Hyun Bin is Insanely Good Looking as the Psychotic Hostage Taker in K-movie The Negotiation

I don’t know if the production even tried to make Hyun Bin actually look hate-able as the straight up villain antagonist in upcoming K-movie The Negotiation, or it was simply an impossible task. Plenty of top Korean actors have played against grain and done evil roles and actually gave off the veneer of sinister degeneration, but here all I see is smexy Binnie and my brain can’t process anything else beyond that lol. I’m sure watching the movie if he does a good acting job the audience will root for him to be disemboweled for whatever evil acts he’s going to unleash onscreen but I’m just here to soak up the handsome good looks.


Hyun Bin is Insanely Good Looking as the Psychotic Hostage Taker in K-movie The Negotiation — 35 Comments

    • He is handsome in his own way. He is a full package actor that I don’t see or find in any other korean actors. Those that people praise is usually based on their visual only. I still don’t understand how they include that as a good actor. Hyun Bin is the only one that I see is one of a kind.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Hyun Bin is really an awesome man who’s a full package actor. Lol the only comments that is makes sense from you.

        Other than that you should stop with the Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin dating thing. It’s all in your delusional world. He have never shown interest in her.

      • @Hey it’s very annoying how Ha Ji Wons fans are acting so innocent. Now wishing she had never collaborate with him because she is seen to be the one that is all about him. While he is not into her. I doubt you guys will still keep bragging about how lovely she is in Hyun Bin’s eyes like before if he haven’t announced his relationship with Kang Sora. I seen enough from her fans and from the ultimate crazy Sega Shippers. But sadly his taste in girl is not Ha Ji Won. Go back to listen to all her interview linking with Hyun Bin how she express herself about him. Raising the hopes for the shippers. I have never seen Hyun Bin talking about anything beside being friends with her. Unlike the Sega Shippers and her fans who’s buying his line in the drama and behind the scene where he claim to felt heart fluttering while doing the sit up scene with Ha Ji Won’t because they are to close up on each others face.

        I’m stating what I’ve seen or heard from her interview. By saying I’m a fan of his past girlfriend to bash Ha Ji Won is very insecure. I’m not a shippers of his co-stars or girlfriends so don’t call me out in such way. One reason why I’m so tired of seeing anything that is Ha Ji Won link with Hyun Bin. I followed him because he’s my favorite actor. i could careless about how the heck he’s with.

      • @Hey LMFAO I’m lost at words… the shit I’mexpecting to receive from any Sega shippers and Ha Ji Won.

      • @Ki is HJW that desperate in your eyes, that you are very sure from your assumption. Stop saying things like that, will you? How I wish that HB and HJW never work together before coz that’s the thing she got from the team up, getting hate from HB girlfriends fans 🙁

      • @Ki based from your words, such an arrogant fan of HB. No words will defy your arrogance. Be well and happy dude. So defensive. LOL.

      • @Ki now I get it, so obvious that the way you perceive HJW probably your way if you like someone, coz you are so persistent in insisting that it is the idea of her friendship to him. So go on. 🙂

    • @Hey LMFAO…. call me arrogant all you want because it’s the same shit anyone will receive from the crazy Sega Shippers and Ha Ji Won’s fans. So chill out…no one is stopping or object her friendship with him.

      • and for the fact that i am not deluluing here and never been, what i am just saying is to stop degrading HJW just because of that shit friendship as your basis why you’re saying mean assumption to her.

      • i am not deluluing here so stop bringing that SEGA shippers that you are so paranoid about. what i am trying to say is for you to stop degrading HJW by insisting that one sided that you assume. Like picturing out as if she’s gaga all over w/ your HB by sharing her friendship w/ him during interviews.

        name dropping with your mean assumptions is clearly not acceptable. So stop spreading that horrible idea, will you? ?

        Get your HB to whoever you like.

      • @Ki You hate the shippers because they’re being delusional but you also go and assume things about Ha Ji Won so what’s the difference between you and them? I don’t get it. Please stop with all these baseless things. Sure she mentioned him on her interviews before and got asked a lot about him, but they are friends anyway there’s nothing wrong about that. How is that being in love with him or being all over him though? You said no one is objecting their friendship but why so bitter right now? I’m not one of the sega shippers you hate so much but I just can’t take all these things you say about HJW.

  1. OMG my Ji Wonnie’s man is looking so mighty fine. I don’t see any villain vibe but just handsomeness overload. Full support to you Mr. Kim. Your beloved girlfriend is proud of you. Hehehe… he look so good with Son Ye Jin but too bad he’s taken already. I won’t mind seeing them taking on a drama together anytime.

      • Now she’s crazy, he’s single now and is free to date anyone. There was never a Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won secret love story. From how I see it’s Ha Ji Won that is in love with him. But the man doesn’t seem to take interest in her. No hating here. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are only good friends. Sega shipper are the craziest fan base ever.

  2. That picture where he’s sitting in the chair is my favorite…whoo, let me just stop right there. I usually find him ok but long hair and facial hair on men with high cheekbones is my kryptonite. I need to watch this movie!

    • OMG The Snow Queen, how I fall in love with this cool and awesome man Hyun Bin. He is the reason I’m hook on to Korean dramas and movies. Still my number #1 and will forever be. Hang Tae Woong… bring back so much memories. My favorite Hyun Bin drama beside My Lovely Sam Soon. Those are his two most memorable and signature drama for me. Will definitely watch this one since it’s his first villain role. Another year of Hyun Bin for me.

  3. Yes, he’s insanely handsome, forever youthful yet so very masculine. He’s also very well matched in this movie with the very beautiful, forever youthful and always feminine Son Yeh Jin. The confirmed K bachelor with the bachelorette. An absolute match made in heaven!!

  4. Hyun Bin is really a one of a kind. He is one of the most charismatic actor out there. I love all the characters he’d play although the story line fail or get good rating. I hope he continued to SLAY in the entertainment world. Love everything about this man. So attractive and talented.

  5. His easily the best looking K-actor in the K-entertainment and the only one who could match him is Won bin when it comes to pure looks.

    I Think Hyun bin could have become the Lee Min-ho of Kdramas but he didn’t due to because Lee Min-ho had more of a domineering male presence and figure but not in pure looks. Lee Min-ho have more of a domineering strong male figure. He could enter in a room and could be noticed quickly. His been acting flower boys but has never been his strong sides but his more suited for a gangster or villian or wicked hero who don’t play by the roles.

    But aside from that Hyun bin deserved to have been the ultimate flower boy

    • LMH sucks soooo bad in acting and he has no movie credits whatsoever. How can LMH be a comparison? Are you joking? ?? you are funny ?

      • His acting is decent. I know it’s not a good comparison nor was I trying but Lmh has always had more admirers then Hyun Bin and I was trying to understand why but it may have to do something with him taking bad boy roles. But YEah I think Hyun Bin is slightly better actor due to having more works where as LMH is decent and more impactful with bad boy roles

      • LMH impactful in bad boy roles??? Which ones? You mean his over aged high school roles?

    • Hyun Bin has his flaws as an actor but please Lee Min Ho is not in the same league with Hyun Bin.Looks, Charisma and Acting.Hyun Bin wins.Hyun Bin is a veteran actor and has far more public recognition in Korea than Lee Min Ho does.Lee Min Ho has a slight advantage over Hyun Bin in terms of fanbase because he is younger and thanks to BOF, he manage to acquire the zealous and loyal type of fans who keep him relevant especially the hallyu ones.It has nothing to do with his acting choices.But then again, having hordes of international fangirls like Min Ho does, isnt as beneficial to Hyun Bin at this point nor is it something he should be envious about.

      Lee Min Ho has done different genres since he started.Some of his dramas like Personal Taste were an easy watch for me.But frankly, the way he plays his characters is the same even when the roles are different.He was supposed to be the “arrogant, chaebol bad boy”almost similar to Gu Jung Pyo in Heirs but he got outshined by Kim Woo Bin.He also has a problem with immersing in the roles he plays.Out of all the dramas he has done, I still think City Hunter was his best drama and Gu Jung Pyo as his best performance.

  6. Hyun Bin is love!!! He is now branching out from his comfort zone to take on some different roles. I find that very impressive. I have to agree this man is really charismatic about his profession and is very talented. No words to describe this man even I know he still need a lot of improvement. He still is the best one I have seen beside the veteran actors. I’ve watched tones and tones of korean movies from the 90s to now. Song Kang Ho is my favorite because he is so good in everything he played. He always wow me with his acting so I hope to see my Hyun Bin become an actor as good as Song Kang Ho. I have yet to see him in a very serious role so I’m still waiting for that to happen. Fighting my handsome man, no one to replace you.

  7. OMO, a real man . Hyun Bin is really a handsome and very talented actor. I hope he’ll finished in real life with Son Ye Jin . A lovely couple . Dear admin, take a eyes on them ….. hope for a new glamour couple with happy ending !!

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