Ha Ji Won Accepts Action Thriller Drama Prometheus While Joo Ji Hoon Declines

It’s a one in and one out in K-drama casting news today so let’s start with the news that gives drama fans something to look forward to. K-actress Ha Ji Won has confirmed her casting for upcoming big budget political action thriller drama Prometheus. It’s the story about a plan to denuclearize the Korean peninsula and the intelligence agents trying to stop a global spanning conspiracy to scuttle it. It’s pretty apropos in terms of timing to real world events going on right now, plus Ha Ji Won definitely fits an capable South Korean intelligence agent role. But while she’s onboard, hours later came the news that K-actor Joo Ji Hoon has declined to be the male lead for Prometheus, the role of a North Korean defector agent, so the search continues to fill the lead duo. Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee remains in talks for the other male lead role.


Ha Ji Won Accepts Action Thriller Drama Prometheus While Joo Ji Hoon Declines — 39 Comments

      • I couldnโ€™t think of any than Lee Jun Ki but he just wraps up a drama so it is quite impossible.

        And knowing HJWโ€™s current leading men lately, sheโ€™s not that lucky of her pairing which were so much younger than her ๐Ÿ™ I hope it wonโ€™t be the case here.

      • Lee Joon Giโ€™s current body frame really fits for a North Korean man. He only needs to cut his hair short like in the military & his so ready for the role. It would be interesting to listen him speak in a North Korean accent all throught out the series.

  1. Ouch. JJH declined the offer? The last I read, he was favorably considering the offer. Alas, he is thriving in Chungmuro, safe to say he has very good reason to decline. Curious to know who would be the male lead. Can we have Kim Nam Gil?

  2. A good and a bad news! I’m happy to see HJW in a new drama but I wanted to see JJH in a drama too ๐Ÿ™

    • Eric nam? The singer? Or Eric Moon from shinhwa (he was in Another Oh Hae Young).. Did Eric Nam act in dramas? I havent heard that.

  3. Kim nam Gil would be soo sexy but saldly I think he signed on to be an angry priest for his upcoming drama ๐Ÿ™ HJW deserves a proper A-list leading man!!

      • He was offered the role of a former detective turned priest with temper problem. The tentative title of the drama is “Hot Blooded Priest” and billed as a comedy.

  4. Iโ€™m doing that face that lil Kevin does in Home Alone. Why???? Did JJH decline? Anyone know? I was looking forward to this but yeah nah the other half better be top notched for our HJW. Glad she accepted though. Hope the producers are sending out their calling cards to prospective leads. And no I do not want Jung Hae In in this action Jackson drama. I want someone rugged and mean. Oh JJH what happened???? We were all all rooting for you and now it was all build ups. Gosh Iโ€™m disappointed but dem are the breaks. ?

      • @SFE -Thank you for that reminder. Yep our JJH is in hot demand happy too that heโ€™s on a roll with his career after his messed up ex Gain tried to trip him him up and throw him under the bus but hello she ended up in a heap! Got no sympathy from me whatsoever for her callousness.

  5. Bummer would have love to see JJH working with HJW.

    Its been too long, want to see him back in dramaland but he is doing well in movies.

  6. Song seon- hyeun would be perfect lead man for this type of role, he is a good actor and fit for action too and have a crush on Ha ji won ?

  7. I hope that one day she will get an offer from the cable channels.I like OCN for thrillers.JtBC for femalecentric dramas.I think she would be a good fit there.TVN for “slice of life” dramas and romance.

    • @RubyRed, I am sure she gets offers from cable networks considering she is a top notch actress. However, I think she just missed out on the opportunities to do so due to accepting dramas on public broadcast more ๐Ÿ™

  8. Does the role of the lead man needs a younger man? I’d rather that she be paired to the likes of Cha Seung Won, Kwon Sang Woo or Ji Jin Hee.

  9. I wish Ji chang wook could discharged from the military only for this role. LJG may be the good choice here. Her old flames JIS and SJS may be not fit for an agent. Or Hyunbinnie?

  10. I might be reaching but the pairing of Han Ji won and Gong Yoo is been in the back of my mind since they mention hoping to work together on a project in the future during an interview they did when they were chosen as embassadors for the paying their taxes.

    • indeed, but i think Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won in one drama is just too good to be true…. awwww perhaps a movie for them ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Glad that Ha Ji Won accepted as this seems to be a promising project. I hope they pair her up with a veteran actor and not an upcoming flower boy.

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