Gong Hyo Jin Shows Off Her Quirky Spirit in Vogue Taiwan Pictorial

I like the top picture of K-actress Gong Hyo Jin in the August edition of Vogue Taiwan so so much. It’s from the BTS shots of the beautiful eclectic star doing her pictorial and she looks like she’s looking at the test shots and liking what she’s seeing. As she should, with nearly two decades in K-ent she continues to stand uniquely with her own appeal, acting charisma, and fashion quirks. She’s also got tattoos and her shoulder one is prominently shown in these pictures which I don’t recall ever seeing in K-ent pictorials which skew conservative especially with the female stars.


Gong Hyo Jin Shows Off Her Quirky Spirit in Vogue Taiwan Pictorial — 8 Comments

  1. No matter her age, she’ll forever give off that feel of ‘cool sunbae at school whose style is worshipped by all the girls’. She’s just so naturally stylish and comfortable in her own skin.

  2. I don’t think the Taiwanese have the same hangups with tattos that k-ent has. Even in dramas I’ve seen tattoos on both male and female actors.

  3. One of my many queens.I will keep saying this till it happens.She needs to come back on the small screen and give us a drama.

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