Kim Joon Best Known for Boys Over Flowers Announces Secret Marriage and Daughter From Three Years Ago

This is surprising news in a way that likely wasn’t the intended surprise. K-ent reports that actor Kim Joon has been secretly married for the past three years to a non-celebrity woman and they have a two year old daughter. I was surprised not for the secret marriage/baby news but that Kim Joon is still a celebrity! I don’t mean to disparage him but goodness I have not seen him active in acting or singing for years. I had to check his page to confirm that his last major drama was a supporting role in the 2014 weekend drama Endless Love, and in 2015 Dramanet series City of the Sun. The news that reported his reveal of marriage and baby still identify him as F4 member from Boys Over Flowers, and honestly all four male leads from that 2009 drama can probably point to it as the high point in their careers. Anyhoo, congrats to Kim Joon though I’m still wondering why he hid the news since he legit is not famous enough to have reason to be part of the secret marriage fraternity heh.


Kim Joon Best Known for Boys Over Flowers Announces Secret Marriage and Daughter From Three Years Ago — 14 Comments

  1. is he trying to return to the entertainment world now? Agree with writer that the Korean F4 is no longer at their peak… the K-version actually lacks in all areas as compared to the Japanese and Taiwanese versions, so nothing is worth mentioning really…

  2. I think, he’s working in another field since he’s not actively working in entertainment. But chukae and good luck!

    Agree, compare to other F4,Korean one didnt really a hit. Only LMH is still having a big name.

  3. Is it really a secret? I don’t think he tried to make it one, just that no one actually cared enough to report about it. I mean, not to be a bitch but who exactly follows his news? Most people would hardly remember him at all – including me.

  4. Koalas i think you got it slightly wrong, from what i’ve read it’s not that he hid it it’s just that media haven’t paid attention about his news, that’s why

  5. Media doesn’t pay attention about people who lives a simple life and not a ” juicy” one. Happy to see him living a “normal life” with a cute daughter.

  6. I get the feeling somehow they(?) are after the F4 from BOF, revealing they “untold stories or secrets”. , and they started with the least relevant member, or maybe they are going in circles. Who is next?(Lol).

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