Lee Jun Ki Peeks into Fall in New Elle Men Hong Kong Pictorial

The Lee Jun Ki career wave continues and it’s truly incredible to see him sustain and maintain a healthy vibrant acting (and singing) career for over fifteen years. Let’s never forgot that he was blacklisted by disgraced former South Korean president Lee Myung Bak and still managed to be as successful as he is. His latest pictorial for Elle Men Hong Kong goes for dapper metropolitan man who dons suits for the weekday and goes trendy sporty on weekends. What’s so cool is that I totally believe Lee Jun Ki would wear these outfits in real life, that’s how versatile he is visually and the ease that he makes modeling seem like it’s just his everyday look.


Lee Jun Ki Peeks into Fall in New Elle Men Hong Kong Pictorial — 15 Comments

    • Its always about politics my dear.If you see an influential figure(cultural like him)social, political, or just any other public figure blacklisted.The cause is almost always political or financial(like he/she is a threat to any agendas, the blacklister is trying to move forward or they have a vendetta toward that public figure).

      In his case, no one knows for sure.But there are various speculations.One, he spoke out against a policy of this “disgraced” past president(something to do with beef?).Two, he gave an opinion against changing the korean screen quota in film industry back in 2007.He even took to the streets together with Moon So Ri and Park Chan Wook(these are directors in korean movie) to get their point across.Three, some suspect its because of his role in “May 18″(look up the synopsis of this movie).These are the ones I remember from what I read.

  1. Thanks for pointing out that fact that he was “blacklisted”.

    I am sure it wasn’t easy for him and that made his success even more incredible.

    I really hope that lady luck will continue be by his side and he continue with his train of success. I may not like some of his works but his dedication and sincerity is what making me a big fan.

  2. I will always have a warm place in my heart and eyes when I see anything with LJK. I admire, love and respect him for his kindness and generosity towards his fans. I was at a scriptwriting workshop this weekend and one of the exercises was to write about a memorable film that will still be seen in a 100 years from now and before I knew it I wrote about ‘The King and the Clown’. Geez that film must be firmly etched in my psyche. Of course no one else had ever heard of it as I proudly gave my reasons out aloud.

  3. He looks a little too thin. Now that Lawless Lawyer has ended I hope he put on some weight and gets some rest.

    Last and not least hope he finds a nice lady to spend his life with hopefully not a celebrity hahaha…

    • He is thin, so what? That is what he wants for his body. I don’t understand why people are so concerned about it. If you are plump and chubby & considered it good, then be it. In my perspective, being thin is better as long as the body is toned and is formed with muscles. What is so good with a meaty body with full of fats? I think we came from different places, so I body standard is different. Say, some parts of Africa, fat people are considered good looking that is why they have feeding camp. From where I live, having flab in the tummy part is considered obese. Who cares about him getting a girl and from what background? Hehehe I don’t understand why some people wants to feel involved and so nosy about the personal affairs of a celeb. Sounds too cringey.!? I am not stopping you though. I am just saying. You can do whatever you like.

      • @mistyeyes..lol I think you are overreacting to @kimster’s comment though?.I dont see her opinion as taking a jab at the guy.Il ignore the weight issue because it has been discussed to death and it always has endless and pointless debate.

        But that remark about his love life.I dont find it cringey.I see nothing wrong with her rooting for his personal happiness.She is not far off either considering what went down last year.Maybe a non-celeb is the way to go.Less stalking from dispatch and company and less fans intruding in his private affairs.But again, he does have a portion of his fanbase who are overly obsessed with him to the point its creepy(almost like idol fans).So a celeb would be better equipped to handle the mess.But he grown he will figure it out.Careerwise and age, he is in the right place.Not too young but not old yet.

        I hope he secures a korean movie offer.I really want him to start dubbing in both big screen and small screen like his peers(Jo In Sung, Hyun Bin etc).

      • Well some fans just too obsessive even digging the personal affairs of their idols. It’s too cringey but like I said I don’t mean to stop anyone from doing so but just stating that I find it cringey. Taking care of ones own personal affairs is already alot of work and challenging in most times, so it’s a bit ironic to be minding other affairs.

        Isn’t Lee Joon Gi a veteran already in the industry? The comparison to Jo In Sung who does acting projects one in a millions years is a bit confusing. Well Hyun Bin on the other hand has really established himself in Chungmuro in this past 3 years which is great & having one big budget drama in 2018 but he also never had any dramas for the last 3 years too. One has to note that as long as it’s an export korean drama, it has better monetary return than doing movies for actors as kmovies only relies on domestic revenue. Even Train to Busan only earned $5m from it’s international market but they’ve probably spent alot on marketing to promote overseas so basically only the domestic market is reliable for movies, which unlike kdramas are already establised internationally.

        Though I am wondering why LJG who’s originally a Chungmuro actor but didn’t do any kmovies for more than 10 years. Maybe as mentioned from the posts above that he was blacklisted. Maybe it was the same reason for him not doing any movies for all those years. Maybe Chungmuro is govern with excessive politics which not really new though as it’s only happening in Korea. Even Hollywood is probably the same. Maybe the reason why many actors start to produce their own movies. Like So Ji Sub, he actually produce movies Rough Cut or The Company and I believe his company continues to produce movies.

  4. Yeap cool clicks! He always looks composed and comfortable in anything/everything i’ve seen! Even in movies, no matter what role he plays its obvious on screen, the level of commitment he has towards each and every character.

    Two words to describe him: Versatile and Perfection!

  5. I bet JG will show his abs in his next work?? I’m off of korean dramas now.. will be back when he is back only. Adios??‍♀️?‍♀️

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