IU Goes Full Sunny Yellow at Sony Earbuds Event in Seoul

Coming off what must have been a grueling shoot for tvN drama My Ahjusshi in both subject content and work load, it’s nice to be reminded that IU‘s character for the drama ended on a positive note after suffering for 15 plus episodes and in real life that happiness extends to IU getting positive reviews for her acting. I’m really very happy for her because I’ve always enjoyed watching her onscreen even when she hasn’t been good at acting, it’s just one of those style over substance preferences that one can coast on for awhile but eventually needs more to sustain a career. She was excellent in My Ahjusshi and hopefully can parlay that improvement to future projects to show that it’s not a fluke. She’s back to promoting full time now that the drama has wrapped and this week attended a Sony earbuds launch in Seoul decked out in so much bright yellow she looks like a baby bird. I thought the earbuds were bright yellow earrings at first glance and it actually could be a cute look for ladies wanting to jazz up their ears with more than Apple airpods.


IU Goes Full Sunny Yellow at Sony Earbuds Event in Seoul — 17 Comments

  1. I was distracted with her curly bang…. I dunno, i don’t like it on her, it makes her look older..
    Anw, now I want to check that earbuds!! People can say that apple is less creative after Steve Jobs died, but still other companies ‘copy’ their products… Hmm

    • That straggly ratty bangs trend needs to die, it just looks unkempt and like the girl’s hairstylist didn’t want to cut her some proper bangs.

      IU is a true example of an idol who has potential as an actress because the word ‘improved’ when applied to her acting, actually means a GOOD performance and not a merely ‘slightly less terrible’ or ‘bland’ one, unlike some others.

    • Unlike many of the other commentators, I actually don’t have problems with IU’s outfit hahahahah. But I really cannot stand her bangs her. I understand if this is a look chosen for a drama, but pretty IU shouldn’t look like that for a promo event!

    • lol I think the shorts and socks are the worst, she would have looked fine if she had worn jeans with that sweatshirt instead.

      • Yes hahaha, shorts like that are only for sleep (never for a public event) and those socks make her short legs look even shorter ?

  2. A canary- she’s really cute and the yellow outfit complete with earbuds makes her look like a canary. I’m heartily tired of seeing K celebs dressed so gumby and those stylists (yes I’m calling them out) you’re lucky you don’t have Joan Rivers (R.I.P) Fashion Police in Korea because she would be having a field day! That oversized hoodie if it was a few sizes down and leggings instead of shorts would have done her justice for the event. I’d wear that to the sauna complete with a matching towel. Gosh I wake up to see this!

    • I have to write this because her outfit reminded me of ‘Tweety’ bird from Looney Tunes. And yes please she needs to rethink her outfits when she is attending public events. Now where’s Big Bird?

      • LOL ?, I can definitely see ‘big bird’ now! I really didn’t notice her outfit at all when I first clicked on this page because the main focus was the earplugs. I thought it matched the colour very well!

  3. What’s with the fugly out of place outfit? Dear IU, you don’t wear that sport attire for brand promotion event. It looked as if she was in the middle of some sports activity and suddenly remember she needs to drop by for the Sony event. Park Dong Hoon would cry seeing her in that hideous get up.

  4. Like IU cares about fashion hehe . She was excellent in My Mister. Really makes me excited for her as an actress as I think she brings something new to the screen. A different perspective, which is rare nowadays.

    • agree that IU is a good actress. But as a celebrity, wearing these clothes to a public event is embarrassing. It may be better if she goes makeup free and hair in a ponytail, then people will say she has character, as opposed to looking like a clown here. I think NB really has gotten a good deal in promoting their ugly clothes, Sony should charge NB for the PPL. LOL..

      • She’s been payed to promote these clothes. She did joint promotion for NB and Sony as Sony’s earbuds aims to attract sporty people and IU is the spokes person to NB. Check the CF, she’s also wearing NB products on Sony posters. That colour is her fandom colour.

  5. IU is actually the model for New Balance as well. Sony and NB is collaborating this time round. You see it in her recent sony CFs too. But agreed that the outfit is just bad.

    • oh now it makes sense that she is wearing these clothes…. feel sorry for IU, clothes look really bad… Thanks for clarifying 🙂

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