Song Joong Ki Debuts Longer Curly Locks in Esquire Korea September 2018 Pictorial

When the Korean drama flower boy trend started the early days it was Jung Woo Sung in the mid-90s and in the twenty years since that moniker has been attached to plenty of It Boys. I always felt one of the most apropos use was to describe K-actor Song Joong Ki and not in a pejorative all looks no talent way. He is all talent and looks, just those looks are indeed very pretty boy and he was born with it so might as well be so good at acting that any character is believable even if he will always look fresh and handsome. I mean, we all bought him as a South Korean army colonel with kickass fighting skills, right? He’s coming back in early 2019 with the sageuk drama Asadal and it looks like he’s starting off with a soulful new pictorial for Esquire Korea September 2018 edition.


Song Joong Ki Debuts Longer Curly Locks in Esquire Korea September 2018 Pictorial — 30 Comments

  1. I thought he was won bin brother? Last picture his look like song the kyo. Not bad. good luck with him for his comming drama,hope not disappointed.

  2. I already missing him so much on my screen. I already can’t wait to watch asadal. Hope it will be good. Since this is. Won Suk PD nim, I’m abit too hopeful, since his last three drama is pretty solid in terms of script and direction. It means he has an eye for at least a solid script.

    • I agree.Was he charming even though they gave him the most cringiest and cheesiest lines to say?Yes.Was he believable as a “South Korean Army Colonel with kick-ass fighting skill?.Nope.Jin Goo’s character was more believable as a lieutenant or whatever his rank was.

      To me, SJK’s character was just a cool regular korean drama lead dressed in military clothes.He occasionally held a gun and had maybe one fighting scene but he was mostly flirting or chasing after Doctor Kang Mo Yeon.

      • I’m so agree with you. I wasnt conviced him in Dots. And wont convinced in this one. He just gonna like cosplaying in military outfit, even if his acting is good.
        seriously Dots has the chessiest dialogues I ever watch in my kdrama history. Those dialogues and cringy scenes made me stopped watching it. I’m feeling too old for that cr** and I’m still in my early 30s lol

    • +1
      But unlike @RubyRed, I cringed over the cheesy lines but I don’t blame him for that cringey-ness, it was after all KES’ drama.

      His last work that I appreciated was The Werewolf Boy, the follow up works were not impressive but he got talent, just that the roles not really bringing out his skill.

      And I am probably in the minority, I find him ageing quite a lot after MS.

    • I think it’s a perm. His childhood pictures are all with straight hair. And I agree with you that he is growing his hair to prepare for the sageuk hairstyle. Hope the drama will be good.

  3. I love SJK but let’s be real here he wasn’t believable as a colonel. Who knows he ever will be. Maybe when he is in his 40s.

    But I’m looking forward to his new drama. I hope it’s a departure from DotS mess.

  4. OMO. He looks so good. Agree, he reminds me of Won Bin. Plus, close up, without the hair, he’s back to looking like Kang Maru. It seems, he’s one of the handsome/pretty boys that can rock curly hair. Love him for everything that he is…a very good charming actor. He’s such a gift to a fangirl and drama addict like yours truly.

    • Let’s hope he can redeem himself after bad acting in flop battleship island. Also upcoming drama was important for him after getting married. And I hope Kim eun sook didn’t kill his acting skill forever.

  5. He look so much better than before because with the long hair on. He look more manly. Before that he look cute but not handsome. Anyway I’m so glad that he and Song Hye Kyo got married. Although I love them as a couple, I still think these two are really overrated in terms of beauty and talents. I see a more talented couple that are so much more talented and gorgeous looking. Sad that those couple don’t get the spotlight they deserve.

    • What a joke are you trying to do
      You said you love them yet you are blaming their visual
      You must be drunk or something??????

      • FYI I’m a fan of them as couple and love them together. Sorry but I’m not the type to go around praising actors that I like but know they don’t have the full package. I praise actors I see that really have both the talents and beauty all together. Visual it self is not what I look for. So I’m just stating my own opinion.

  6. Calling SongSong overrated just because they’re praised for their visuals..smh. When will people learn that the Koreans’ standard of beauty is probably different? It’s fine to have preferences but pls stop acting like yours is superior than the others’.

    • This will never change about the other shipper of SongSong couple. Glad I’m different although I love love them. I love to see them being praise for their acting instead of their visuals but I guess people see it differently.

      • Not sure how long you need to wait for SHK to be praised for her acting more than her visual…. maybe when her visual diminishes? Her acting is still very mediocre, not bad but nothing worth praising. Without her look, she would not be chosen as a lead at a young age. Just my opinion.

      • I just saw your reply on the other post. You’re the person who thinks hb is in a relationship with hjw? That explains it lol. Sorry i won’t bother discussing abt this anymore

      • If you going to bother visit other English/ Korean websites, blogs forums and korean english trans accts you will see that Song Hye kyo get positive comments for her acting from knets and international fans.

      • I know candycane was Kim ji won fans who like to blaming shk acting saying her mediocre etc. Shk has charisma and star power to bring rating.thats why she has so many hit drama not like mediocre actress Kim ji won. I’m really happy if song joong ki drama was flopping hard because I don’t like Kim ji won.her fans keep bringing down other actress to up her favorite. I really hate Kim ji won keep saying shk acting was mediocre.

      • I am NOT a KJW fan! @bannednetizenbuzz – you stupid troll trying to spread hate everywhere. I know you do not like KJW but you do not need to drag her into all articles with SHK in it. Anyone with a smart mind knows what you are trying to do here. You keep changing your usernames writing idiotic comments. You are such a big coward. Don’t you realize you are very obvious?

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