Park Shin Hye Updates Instagram and Captured by Fans Filming Memories of Alhambra in Spain

The filming for upcoming K-drama Memories of Alhambra totally rewinds me back five years ago during the filming days of Heirs in 2013. Fan pictures galore of leads Park Shin Hye and/or Lee Min Ho filming around Los Angeles and Orange County, but this time it feels even more exotic to see Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin in Spain against the distinctive architecture of the country. They are filming in Girona in the Northeast Catalonia region of Spain, with Binnie getting a few weeks head start there and Park Shin Hye more recently joining in. She was spotted filming with a band aid on her forehead whatever that means for the narrative of the scene. She also recently updated two pretty pictures on Instagram for her fans likely touring the country between filming.


Park Shin Hye Updates Instagram and Captured by Fans Filming Memories of Alhambra in Spain — 11 Comments

  1. She is always there since they started filming last month; from day 1… it’s just tht there was no/lack of sighting of her filming the drama, be it for secrecy or fans couldnt take pictures.

  2. Oh can’t wait for this drama to be aired soon. Two magnificent great ACTORS paired for a one and more exciting romantic drama ever! We’re looking forward to it!

  3. Although they weren’t photographed together, Shinhye posted on IG inside the plain going to Barcelona the same time HB was spotted in the airport so I think, both of them with their staff and the film crew travelled together. But maybe they have simultaneous filming with 2 sets of crew -HB outside and SH indoors. They are trying their best to keep the filming under wrap to avoid spoilers but fans are just too resourceful LOL. I would have been too just to see these two gorgeous people.

  4. PSH look absolutely beautiful on those photos. Even tho Memories Of Alhambra is only few months away I’m so anxious to see PSH and Hyun Bin together especially in romantic scene. Awww… can’t really wait November pls come little bit faster.

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