lead.

      • @ C So it’s not that he can’t act in subtext you’re about the length of time he should pay his dues in taking smaller, insignificant roles to start of with rather then hitting the lead? And you brought in idols to substantiate your claim. Yep all these posts to validate that idols should learn the ropes first and not be given preferential treatment in securing leads until they perfect their craft. Yep I can accept that. Thank you for your feedback and have good day.

  9. yeo jin gu please? height aside, i would love to see them again after the electric chemistry in moon that embraces the sun!

  10. I like the idea of Jang Ki Yong or Park Hyung Sik, but they both are still on with their current drama. Ji Chang Wook is still in military, right?

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