tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Knowing Wife with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min Hold Press Conference

There’s a nice pop of color coordination and it’s weird not to be between the OTP. Even then the lead couple look very visually compatible at the press conference of the next tvN Wed-Thurs drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife), taking over next week from the ratings leading predecessor Why Secretary Kim. Ji Sung went with a grey plaid suit which is brightened up considerably by Han Ji Min’s canary yellow dress. Second lead Kang Hana also went bright and bold with an orange-reddish sheath frock. It’s a tad annoying for the media to have the leads posing with finger hearts left and right following by the Korean arm raised sigh of daebak and hard work but such earnest hokiness is par for the course at drama press conferences. I’m really looking forward to this drama as it probes a marriage that gets an alterna do-over.

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tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Knowing Wife with Ji Sung and Han Ji Min Hold Press Conference — 7 Comments

  1. I am looking forward to this drama too. Trailers seem very promising. I can see ji sung and ji min’s chemistry this early:)

  2. Ha Ji Min is sooo petite! Her frame is so small and she looks so tiny even next to Kang Hana.

    I’m just in awe because those actors… are truly bringing out their acting skills. I know Ji Sung is happily married in real life, yet he poses and looks with hearts in his eyes at HJM like he’s really in love. I guess a press con is an extended character playing.

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