People of Incheon Airport Goes Back to Title Fox Bride Star and Lee Je Hoon Offered Male Lead

This is one hilarious morphing drama and casting, and the genesis feels like a screenwriter can’t decide on an entire drama concept and we’re publicly witnessing rough drafts getting balled up and tossed aside. The SBS drama known as People of Incheon Airport, which was formerly called Fox Bride Star, is now back to being called Fox Bride Star. But the concept remains that of the Incheon Airport drama, about two leads hired to work at Incheon Airport and through the life of those travel around them find healing and romance. The casting has been wonky too with Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin first offered and later both declined only to work together now in drama Memories of Alhambra. Then Yang Se Jong was in talked for the male lead, and most recently the offers were out to Park Bo Gum and Suzy for the drama. And the latest news this week is Lee Je Hoon as the male lead, an Incheon development team employee who wanted to be a pilot but gave up due to poor eyesight. Talk about all over the place and probably using big buzzy names to keep publicity high for this project from the screenwriter of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and the PD of Gentleman of Dignity.


People of Incheon Airport Goes Back to Title Fox Bride Star and Lee Je Hoon Offered Male Lead — 19 Comments

  1. What with all the behind-the-scenes drama, I’d advise Lee Je-hoon to run far, far away. If it smells like a trainwreck, then it must be…? I also don’t have much faith in the PD + writing combo.

    Lee Je-hoon darling, come back in something AMAZING and worth your while, please?

  2. Ah didn’t you see come and hug me beat rating nam goong me and hwang jung eum drama? I think this will be have good in rating.

    • Lee Je Hoon is a bit old as compared to Jang Ki Yong don’t you think? Let’s see who the female lead will be. I don’t think it will be the same case as Come and Hug Me. This drama’s writer is a lot weaker…

    • No one can predict ratings nowadays. Even Wok of Love is last in its ratings slot despite the cast and writer being relatively well known.
      I don’t know if this will do well in ratings, but since everyone thinks this drama will be a flop, I think it’ll exceed expectations.

      • “Wok of Love” is a horrible mess. I stayed long enough till episode 12 and still could not figure out what the story is selling. A waste of a good cast.
        “Come and Hug Me” is good but only because Jang Ki Young is selling it. Jin Ki Joo is a mood-killer and the childhood backstory is too long that it gets frustratingly slow.

        This does sound luke a trainwreck in the making but the writer is pretty solid except maybe know she is indecisive. Lol.

      • @Alexa,for @come and hug me. I just think the lovestory take much time out off the screen. It’s frustatingly cheesy. But the rest of the flashback other than the loveline is pretty much intriguing. Episode 9-12 is start getting interesting. Pls less cheesy loveline bwahahhahaha. One of the reason I get frustated with just between lovers.

      • @Alexa, what do u mean JKJ is amood she isnt and wok of love is a lovely drama just ao you.i get it your not so keen on them but dont insult them…

      • @Kim soo won
        May i know in what way am I insulting them? I don’t see my comment as insulting at all.

        I said that Wok of Love is a mess and it is. How is that insulting? You can choose to disagree and continue to love the drama as you pleased.

        The same goes with my comment on Jin Ki Joo. I don’t find her leading lady quality yet. The weight of the drama solely shouldered by the wonderful Jang Ki Young. They are selling the love story and so the female lead should have complimented the male lead to get viewers invested. I don’t find that in JKJ. If you get better actresses like Seo Ye Ji or Won Jin Ah, the feel would have been different.

      • I agree with you. I watch both Wok of love and come and huge me, both are slowing coming to frustration. Wok of love is epi 8 now (16) but the restaurant havent start running yet, it still full of non sense – i want to watch he wins not should i or shouldnt i love her – for both of them. Come and hug me has been looking at each other and crying, come on do something. Its nearly half of drama and the story hasnt even moved yet.

  3. So what happened with nam goong min? Why Jan ki young beat him in rating? Big name cast even can’t save drama from flop rating. Miss Hammurabi, lawless lawyer, come and huge me got very well rating.

      • Too bad NGM signed up for the drama first before they confirmed the female lead. I doubt that he has anything to do with picking up who his fellow co-star is. NGM is endearing but most people are turned off by HJE’s OTT comedy acting. The only place I read that the drama received good review is Dramabeans. Lol.

  4. @Alexa, what do u mean JKJ is amood she isnt and wok of love is a lovely drama just ao you.i get it your not so keen on them but dont insult them…

  5. I don’t think Come and Hug is rating better than Wok of Love. If you get the average of episodes to date, the latter drama is doing better actually.

    • You might be confused. Wok of Love airs on Mon Tues, Come and Hug Me airs on Wed Thur. People are saying Come and Hug Me is doing better than Handsome Guy and Jung-eum.

    • Based on Nielsen rating, the latest episodes of CHM got higher than WoL. Soompi reported about it, while suits almost got double digit with 9.9. WoL started well behind suits but got decreased in the next episodes. But well, it’s rarely for romcom to do well in rating. But wok is really a mess. But it’s actually better than NGM’s drama lmao…

  6. I hope they find a capable female lead for him if he accepts this drama. 🙂 Then again, he has another OCN drama offer so it’s more likely he will take that.

  7. Any ideas who the leading lady is or is being scouted?Happy for anyone really. Just for the record the customer services agents ground floor Incheon Airport are just the best! I was there October 2016 and I couldn’t tell my left from right was disoriented to the point I just wanted to cry but this lovely cs agent was so helpful and she gave me all the detailed information I needed to know to send me on my way. It was such a pleasant experience and that left a lasting impression so I hope the drama has a scene where a dumb foreigner like myself rocks up to Seoul with no map no gprs and expects everything to fall into place.?

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