Jeon Ji Hyun Channels You From Another Star Character Attending Brand Event

It’s the return of the one and only Chun Song Yi, bow down and mad respect. I loved K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun in You From Another Star, a combination of an awesomely written unique character and her balls to walls performance that feels like only she could have pulled off. She didn’t hit the jackpot again with her followup drama Legend of the Blue Sea and after that she went on work hiatus to have baby #2. She’s back in the limelight this week for a sunglasses brand event, wearing a summer suit and shiny reflective superstar type sunglasses. Her hair remains an incredibly glossy wonder, I just want to run my hands through it lol. That, and also ask what magic she wields to remain this top of her game.


Jeon Ji Hyun Channels You From Another Star Character Attending Brand Event — 22 Comments

  1. She’s been my girl crush ever since I first saw My Sassy Girl, and her fabulousness levels have only increased over the years.

    LOTBS didn’t live up to expectations but I don’t think it affects Jun Ji Hyun at all, her movies are still smash hits and she’s possibly the only female star (along with Kim Hye Soo) whose name as a lead can sell a major movie to 10+million ticket sales.

    • She is a queen.I bet she is still the highest paid actress in korea too for talent fee.But in any case, she is one cool woman.I like her very much.

    • Didn’nt know that kim hye soo had a movie that sell 10+ million tickets were she is the top billing actor, jjh have one (assassination)

  2. She is nice and all but it’s not like there is no one who can play Chun Song Yi better than her. I can imagine plenty of them in my head doing the justice to the role.

    • Perhaps, but I guess we will never know.

      What we do know however, is that the drama was a ratings success which propelled KSH to super stardom. Jun Ji Hyun also won the Daesang (Grand Prize) Award for the 2014 Baeksang Arts Award and the SBS Drama Award. IMO she did an amazing job in playing Chun Song Yi and both leads deserved the recognition and super stardom.

      The drama reestablished her as the top star of the Hallyu wave. For an actress who has been around for 17 years. She’s still at the top of her game, still highly respected not only for her looks but her solid acting.

    • Ok, name them then, these mythical actresses who can supposedly play Chun Song Yi better than JJH did.

      And the reason why I call them ‘mythical’ is that is what they are – made up. Chun Song Yi’s portrayal is hugely dependent on Jun Ji Hyun, not only for her beauty but also because JJH is possibly the only Korean star under 40 who has the vibe of ‘bitch I’m fabulous, idgaf what you think’ and that was what made the character so legendary. No other Korean actress of her generation has that precise vibe.

      And Chun Song Yi isn’t the only successful and critically acclaimed role she’s done btw. You really think some other actress could have played JJH’s roles in My Sassy Girl, The Thieves, The Berlin File, or Assassination?

      • HAhahah, yes, she’s like the lee mi sook of this generation, ive known that actress only yesterday but Im getting a jun ji hyun vibe on her… they’re so good, and im hoping that jjh would stay on movies, and have memorable and provocative role this time…

    • @heeenaa
      Well Lee Mi Sook is an actual talented actress with loads of charisma while JJH is charming but has limited range as an actress. She is smart and lucky that she got the parts in superhit projects.

      • Maybe, I also think that jjh is lucky enough to be born on this generation, she manage to always stay on top for almost 2 decades already… but I’ve seen Berlin file and I must say she have the acting chops but I wonder why she always have to choose the same type of characters (maybe cos she knows she’s good at comedy, now I think she doesnt fit that role anymore( the innocent, childish type like lotbs) so Im hoping for mature roles nxt time..also back to Lee Mi Sook, Im amazed by her talent after watching Mulberry considering she’s only like 24 to 25 that time, I think she looks mostly like ha ji won with a little bit of jjh, but with the same characteristics of jjh (sensual,regal, classy, model like, deep voice) like this generation of troika – kth, shk and jjh, …. jjh is like the lee mi sook of this generation ahhahaha

      • @heeenaa
        Maybe some of their characteristics are similiar but Lee Mi Sook is peerless when it comes to sex appeal. Even at this age she can beat the actresses from younger generation and she has excellent @heenaa
        acting skills on top of that. But I cant compare JJH to her. JJH’s acting skills are medicore though she is very charming on the screen. If we compare JJH to her fellow Korean actresses then I can say she has better fashion sense and has that got chic vibe. But then there are likes of Kim Hye Soo and Kim Sun Ah whom I find much more chic than her.

      • Uhhmm… ok, they’re the older generation so i dunno for sure, but lee mi sook and kim hye soo, were kinda like sexy actresses and almost bared it all, i kinda wish that some of the topstars like the taehyeji would take this path, its more interesting imo but in this era i think conservative stars were put on a higher pedestal…. i really like lee mi sook, but i haven’t seen many of her movies and dramas cause they’re like hard to find…i dont care for kim hye soo, not my type of beauty, while kim sun ah is ok, i watched her latest drama wd kim hee sun but to say that they’re more chic than jjh, well that’s your opinion, but i don’t think so hahaha…..

      • @heeenaa
        Being chic is different from being beautiful and being talented. But Lee Mi Sook went on a long hiatus after her marriage thats why career is not what it used to be.
        JJH herself relies heavily on her sex appeal as most Korean actress go for conservative style and I would like to see her do something else than her usual fare.
        JJH is everywhere so it’s easy for people to find her attractive and she is surely different than her counterparts but its also because she is old generation misterious type celebrity. People don’t know much about her so they are curious.

      • But she is chic and attractive and talented… she’s just always typecasted..ive been a fan of hers since my sassy girl ( more than a decade) . and i liked many other actresses before, but she’s the one that i always come back to…

  3. The queen is back! She’s the only Korean actress i really like a lot. Oohhh, i love her Gentle Monster sunglasses too.

    • I hope she maintains her weight like that, she doesnt look good when shes super skinny, its nice to have a little fat on her face, she looks younger

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