tvN drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Full Characters Stills of Male Lead Lee Byung Hun

The Lawless Lawyer will be hanging up his hat in three weeks and hopefully putting all the baddies behind bars. tvN will be following that hit drama up with what will likely be another hit thanks to the next drama being Kim Eun Sook‘s period drama Mr. Sunshine. It’s her followup from two mega hits Goblin and Descendants of the Sun, and once again she’s changing styles and genres. The first batch of solo male lead stills featuring the titular Mr. Sunshine character played by Lee Byung Hun is out, and he’s perfectly character as a Korean who leaves with an American ship as a kid and returns decades later as an American colonel back to his native Joseon. I’m sure his casting was not a fluke in terms of age being in early 40s/late 30s as someone with experience and gravitas, and if the romance with much younger Kim Tae Ri is also part of the set up then we’ll just have to wait and see if it works. For now his presence definitely sells the character fully.


tvN drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Full Characters Stills of Male Lead Lee Byung Hun — 7 Comments

  1. Yeah can’t wait this drama and ready to hear everyone call him lee santa oppa cause this drama will be hit big

  2. Don’t like LBH in this love drama. He’s a typical mockery of love in real life.
    If he’s in thriller action type of movie, then I can accept but not love kind of drama like Mr Sunshine.
    I love Kim Euni Sook’s dramas thus far. But this time I won’t watch Mr Sunshine

  3. I’m really excited for this drama ! The casting, the production and I’m curious about the period of History they chose.

  4. You can sense the god acting through these stills. Tvn has with Mr. Sunshine and Memories of Alhambra this year and they will probably generate most interest..

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