Smoldering Won Bin Sells Out Winter Outerwear in Record Speed

It takes just one picture to remind me wholly completely and 100% without reservation that K-actor Won Bin still has the IT factor that made him a top actor in South Korea with probably the least amount of acting projects on his resume. Won Bin is in a new CF for an outerwear brand modeling the SK favorite giant down parkas and reportedly within releasing these pictures all the pre-orders for the outerwear has sold out. This is why this man commands a top of the CF food chain permanent spot and why brands continue to give hi steady CF work. I’m sure no average non-celebrity man could look as good as he does wearing this jackets but goodness I can see plenty of consumers taking one look and clicking buy because he makes it look so incredibly attractive.


Smoldering Won Bin Sells Out Winter Outerwear in Record Speed — 17 Comments

  1. Amazing won bin didn’t take a drama and movie for 9 years still able to make CF. And i don’t see Song Seung Heon who take drama and movie have in any CF model.

  2. Damn… He’s freaking good looking in that coat. How old is he??? 40 something, right? If only he accepted Mr sunshine, the buzz will be beyond the imagination. And he looks good standing besides the young kim tae ri. Oh, i hope he’ll work with this writernim… I love most of her projects.

    Wonbin is korean A+++++++++ actor. Even the current popular one wont be in his level.

  3. He makes a very charismatic model.I like the first picture the most.But that is what he is, A MODEL.Or maybe a RETIRED ACTOR is more befitting.Just refering to him as an actor now is an insult to his acting peers(Ji Sung, So Ji Sub,Jang Hyuk, Song Seung Hun or even movie sunbae like Song Kang Ho, Choi Min Shik, Hwang Jung Min etc) who pick acting projects regularly.Its been almost a decade since he acted, his 40 and he has only done 5 movies.Even Kang Ha Neul, his junior has a bigger body of work than he does.I actually think he dubbed into acting as a stepping stone to what he does now.
    His profession now is model and real estate businessman.

    • I honestly don’t have any issue with how he chooses to follow his career but I thought about this too. Thosr actors who have been consistently working would feel wronged that he still bags the best, high income CF’s even if he still doesn’t act. An earlier comment by someone on this site ( I don’t remember the name now) mentioned how maybe he might be scared to not have an equally successful movie like Man from Nowhere, incase he acts again, which would also affect his regular earning from CF’s. That seems plausible.

      • I dont blame him actually.I think I would the same.His countryfolk have placed unrealistic high expectations on him with the way they hype and talk about him.Anything less than stellar movie or drama production and results would sink his career to the ocean floor.

        However, if he still has any passion for acting left.Then I wish he would be brave take risk and emulate another acting peer of his.Gong Yoo.After Big flop.He took a 5 year hiatus but when he came back and took the dive into uncertainty, he had three consecutive hits ” age of shadows”, then “train to busan” and then “goblin”.Now, he is back in hiatus and doing Cfs and modelling job again but he is consistently at the top.Even outperforming SJK and PBG who were at the top in Cfs but now being replaced by Park Seo Joon.My point is you never know until you try.If his comeback resulted in another mega hit.His cf value would double or even triple.

      • My problem is with journalists.They keep refering to him as actor this, and actor that, when what he has been doing for the past decade is modelling.They should call him a model because that is what he is.Modelling is a respectable profession.It doesnt reduce his worth to refer to him as that.

      • He just doesn’t have the passion for acting anymore (or in the first place). If he did, maintaining his popularity and CF value shouldn’t be priority. Many respectable and successful actors and directors have had flops in their careers, sometimes you have to take risks for the things you love doing.

      • What’s the big deal with CF? Easy money? Great actors don’t do CF. If ever they do probably one or two but most great never do.

      • @mistyeyes yap.Easy Money.Loads of it too.Equal to or even greater than an acting, singing or variety gig earnings.Without countless hours of filming like drama or straining your voice and hours of practicing.No knets or inets netizen scrutiny.Success rate if you are popular and pretty/handsome is 99.9%.It explains how people like Kim Tae Hee and Suzy are still at the top in the celebrity chain and cosplay as actresses while people are always yapping about their poor acting skills.

  4. He’s handsome, but i can easily name a few more actors who are more handsome than him, imo. Frankly speaking his looks is overrated. And there’s too much air-brushing in these pix..

    I have no problem whether he wants to be an actor or a full time’s his life, he can do what he wants.

    • I agree, handsome actors are a dime a dozen in k-ent. He’s handsome, no doubt, but these pictures are also photoshopped, like all pictorials are.

  5. Omg… I’m just glad he cut his hair. The guy looks most beautiful when you can clearly see his facial bone structure and jawline.

  6. Amazing! From one photo you can see he still has the ‘IT’ factor. This guy must thank his good looks (and that is he doesn’t look like the usual Koreans) for his career because I honestly can’t tell he is that great from his few appearances in film and drama.

  7. It’s quite amazing how he’s able to sustain his star power even after being in acting hiatus for almost a decade now. I really do hope he makes his bigscreen comeback sooner.

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