K-actor Lee Seo Won Pleads Guilty to Sexual Harassment and Threatened Assault

It’s a proper conclusion to a K-ent scandal case for once. This week K-actor Lee Seo Won plead guilty in court to charges of sexual harassment and threatened assault of a female K-star. He faced the media outside the court and apologized for his behavior, accepted responsibility, but then said he didn’t remember what happened since he drank too much. Oh wells, can’t expect full penance but pleading guilty is the least he can do and avoids wasting taxpayer money in trial. He’s only a rising young actor, with mainly supporting roles, having gotten his big break playing the younger brother to Suzy in Uncontrollably Fond two years ago. If he hasn’t done his military service I suggest he sign up tomorrow, and if he has then good luck in navigating a comeback which we all know is going to happen.


K-actor Lee Seo Won Pleads Guilty to Sexual Harassment and Threatened Assault — 16 Comments

  1. Lets see how STUPID, MISOGYNISTIC, OPPA FANGIRLS will defend this piece of shit just because he’s a good looking Korean namja and has a dick. How dare he even dress like that and smile? Is he a psychopath?

      • No, there has been English football players too. They all say they were high on alcohol and can’t remember.

      • I’m speaking more for Asian Entertainment though. Lately k actors are just on a roll getting slapped with these type of cases and even when they return they get work..so there is something wrong in k world. Thanks to these women who are coming out.

  2. He doesn’t remember because he was drunk, that sounds so familiar and he continues to drink and continues to forget. How convenient.

  3. He’s acknowledged the crime and pleaded guilty and will take whatever the sentence is. I hope he gets counselling; therapy and rehabilitates himself over this unfortunate incident. Also the lady involved I hope she is okay too. That said he best be going AWOL from K drama land and get better work stories.

    • please be don’t like that.
      he maybe smiling, but that doesnt mean he is truly happy. what truly lies in the heart is invisible to the eye.. . anyways, i’m happy that he didnt deny it and actually pleads guilty. hopefully, he will now be more cautious of his actions. and more Good luck to his career now that he is only 21.

      • It is what it is though, that type of smile and eyes paint a no-I’m-not-sad look. I may not know what is behind that smile, happy or sad but an expression is left to one’s interpretation, it’s what humans do. We judge him by his look and acting career but really he’s guilty as charged.

  4. He could have just apologised and taken responsibility and end it there.Why does he have to mention that “he didnt remember what happen because he drunk too much”?He messed up you would at least be careful with the damage control.This statement negates his apology and taking responsibility part.It sound like he is still making excuse instead of accepting he was wrong.period.

    Sad that he ruin his career before it really took off.Many rookies can only dream of the opportunity he had.Being in an agency with big names and who have the necessary connections to grow their career.I bet after his contract expires if Blossom wont terminate it.They will not renew anymore.They would want to protect their reputation and image for having a clique of artists with “clean image”.

  5. So i really wondered, who could be the girl who stand up against this “i cant remember coz i was too drunk” then smiled as if he was just chatting with his circle of friends???

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