Suzy Models Watches in Crisp Classic Menswear Inspired Looks for Elle Korea

The confirmation of Suzy for her next drama Vagabond reuniting with Lee Seung Gi is certainly going to generate plenty of buzz and mostly of the doubting kind. That’s fine even if I like both leads but really hated their first project together with Gu Family Book. It’s just so challenging to anticipate a drama with this nagging feeling that it’s just not going to deliver as a second go-around, the way I tend to get optimistic for Suzy projects when she works with a new leading man. I hope the PD-screenwriter of Giant really directs Suzy and pulls out the better parts of her ability that she showed improvement in While You Were Sleeping and towards the end of Uncontrollably Fond. For now I’ll just enjoy her latest pictorial for Elle Korea modeling lots of cool chunky style watches paired with menswear inspired outfits.


Suzy Models Watches in Crisp Classic Menswear Inspired Looks for Elle Korea — 12 Comments

  1. Okay our Suzy is super gorgeous ?as always but that 7th photo looks like it’s positioned ummm in such a compromising way who the hell checks the proof sheets before it goes to print? Why is there always something wrong with that idiot photographer and stylist when they take pics? Can’t they see it when they’re shooting? Does it take someone like me who has to state the obvious? Dumb Elle Korea sort your shite out!

    • probably a rookie photographer who makes minimum wage. The lighting is all wrong and so are the posts… very poor job! lol…

  2. Aww too bad she’s getting sued for spreading false info. It’s funny to see her dumb fans jumping on a defense mode. Hope she learns from this and starts advocating for real issues instead of crying girlies on youtube.

  3. The lawsuit against Suzy whilst the filming for her drama has started or has it? I read in Soompi that she apologised to the new owners on May 19th but they persevered because the damage has been done and their business ruined as a result of her. Some of the comments blamed the new owner saying he’s using Suzy as leverage to make money and he’d better leave Korea because of the retelliation and backlash from her fans etc etc. JYP and Suzy will have the best legal defence team and it implied the studio owner won’t have legal hope n hell of winning. So we’re back at square one. Whilst this is all circulating does anyone know what happened to that snake Yang Ye Won? Get back and clean up your mess! Look at what you’ve caused with your 2 bit minute of fame! And JYP give lessons to your actors ‘On how social media works’ and in particular to Suzy in a tutorial. Her intention was sincere and genuine but look at the result.

      • Lol I suggested that Lee Dong Wook take her mobile and gosh I got slack for that from one commenter. Arrrghhh maybe it’s a PR ploy to generate empathy for her and the new drama she’s in? JYP hasn’t said boo on the matter. Maybe they have but it’s in Korean. Hopefully the matter is resolved before the release date of Vagabond.

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