Ji Sung and Jo Seung Woo Promote Upcoming Sageuk Movie Feng Shui Premiering September 2018

It’s a double leading man treat in upcoming sageuk movie Feng Shui (Myung Dang  also known as Grave Site), the third film in a so-called trilogy of superstition films starting with The Face Reader with the second being Marital Harmony (The Princess and the Matchmaker). Feng Shui ells the tale of a court battle and conspiracy over finding the best grave site that is destined to produce kings. Jo Seung Woo is the feng shui master with Ji Sung as historical figure Heungseon Daewanggun, or the regent of Joseon during the era of Emperor Gojung who was his second son chosen to become ruler. Rounding out this cast is Moon Chae Won, Baek Moon Shik, Kim Sung Kyun, and Lee Won Geun, not to be confused with the other baby-faced young actor Lee Seo Won recently charged with drunken assault. The movie looks interesting and the cast a well selected assembled of talented and charismatic actors.

Movie trailer for Feng Shui:

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