Jang Nara is an Ageless Elegant Bride in New Wedding Pictorial

It’s crazy that Jang Nara looks exactly the same today as when she debuted 16 years ago with Nonstop 2 back in 2002. Her fountain of youth has helped her maintain a very steady acting career, one that even went over to China for a few years in the late 2000s and now back to Korea full time. She’s not married yet but gives a glimpse of her wedding day look modeling wedding dresses in a recently released pictorial. I love the look above, the classic square neckline that is almost a boat neck in a draped A-line satin dress with arm and side embellishments to add detail. She hasn’t had a dating scandal either as far as I’m aware and if she’s dating seriously in real life I hope it soon leads to a happily ever after wedding in real life.

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Jang Nara is an Ageless Elegant Bride in New Wedding Pictorial — 9 Comments

  1. I have a genuine question. What is consider a dating scandal. Is it when a Asian celebrity confirms that is in a dating relationship or just when say celebrity is rumor to be dating another celebrity or a normal citizen.

    If the later then Jang Nara had a huge dating scandal with Park Bo Gum, where the media was even reported that they were going to get married. Koala most have missed that one.

    Either way Jang Nara looks ridiculously youthful and beautiful on this wedding pictorial. She truly embodies the eternal fairy image.

    • I think Koreans thought that the rumours between her and PBG were nonsense, and thus no real “scandal” came out of it.

  2. I think she’s my favorite Korean actress. I always enjoy her shows even if overall they aren’t the best or top hits. I can always relate to her characters and find her a good comedic actress. She looks amazing for her age and joins a few Asian celebs that never age (Amuro Namie, Miyavi etc.) I only wish her the best and always look forward to her new dramas.

  3. Lol…. I won’t call it dating scandals but the Korean media has been pairing Jang Nara with various male artistes / idols since her debut… and many even pointed finger at her dad for interfering with her daughter’s relationship. It was said that anyone who express an interest in Jang Nara, will find themselves meeting up with her dad… But it is also the fact that media loves pairing her off, Jang Nara is very weary about getting her costars involved in all these thing, while she is great with them during filming, she tends to cut ties after that to prevent rumours… except Jang Hyuk but it was only after FTLY that they got closer but then again Jang Hyuk is married, so considered safe in her eyes?! She often kept in touch with the female costars instead and become their best friend. But JNR is also known to send food truck to all her costars…

  4. Bangs for a wedding photoshoot…I want to fight the hairstylist. Anyway my like for Jang Nara has become love after starting Go Back Couple, she’s so good in the role and I’m enjoying the drama so far. She’ll get married in time, I imagine she’s constantly getting set up (or even actively dating someone) and has good standards for any man she’ll want to marry, I wish her all the luck.

    Also I didn’t believe the PBG rumor for a second and I’ll just leave it at that. I think that was wishful thinking on the media’s part.

  5. She looks etherial and gorgeous. Don’t care who she dates young or old as long she is happy end of discussion.

  6. Actually, she has aged from what I’ve seen in videos. She just looks very good for her age. Don’t forget pictorials and other official promo pics are extensively touched up.

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