C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan Gorgeous Despite Bizarre Skirt Hem at Media Event

Have you ever had the compulsion to rip something off – an errant thread on your clothes, a half already bandaid, a weird piece that ruins the visual symmetry of an item. I am so ready to OCD Hulk out the moment I laid eyes on C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan‘s all white outfit at last week’s media event. Mark Chao, how did you let your goddess level gorgeous wifey out of the house wearing this bizarre skirt?!? Like, who thought it was a good idea even on a fashion cray cray way to have a perfectly fine pencil skirt have an additional half on half off ruffle piece around the hem? C-netizens are equally incensed and baffled, mostly due to the urge it incites in all of us to reach in there and ripe the damn offending portion right off, and you know it’ll come right off in a likely straight line too and make the skirt look better for it. In other news, anything above the offending hem is just pure perfection in dressing and looks.


C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan Gorgeous Despite Bizarre Skirt Hem at Media Event — 4 Comments

  1. And that is why I absolutely love Chinese stylists and dress makers! Never a dull moment always original, innovative, adventurous and daring. Maybe whoever was making the skirt/dress accidentally cut it wrong and decided to make up for it by doing the same on the other side to salvage it and voila Bob’s your uncle! ?

  2. Oh I’ve seen her in a ‘A good rain knows’ with Jung Woo Sung but her character was so plain Jane dowdy looking in that. However the pics above are just gorgeous.

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