Song Joong Ki to Hold 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting in Seoul

It’s been 10 years since K-actor Song Joong Ki debuted and I can’t think of anything he could have done differently to achieve greater success than what he actually accomplished. It was both slow and steady without working nonstop, yet he reached the pinnacle of Hallyu fame and critical acclaim in a pretty short period of time. His agency Blossom Entertainment released the poster for his upcoming Seoul fan meeting to celebrate his 10th anniversary and I thought it fun to assemble a visual scrapbook of Song Joong Ki’s evolution and development as an actor.

Starting from his bit part playing a reporter in a scene in 2007 K-drama Get Karl Oh Soo Jung, his first real roles started in 2008 weekend drama My Precious You and erotic sageuk movie A Frozen Flower. He then did Triple and broke out with SungkyunKwang Scandal, got the serious actor recognition with the guest starring role in Tree with Deep Roots, and really reached top tier actor status with Nice Guy and A Werewolf Boy. Then he went to the military and came back to blow his own career achievements away by the worldwide hit Descendants of the Sun. Oh, and he also married  one of South Korea’s top known beauty and famous actresses in wifey Song Hye Kyo. Yup, all in ten year’s work.


Song Joong Ki to Hold 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting in Seoul — 21 Comments

    • I came to appreciate his acting chops in “innocent man” and “werewolf boy”.To date, I think those were his best acting performances.Lol sungkyunkwan wasnt so much his acting but his character was just so lovable.Who can forget his favourite phrase:
      ” I am Gu Yong Ha”?.Although I loved Moon Jae Shin a tiny bit more.

      Real talk, am glad the hype and mediaplay about his private life(his relationship with song hye kyo) died down.It was irking the hell out of me.Now not only him but SHK too can shine again as individuals by showing us their talents as actors.

      • That flirt was the role of him i liked the most. Infact i was so invested in him and yoo ah in that i literally forgot who the leads were in the drama lol. I have yet to watch werewolf boy. Dots and that revenge drama performance i dint like it that much

  1. Im happy for all the recognitions he got. He deserves it. He’s one of the great actors. He has a lot of projects under his belt, of course with different characters. His acting in werewolf boy was amazing. He doesnt need to prove himself as a good actor, he has proven it. Of course, even a legend still learns, i hope his upcoming drama will make him even better in acting and his career. People keep saying that his performance in Dots was so so, like.. Cmon.. Most of the k-drama actors play safe with the repetitive character over and over again. Some people just want to hate him and disguise the hatred as critics. His previous drama before dots was ‘not so nice guy’ character, and when he played Capt Yoo, some ppl said that it was the same? Lols. Well, it’s about preference but to criticize something or someone based on your preference isnt good. Lols

  2. When you list it that way, it does seem he accomplished a lot in his 10 yrs. It’s great then that he’s following it up with a big project next yr. He really has the talent to do most anything a role would require. I wish him more success both on his career and personal life.

  3. Congratulations to him and actress Kim So Hyun who also just celebrated her 10th anniversary! Two of my absolute favs having accomplished so many things in just the last decade!

  4. Congratulations to him. His rise to fame is definitely slow and steady. For fans like me who loved him in dots, Its definitely not his best performance but tbh I can’t even imagine anyone else playing yoo sijin. Charm and playfulness he bought to the character made me his fan. But I agree his performance in syunkyunkwan scandal, Deep rooted tree, innocent man, werewolf were best. And I want him to see back in those kinda role which showcase his acting abilities.

  5. With that kind of acting skill, he deserved this accompalishment. But his project is still way too little.can’t wait watching asadal

  6. Quiet honestly: I like him but he has been slacking off with . I found his projects “Tree With Deep Roots”, “The Innocent Man” and “A Werewolf Boy” much more diverse and interesting than anything he did recently.

    He chose DotS solely to gain popularity after coming back from military service but not with a quality drama but more because of the popularity of now-wife SHK.

    And after that he did Battleship Island which was so mediocre. He was barely in it and he was actually criticized for his lackworthy acting skills.

    I really hope with Asadal he can come back properly and I hope the drama is good as well. At least he didn’t wait and go for another KES drama. He deserves better.

      • Dots was mediocre but made him hallyu star and not only songjoongki but entire cast except little girl were criticised for their performance.

    • @jasmin You hit the nail on the head.Although about DOTS.Rather because of Song Hye Kyo’s popularity,I think he signed up for this drama, partly because he was already a long time fan of hers.He already had a little crush on her(he said it himself).According to Song Hye Kyo, they were also acquainted prior to the drama because of Jo In Sung.So when he finally got Kim Eun Sook to choose him, he jumped on in knowing SHK is the female lead.On his own, he wasnt exactly nugu before he went to the army.He had two hits and was gaining acclaim for his acting and popularity in Korea.But I think I can agree that he saw the potential in becoming more hallyu by working with Kim Eun Sook and we can see it worked beyond expectation.

      Aside from his performance being mediocre in Battleship Island, the movie was not promoted well.It got buried with his marriage news.There was more talk about his marriage preparations than the movie.Also all the actors got criticised for lacklustre performance(So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min) only the child actress was the one who got good reviews and even won a baeksang award.Plus, the story was said to be too nationalistic and “try-hard” in invoking emotion from the viewers.So even if he gave the performance of a life time.It would have very little impact on the box office results.

      • I agree with you he saw potential in dots to be huge hit and shk as female lead was icing on cake. To be honest as a fan I am glad he choose dots as his comeback project yes it didn’t do much in his acting capabilities but show made him hallyu star.

  7. I am one of a million international fan of song joong ki who is willing to wait for his new drama and will always support to him and to her wife song hye kyo. I am certified song hye kyo and song joong ki fans even before DOTS. I will keep on praying that their incoming drama will give them best actor and best actress awards and will be a successful drama.

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