Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Drama Preview with Great Visuals and Crappy Voice Dubbing

I’m glad to hear that C-netizens hate the voice dubbing for the new Meteor Garden 2018 remake as much as I do. I think Chinese viewers and even many older Taiwanese drama viewers are used to dubbing, it’s a fact of life that that standard Mandarin is the default language on television and accomplished via dubbing when there are thousands of dialects and accents across the Chinese-speaking world. But accepting dubbing doesn’t mean accepting BAD dubbing where the voice doesn’t match the actor/actress or sounds just theatrically silly like someone trying to act via the voice alone and overdoing it.

That’s what it sounds like for the voice of Dao Ming Si/Domyouji played by Dylan Wang in MG2018, everyone else is not ideal but bearable but his just makes me cringe. Leading lady Shen Yue has the typical C-actress dub that I hear everywhere from Zheng Shuang to Zhao Li Ying and second male lead Guan Hong lucks out with the best dub. Other than the voices, the preview is awesome and looks so on point as a modernized version of Hana Yori Dango. Hopefully the MG2018 version that airs in Taiwan will strip out the voice dubbing and give us a chance to enjoy the original as it was meant to be.

Preview for Meteor Garden 2018:


Meteor Garden 2018 Releases Drama Preview with Great Visuals and Crappy Voice Dubbing — 19 Comments

  1. Damn, when the preview opened with the theme song I got all the feels, haha. The nostalgia is SO real with this one and I’m glad to say the preview looks good! Idk why but I just really like Shen Yue, she has a likeability factor that I don’t think Barbie had lol. Can’t wait for it, everyone looks so good!

    • I feel the same way about Shen Yue and Barbie. I think Shen Yue’s rounder and softer features contribute to the more girl next door, easier to approach appeal. Personally, I think knowing her playing a cute character from A Love So Beautiful also helped

      • Her aura is same as Ariel Lin and she looks really healthy and lovely ?

  2. That song and the beach volleyball scene…….I’ve got acute nostalgia. The scenery does look beautiful in this version though.

  3. They seemed to invest a lot to make a good remake. I like the actors. But the dubbing ? Whyyyy ? It makes all the dramas the same, with flat and standard voices…

    • Why drama a love so beautiful not dubbing while this MG2018 dubbing, both the drama are originally from china right?

      • I don’t really know chinese entertainment but I think Love so Beautiful was a web drama. So I guess they don’t have the same obligations…

    • Chinese dramas used to always be dubbed, but they are moving to no dubbing or at least letting the actors dub themselves. Most Chinese dramas, regardless of being a cable drama or a web drama, set in current times try to avoid dubbing nowadays, but they are still some that do rely on dubbing.

  4. The preview looks good, but the dubbing is awful! I don’t know if I will watch this now-so disappointing that they didn’t use the actors’ own voices.

  5. Wow it looks good, Dylan stole the show though
    As for the dubbing i heard that the online version will be without it

  6. Yay for reciprocated hugs where the leading lady doesn’t just stand there like a stiff board

    Looks good, but I agree. The dub could use some work… or a lot of work

  7. I will be looking for a version without dubbing then. What a waste as I have been waiting for this. I didn’t like the slim female lead in MG. All I could think of was that she could be in the weight disorder unit. Till I couldn’t concentrate.

    The version looks good.

  8. I’ve watched it some days ago and i should expect less. Something is missing in this trailer. Acting? Chemistry?

    Or probably bcuz im watching hana nochi hare where the main leads are amazing… So, this one looks plain.

    However, as a big fan of MG1 and HYD, no doubt i’ll watch this.

  9. Watched the trailer and the dubbing made me want to scream lol,it was barely watchable. I know Mainland Chinese dramas are usually dubbed, but I feel like I didn’t really notice it in the last few C-dramas I watched. Like was A Love So Beautiful dubbed? If it was it was done really naturally.

  10. The show has now ended,,,, are they going to release the undubbed version of this drama.. i really want to hear there original voices

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