First Poster for tvN Do-over Drama Knowing Wife with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min

The older we get the more likely there’s been a moment of “I wish” about an event in the past, a what if thought that our lives could have been different if we made a different choice. Ji Sung will get to dramatize that in upcoming tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) as an ordinary man married for 5 years to onscreen wife Han Ji Min, but he makes a choice that causes everyone to life different lives. I love the just released drama teaser poster above, the softly illuminated sky with twinkling lights and the two leads in warm almost embrace. The drama premieres in early August in the Wed-Thurs time slot after Why Secretary Kim, and directing is the PD of Shopping King Louie and Mister Baek, with the screenwriter of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Oh My Ghost, and High School King of Savvy


First Poster for tvN Do-over Drama Knowing Wife with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min — 28 Comments

    • Really ? I really don’t care about the personal life of the actors. Like homosexuals or heterosexuals playing the opposite, married people, etc. It’s their job, why can’t you understand that ?

      • What’s your problem? Who doesn’t understand it’s their job. I just don’t have fun watching them. Do you have to get defensive over something which is not aimed at you? Are you the actor? Did I say anything bad about their acting? It’s no fun for me doesn’t mean I am criticising them. Don’t throw your frustration at me. Go elsewhere and bark.

      • I don’t get defensive. It’s just sad to see people like you who can’t separate their personnal life to their professionnal one.

      • Can you read English properly? You are making assumptions on my personal preference. I don’t enjoy watching them doesn’t mean I am criticising their performances. Can’t I express whom I enjoy watching playing OTPs? If I don’t really enjoy watching married actors playing bachelors in dramas then that’s my preference. Why must you attack me over my personal preference? So you attack people who don’t like to eat meat or vegetable simply because you enjoy eating them?

    • Nah..unless the viewer is a delusional fan who thinks she can live her fantasies on oppa or they are the type of audience who watch romance dramas so that they can ship the actors in real life.An actor whether married or not can put out a quality product in romance genre just fine.All you need is good chemistry with whoever they are acting with, and a good plot.

      Besides, many of those you think are “single” are most likely in secret relationships(to avoid media and public attention) or engage in flings and one night stands to satisfy their sexual needs.

      • GFC you seriously have a terrible personality a truly serious problem. It’s no fun for me but you don’t have to say it’s a stupid comment. What’s in it for you to use such words? I bet you are an antagonistic person and a big bully in school or at work coz you just open your mouth and try to make someone feel awfully bad. You have a truly evil heart.

      • Are you naturally this dumb or is it an online personality? You have some serious issues child. Talk about maturity when you get to that level. If your comment is stupid to me I’ll call it stupid. Where is the bullying in this? Its the same as when people call their President stupid when he comes out with a stupid policy. O.o

      • @GFC
        Okay since you think it’s ok to call out stupidity in whatever comments people made then I guess its ok to term your comment as purely idiotic.

    • Watching romance drama is all about chemistry. Single actors with no chemistry will lead viewers to feel nothing.

      • That’s true. Again an objective reply unlike GFC and Sayaris. These two are such terrible people. Trolls. Just out to trash people over every single comment.

  1. You can always trust Ji Sung to deliver in the acting department.I still think Han Ji Min does better in sageuk and bland in modern dramas.They have a good time slot with no competing drama in other stations.They also have a good writer and pd combo.If the story is good enough, they could carry over the ratings success of “secretary kim”.However, my worry is, lately TVN’s track record for romance fantasy is not good.”About Time”, “Chicago Typewriter”, “Tomorrow with You”, “Bride of the Water God”.

    • It’s incorrect to say there’s no competitor. Since October, TVN’s weekday dramas (9:30-11:00) overlap with the ones aired by KBS2, MBC and SBS. The increased competition is partly why it’s rare for any drama to break 10%. Knowing Wife will compete with Your House Helper, Time and Dear Judge.

      • About the public broadcast ratings, dont you think its just that the latest drama offerings are low quality in writing and directing compared to the cable channels?”Miracle We Met”(KBS) and “Return”(SBS) from the top of my head were weekday dramas and they had consistent 10%+ ratings.Both aired at the beginning of this year.This is despite the overlapping in time slots.Take for example MBC, aside from maybe “Come and Hug Me” and “partners of justice”.I cant remember any other weekday drama that is worth watching from that channel this year.It was the same last year.I think I only remember “defendant” doing well and for me it was the only public channel drama that was good quality.

      • I am referring to Dakchigo. Not ruby red.

        Nobody is delusional. No fun watching thrm doesn’t mean one is delusional. It’s a personal preference. Must everyone like the same thing? Same actors? Same actresses?
        You are Miss Know It all aren’t you. Always trying to read into people’s general comment.

  2. I have no opinion (pro or anti) regarding Han Ji Min but have to say I can feel the chemistry between her and Ji Sung in that poster. Looking forward to this drama.

  3. HJM’s horrible acting in JJ&H still haunts me… but I like JS enough to give it a try. Hope it will be good ?

  4. I like HJM from Cain and Abel and Padam Padam and Ji Sung from My PS Partner with Kim Ah Joong so will wait for this to screen later on. ?

    • I love her in 2 dramas too. She’s a great actress for me. Her last drama was awful but it was more the written… even Hyun Bin couldn’t save it.

  5. I cannot wait for this! I love Han Ji Min. She’s very good with her expressions. Her comedic timing is also very good as well. Every time she cries, it makes me cry too! T_T And Ji Sung is just an overall talented actor. I’m so ready for this drama. The poster looks amazing and I can already feel the chemistry between the two! 😀

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