Lego Li Has Relaxed Fun in Vietnam in Ciao Taiwan Spread

It’s finally June and I’m so ready for the start of summer namely my impending summer vacation to a warm beachy destination even though I’m trading my home turf version of warm and beachy for another. Each place has it’s own uniqueness outside of good weather and nice surf and sand, so it’s a treat seeing Lego Li in Vietnam for a fashion spread for Ciao Taiwan magazine. Most fashion spreads in tropic locales are Hawaii and Bali so I appreciate Vietnam getting some love and it looks like a fun place to visit. Lego always looks like a cool guy to travel with, as always my love for the Taiwan stars remains strong and steady even if I’m not currently as addicted to TW-dramas. Like all phases I’m sure I’ll migrate back, likely this week catching up on Lego’s new drama Meet Me @ 1006.


Lego Li Has Relaxed Fun in Vietnam in Ciao Taiwan Spread — 8 Comments

  1. Im currently on the 2 last eps of his meet me @1006 and cant wait to finish it. Hopefully it’s a HE.

    If only Nikkie Hsieh hasnt married yet, i would be their shipper. Lols

    • Has Nikki married? I’m not up-to-date on Taiwanese celeb news, but the last relationship article I’ve read on Nikki was her 2016 wedding cancellation, so I didn’t know.

    • @jekom i saw her hubby’s pic in her ig. I dunno much too. But i guess it’s her hubby.

      @nahaluk heh? Really? I dunno bout it. But i dont think so.

      • She is not married but she almost married her long time boyfriend in the past until she found out he cheated on her. But she now has a boyfriend so…

        Actually Lego Li might still be together with his long time rumoured girlfriend.

  2. I have watched 2 episodes of Meet Me @ 1006 so far. It is quite funny and the theme is different. I will try to catch up soon too. I’m currently watching too many dramas, Unnatural, Love Rerun, Single Ladies Senior, Tiger Mom and this drama.

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